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1. Continuation of the Hypermobility Syndromes (HMS) and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) Services at Chapel Allerton (Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust)


As you are all aware Professor Bird retires after serving the above community of patients at the end of September 2010. Our information indicates that the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust do not intend to continue with the service that our community accesses. So with the loss of Prof. Bird and the highly skilled multi-disciplinary team, the existing and 300+ new patients a year, will no longer have access to what is widely recognised as a designated HMS/EDS Clinic.

This will have a devastating effect on the needs of those of us who access the current service in Leeds. Additionally this will lead to an increase in referrals to the other three existing designated HMS/ EDS Clinics in the UK, namely Glasgow, UCH in London and Great Ormond Street Hospital in London. There is no doubt that many of us despite the difficulties in travelling and the extra cost will wish to attend a specialised service in a designated clinic, (especially considering the difficult journey that the majority of us undergo to gain a diagnosis in the first place). It is also apparent that this patient group in fact needs more designated clinics, run by knowledgeable and skilled staff who are up to date with research and who participate in research in attempts to best indentify how to manage and treat what can be a condition which significantly impacts on a patients physical, emotional, financial, family and social lives. It is not in the interests of this patient group to attend ordinary rheumatology appts, so with that in mind we are asking that you all sign this petition for the following reasons;

1.The continuation of a fit for service fit for purpose designated service/clinic for people with HMS/EDS at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.
2.The need for more designated clinics for people with HMS or EDS.

2. Change City Of Orillia Dog Licensing Registration Fee

The City Of Orillia Needs To Change It's Dog Licence By-Law. The By-Law states that all dog owners in the City of Orillia must purchase a licence at The cost of $50.00, but between January 1 to May 31 of each year, the fee is $30, or if the dog has been spayed or neutered it is then $20. The licence is valid until December 31 of every year.

Not only does the dog owner have to pay for the Vaccinations every year, but they also have to pay for the Licence on top of that which is quite costly to the Dog owner. A one time fee should be sufficient enough to the City Of Orillia, permitting that the dog owners provide their dogs Rabies Vaccination forms to the City.

3. Demand Those Responsible Pay Back The Missing Education Dollars


Audit: Willingboro school officials faked financial reports in 2005.

TRENTON - Senator John H. Adler today asked State Attorney General Stuart Rabner to launch a criminal probe to punish those responsible for misappropriating millions of taxpayer dollars in the Willingboro Township School District.

"As we tell our children, there have to be consequences for wrongdoing," said Senator Adler, D-Cherry Hill. "Taxpayers need to know we will dig down to the root causes of wrongdoing and punish those responsible."

In a report by State Auditor Richard L. Fair, it was disclosed that Willingboro officials approved a grossly under-funded budget for the 2005 fiscal year and then falsified reports to cover up the shortfall, causing a crisis which was abated only after the Legislature sanctioned a $10 million bailout loan.

"It is unconscionable that New Jersey taxpayers should be asked to tolerate and to subsidize what very well may be criminal behavior," Senator Adler said in a letter today sent to Attorney General Stuart Rabner. "As a taxpayer, I am appalled. As a State Senator, I appeal to you for a corrective remedy."

The Auditor's report noted that the Willingboro School Board said its vote to approve the budget was based on "falsified" information supplied by district staff. In July of 2005, the board suspended School Superintendent Alonzo Kittrels.

In the wake of a school district deficit set at $5.9 million, three Willingboro schools were shuttered in the district of 5,600 students.

The State audit found that the district's 2005 budget set aside $13.6 million for teachers' salaries when the actual cost was $17.7 million and that a monthly report on the district's financial activity consistently understated expenses.

"Children should see that grownups who abuse taxpayers are held accountable," Senator Adler said. "Otherwise, we're all complicit."

Senator Adler served as co-chair of the Joint Legislative Committee on Public School Funding Reform which recommended tighter fiscal accountability procedures for districts throughout New Jersey.

4. Stop the Bed Bugs

For over 2 months there has been a problem with infestations of bedbugs in our complex. No one was made aware of the outbreak but it has been on the rise.

This episode went from apartment to apartment and nothing has yet to be done. While our personal property is being infested and our bodies as well as our children's are being eaten up by the bugs no one has come to do anything about our units.

5. Students of Huffman High Scool asking for a change in school uniforms

The school dress code is so strict to the point that it has even turned away one of the 12th grade students just because she could not get the right color school shirts.

