List of petition templates

  1. Immediate release of migrants and refugees to detention centers in Libya
  2. Protect documenta against profit obsession
  3. Όχι άλλα σκουπίδια στη Δυτική Αττική
  4. Save Wellington Park
  5. Demand Public Forum for Dillon Stadium Redevelopment
  6. Slavery in Libya: African Union should hold Libya Accountable
  8. Remove the Bats
  9. Walkers for gravely ill infants and toddlers
  10. Dr. Tim Kane for US Representative for Ohio's 12th Congressional District
  11. Moratorium on cultivation, sale, & processing of Cannabis in San Mateo County
  12. Bring back Warcraft Series
  13. Initiate a Full Environmental Assessment of the Common Ground Drainage Diversion Project Proposed by the Quill Lakes Watershed Association
  14. Cairns City Council: Please check microchips of deceased pets
  15. Raise NASAs budget
  16. Remove Bitcoin Crane from Google Play
  17. Interview Michael Johnson for Oregon State Football Head Coach Position
  18. JAIL ANIMAL ABUSERS For A Minimum Of 5 Years With NO Parol!.
  19. Keep the Water in the Poudre - Stop Thornton's Pipe Dream!
  20. Save our Doughboy!
  21. Let's stop the "Welfare for the Wealthy" Senate tax plan
  23. Ghost buster's 2016 remake/remake
  24. Stop the Use of Non-Recyclable Black Plastic
  25. EA Sports bring Fight Night Back!
  26. Villa Park Backyard Chickens
  27. EA should permanently remove any and all microtransactions from Battlefront II
  28. Ban Plastic Containers
  29. Save Thumper this little bunny
  30. Introduce a FREE State Funded Immunisation vaccine for meningococcal (A, C, W, Y) at 2 years old.
  31. KQED Should License and Broadcast "A Place to Call Home".
  32. Protest the legalization of Elephant Trophy Parts
  33. Petition for a Library in Mahon/Blackrock and Surrounding areas
  34. Save Our Goats: Elvis, Levi, Blake, and Luke
  35. 3 Ninja Reboot
  36. The BBC needs to move A Place to Call Home to an evening time slot.
  37. iinet Bring Back Mobile Handset Sales.
  38. Stop the Montgomery/Robertson County Industrial Megasite
  39. Women Riders Need Better Gear!
  40. Prevent Legalising Paedophilia in Iraq / منع اغتصاب الطفولة في العراق
  41. Bathrooms for Brigantine Beach
  42. Bring ATV and UTV routes and trails to Boulder Junction, WI
  43. Support Clean Water Movement
  44. Save The Historic Hotel DeMay
  45. Girls Fastpitch Grant for Aquila Field Complex
  46. Gelar Pahlawan Nasional MR Johannes Latuharhary
  47. Get Catapult Joe - TV Series on a Major Network
  48. Preserve the Memorial Hospital of Salem County
  50. Εναντια στη θανατωση-ευθανασια των αδεσποτων ζωων στην Ελλαδα και στην Ε.Ε.