In preveous years, students have been able to wear shoes that were the colors black, white, or brown, and even a combination of the three.

In saying this, from the begining of school people have been suspended from every grade level just on shoes and shirt colors alone.

6. Reduce the Cost for State Conference

The Florida State University chapter of the Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law International Fraternity will be holding a state conference for the Florida chapters from March 28th, 2008 - March 30th, 2008. The chapter will be charging its members $40 to attend the conference.

During the conference, those participating in mock trial will not be able to attend the dinner on Friday night, nor will they be able to attend the various activities and speakers on Saturday aside from the banquet and social, however they are still being asked to pay for all of the events. The members of mock trial are asking to pay only for the amount of the banquet.

Many members of the Leadership Board have also contributed a great amount to the conference and as a result are asking for a reduced rate of $20. The Executive Board may determine whom the "contributing members" of the Leadership Board are.

However, if a question results about whom is considered a "contributing member" of the Leadership Board, the Leadership Board reserves the right to call for a vote to decide.

7. Where Is Donna?

Our beloved Donna Jou was known to have been last seen with John Steven Burgess on June 23, 2007 at his rental home in Los Angeles, California.

We, Donna's family and friends are asking Mr. John Steven Burgess to please help us in our search for Donna. We ask him (Mr. Burgess) to speak to us in regards of his knowledge of where Donna Jou is.

Donna is a beautiful loved Daughter, Grand Daughter, Sister, Niece, Cousin, Friend and Honor Student. We are asking Mr. Burgess to Please Help Us Bring Donna Home.

8. Investing In Our Future Leaders

The parents, school faculty, and concerned citizens of McCormick County are asking for a new High School to be built.

The current High School is out-dated and over 5o years old.

The open campus is a high security risk for our students and faculty.

9. SUPRA Postgrad Entitlements Policy

SUPRA conducted a survey during the later part of 2006 to get a sense of the issues facing research and coursework postgraduates at The University of Sydney. We are pleased to announce that we have completed SUPRA’s Policy on Entitlements for Postgraduate Students.

This policy sets out the resources and conditions that should be provided to postgrad students. The policy can be found at the following link: SUPRA Postgrad Entitlements Policy

SUPRA is asking all postgraduate students to sign on to the petition. SUPRA will then present it to the Senate asking them to immediately adopt the Policy with a view to establishing an implementation plan by the end of 2007 and university-wide compliance by 2010.

10. Help Capitan Ulman!!!

Capitan Ulman was a spetsnaz GRU officer serving in Chechnya during the recent war. One day his group took part in a military operation aiming to surrender and capture the group of Arab terrorists allegedly based in some remote mountain village. His task was to block one of the outbound roads and do not let the terrorists to escape.

While on duty he ordered to open fire upon the vehicle which refused to stop and tried to run over one of his men. Out of the 6 people in the car one was killed instantly,and few others injured. He passed this information together with the ID details of the alleged terrorists to his commanding officers up in the military headquarters.

In return he received a direct order to shoot them all and continue with his task He was arrested after and charged with manslaughter. Court hearing took place twice and TWICE he was found NOT GUILTY in the court of law by the Jury. Despite all this the government ordered him to be put on trial once again - for the THIRD TIME on the same charge with NO JURY this time.

This is a violation of all and every Russian law on this matter. Nevertheless preparations to this third court hearing was underway when information was passed around that Ulman and his group disappeared. Officials claim that he ran away, but there are rumours that he was kidnapped by the relatives of those killed Chechens.

There are grave concerns for his and his friends life in this case. This tragic development of events could only become possible due to the terrible civil unrest in the country ended up in a war in Chechnya, when the Army has called to perform its duty on the territory of it’s own country and in the absence of the formal state of war.

This put hundreds of honest soldiers and officers in the situation the same of similar to the Ulmans one. Highest authority the President of the country has full and direct responsibility for all this mess hence we kindly ask you to sign this petition which intends to draw the attention of Mr Putin to this tragic event, and asking him to use his powers and ensure swift and fair investigation of this disappearance and the whole Ulmans case.

11. Holy Trinity Gives Second Chances

On December 20, 2006 a student at Holy Trinity Catholic Secondary School, who we will refer to as simply Matt, was caught in the act of trafficking.

Although we realise this is highly illegal and any persons caught involved in this kind of behaviour should be given strict consequences, we are asking the Halton Catholic District School Board, and Holy Trinity Catholic Secondary School to show mercy to Matt in this situation.

We aren't asking Matt to be exempt from any legal action. We are asking for Matt to be allowed to continue to attend school at Holy Trinity, if not this year then next year when he has served his probation or any charges that have been laid. As a catholic community we believe in second chances, Jesus showed mercy to those who have sinned, we are asking that the administration do the same.


12. Moderation of Matt the Moderator

For the past month Matt has done a great job in Brischat contributing to clean up the community and introduce a healthy chat environment. However there have been several kickings in which decent and actively positive members of the Brischat community, have confronted Matt in a civil and respectful manner about why people have been kicked, and inturn kicked themselves without warning or reason.

There have also been times people have been booted just because of Matt’s pure annoyance. Matt has also used sarcasm on many an occasion which in turn alienates the positive members of the Brischat community, and turns them away from coming back. The point of this cleanup is to introduce a positive chat environment and clear up the mess so people can enjoy themselves.

This is a community chatroom, and matt does have a certain level of responsibility as a moderator to respect the wishes and good of the general community. Treat unto those as how you wish to be treated. Sign this petition if you have been booted for the above reasons, including Alias, Reason, or what you witnessed.

Please keep screenshots handy if such an incident occurs for evidence. Personal attacks and justified kicking comments will be deleted from this petition.

13. Military Fares

We are asking that airlines provide reasonable airfares for the active soldiers, so that when they get their leave (because they have no choice) that they can get fares that they can afford so that they can visit their families at holiday times.

For example my son spent a year in Iraq, and survived many close calls. Many of his friends died including his captain. He did receive a purple heart, but now he is in Germany and for him to come home for Christmas it will cost him $1200 which he does not have. Is this fair??

He puts his life on the line everyday for americans, and what does he get back????

14. Removal of Management Alternatives as the property manager

We are seeking the removal of Management Alternatives as the acting property manager for Great Neck Grove Condo Association.

According to Laura's simplified contract she can be fired with or without case so long as she receives 90 days notice. The request for firing of Management Alternatives comes from many complaints within the community. Issues that are emailed to Laura rarely get a response via email, even when asking for a reply. When responses are made and several issues were asked, usually only one or two of the issues are answered.

When I asked for a physical copy of the termite contract I received a copy of the bill and was told this is all we have. I have since learned there is a master copy with Terminex. There is no physical office for obtaining paperwork and to see someone in person. Emails and letters sent to Laura rarely if ever make it to the monthly board meetings to be discused.

I personally sent an letter about light sensors over a year ago, the board had no idea because Laura never brought the letter in. To this day I still have not received an answer, and the letter was sent in with the monthly payment. The reserves are completely and utterly inadequate and well below guidelines from the 2001 reserve study. While Laura may be fairly low priced, we need a strong and able property manager to set our Condo Association back into the right direction.

This petition is to be brought to the monthly meeting to have the board be aware of what the community wants to see happen with our current management.

15. School Locker Return for San Benito High School

San Benito High School has had lockers for over several years and this year the school just made a decision without asking the students what they think.

16. More Law enforcenment

In the past year the Four Corner area crime has been steadley rising due to the growth of the central Florida area. We have reached a population explosion in this area.

We have approximately 1 law enforcement to every 30,000 persons in this area.

Because we are so far on the end of the county we are lacking the proper attention for protection.

We need more law enforcement on duty or create our on city. We are in the middle of four counties and we need to take charge of our homes, businesses, and lives.

17. School busses for Windrose Subdivision

Klien School District will not provide bus services to Windrose and SpringBrook Subdivisionand.

In a news letter sent home with our kids on friday 08-18-06, it was stated that the school can not make the decision, They say we have to live 2 miles or more away from the school. We know the school can't make the decision, but the KISD can make the dicision to do school buses in Windrose and Springbrook and the other effected subdivision.

WE called State Representive Peggy Hamric's office (District 126) they said the state does not provide funding for busses within 2 miles radius of the school, but that the district could provide transportation, Kisd wanted to provide services for us they could. I think the district is trying to save money at our childrens expense. TC Jester is in the works for being opened all the tha thru to 2920. This is going to make TC Jester extremely busy, for everybody taking short cuts thru our neighborhoods because the major rodes around us are to conjested. Many years ago, when Benfer was opened KISD did not provide busses to the subdivision within a 2 mile radius. the home owners banned together and started a petition causing KISD to rethink there decision on bussing for Benfer, they know have bus service for there kids in less than a 2 mile redius of the school. We are now asking for the same considerations in Our neighborhoods for our kids.

There is nothing barring the district from providing busses if they chose to. We have 30 sex offenders in our zip code area, We have children who must walk down 2 major roads, one being Alvin A Klien and the other being T.C. Jester. These roads are very busy now, We get alot of traffice from Kuyendahl becouse it is so busy, they come down Alvin A Klien and cut thru Windrose for a short cut to miss traffic. There are too many children to put at risk to walk or ride bikes. Our subdivision is very spread out.

We pay taxes to our schools. We are asking for school bus service for the windrose and surrounding subdivision that will be going to the new school of Benignus in the Windrose subdivision. Thank you.

18. Make New Episodes Of Old School Nickelodeon Shows

February 21, 2006

We kids are happy about Nickelodeon making an old school Nick channel called Nicktoons Network but we are tired of seeing re-runs.

Shows like Rocko's Modern Life, Ren & Stimpy, The Angry Beavers, Hey Arnold!, etc. need to have new episodes. Rocko's Modern Life lasted from 1993 to 1996 , only 3 years. Ren & Stimpy lasted from 1991 to 1996, only 5 years.

The Angry Beavers lasted from 1997 to New Year's Day 2006, almost 9 years. Hey Arnold! lasted from 1996 to 2004, almost 8 years. So, as you can see, by the numbers, these TV shows have NOT lasted as long as they should be.

This petition is sent to Nick and if we don't get any signatures then they can't make new shows, so please take a moment to sign. I appreciate your help.

19. Investigate disappearance of Ruth Sharon Hoffman

February 11, 2006

A daughter's plea

Ruth Sharon Hoffman disappeared from River Rouge, Michigan, nearly TWENTY years ago.

Her only daughter,Debbie, has NEVER given up trying to find her.

We are now asking the State Attorney General of Michigan to open an COMPLETE investigation.

20. Investigate health effects of Modern Line Products' production processes

January 27, 2006

To detemine cause of employee health problems at Modern Line Products.

The mortality rate for former employees is very high in comparison to other manufacturers in the Mississippi delta.

Modern Line Products used Asbestos, Silicosis, Manganese, Lead Paint, Paint removers, Asbestos & Mesothelioma, Tooling bits known to cause cancer and Oils that cause cancer.

All the abovementioned items are in the courts all over the country. What we are asking is that an investigation be done in a speedy and efficient manner to determining what health effects these chemicals and other hazardous materials had on the
Janaury 27, 2006

Employees and what the effect would have on their offspring in the future.

We also concern about how Modern Line Products disposed chemical and other hazardous materials.

This Petition applies to those who have lost a family member who once was employed by Modern Line Products.

21. Justice for Lopez Family!

January 16, 2006

We often hear stories in the media, of horrific acts that others have committed once they have reached our land. We question why or how they were able to get through the stringent and strict procedures of our Country's Immigration Office.

We now have in our midst a decent and loving family of 4, who's desire is to stay in Canada and to join the group of our most productive citizens and friendliest of neighbors.

Victor Lopez Hernandez and his wife, Kaly Rosa Maria Lopez Lugo, along with their 2 very young sons, are doing whatever possible (within the boundaries of our laws) to stay in Canada.

Immigration has declined their application. Please help us to help them in their fight to stay here in this land of freedom.

Victor Lopez is from Mexico and his wife is from Venezula.

They entered this Canada on refugee status. Immigration may not even allow them to stay together as a family! They will be deported into their own countries/ place of birth. What kind of a Country do we live in where people (who sit on an immigration board), not only deports such a great family, but splits them apart?!

Victor has a very good and decent job and takes pride in providing for his family through hard work. He works in the construction industry as a skilled labourer. There is a shortage of skilled labourers in this Country. They are NOT asking for a free ride...just a beautiful country to live in, where they can exercise freedom and live in peace and harmony with all other citizens.

Please sign our petition to the Immigration board members looking at their case. We are asking them to reconsider their decision!

22. Keep Ace Bridges in Maxwell

Dec 26, 2005

Ace Bridges is a Staffordshire terrier, which is a breed of pit bull. Ace is not a harmful dog, although he has been labeled one because of his breed. He has been around other dogs, big and small. He has been around children and adults. He has never harmed anyone, Ace doesn't even bark.

This dog is all his owner, Gerald Bridges, has. Gerald knows that this dog is not vicious and he does not want to give him up, but the city is asking him to remove Ace or else they will forcefully remove the dog from Gerald's home and have Ace put down.

As a fellow citizen, I am telling you that there is no need for this dog to be removed from within city limits. This is the calmest dog I have ever seen. I am asking you to sign this petition in hopes to let Gerald Bridges keep Ace in his home.

23. Investigate sinhalese factions and bidunuwewa masacre

December 18, 2005

In a statement on thursday HRW said that the acquittal of all defendants charged of killing 27 Tamil detainees in Bidunuwewan camp in october 2000 "demonstrates the failure of justice system to address crimes againts alleged Tamils tiger members."
On the night of october 25, 2000 an angry sinhalese racist mobs back by JVP, AND Present President Mahinda Rajapaksha stormed the detention centre.

In spite of the presence of armed police, the Sinhalese mobs killed 27 of the inmates, hacking and clubbing them to death.

The attack was internationally condemed. Saying about above incident UN General Secretary Kofi Annan called on Sri lankan government ealier to conduct impartial inquiry into the massacre. But what happend. Government appointed Human right commission white wash the racist sinhales eliments. Then member of the commision Fayes Musthapa, become High commisioner to London.

Sinhalese justice system only protected sinhalese people. Where is the justice for others? Please sing this petition asking international community to conduct the investigation regarding this massacre.

Intikab Idrees
Greenwich University

24. Resident Life

For many years now, the rule on campus at St. Thomas Aquinas College, has been no visitor after 12. We feel that we are paying enough money to attend this college that we should be allowed to enter our neighbors room if we too live on campus. Honestly, money isn't even the issue here.

It's a matter of prinicple. College is an event that only happens once in your life. It is only right that we use this time and make it memorable. We're not asking for a lot we're just asking that we be allowed to enter our neighbor's room without a problem.

25. Mature Content Rulings on Deviantart

To summarize our cause breifly:

People love Deviantart because of its free nature, and it gave us the right and confidence to show our work to the world and now, my right to view art as it is has been whisked away by the deviant devil. The overpowered DA is forcing us to back down because we're not 18.

Society already often frowns on you because of age, and the lack of respect is apalling. And now, the one place YOU THOUGHT THAT YOU COULD EXPRESS YOURSELF ARTISTICALLY WITHOUT RESTRAINTS HAS TAKEN AWAY YOUR RIGHT TO BE AND DEVELOP AS ARTIST?

Aren't you sick of always being shunted down? Ccome rally with us. Sign our petition! We can make DA a superb place again, we artists can be and feel and think how we want to no matter what age we are!

STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHT AS AN ARTISTIC PERSON! we can do this, if we force oursleves into the swollen head of DA if we stand together we can achieve anything. All we are asking for is to have the mature setting made manual again, so parents can still protect their children, and those not mature enough can just deal with it their own way.

26. Develop Patch for Older Games

I've created this petition to try to get Microsoft to create a patch to allow older (Windows 95/98) programs workable.

As almost all computer owners are aware, there are many games, as well as other applications, that were made before Windows XP was released, and will not work with Windows XP.

Countless dollars have gone into buying computer games, with the idea that you will always have the game to play. As time went on, Windows 95 turned to 98, and that evolved into ME. My first computer was a Windows 95, which I upgraded to 98, and all of my games worked. I soon bought a new computer with Windows ME on it, and many of my games still worked just fine. Then came Windows XP.

Upgrading to XP is pretty unavoidable, as all new programs are mainly manufactured for XP use. With upgrading to XP, you are losing the ability to play older computer games. I presonally have over 150 games that I am unable to play now. I probably spent an average of $10-$20 each on them, so that is alot of now wasted money.

I am now hesitant to buy any games for my new computer because they may not work in the next version of Windows.

Please, sign this petition to help me in my struggle to get Microsoft to develop a way to play older games on the computer.

Thank you for your time, and your support.

27. Highlander: The Source end credits to include "Eric Heinemann" name.

All day at work I kept thinking about Eric. How he was taken from us all too young. And how also that as an internet community we need away for us to say farewell to Eric in a proper and lasting manner. I never say goodbye, it's too final.

Well I came up with this and to make it work we need the mods, the admin, and the members onboard.

How about a petition to D/P asking them at the end of "the Source" and at the the beginning of the credits a caption that reads

'In Memory of Eric Heinemann'
1980 - 2005

'Dedicated to Eric Heinemann'
1980 -2005

or it can be something simple like

'For Eric'

I don't have the proper contacts. Nor am I the most eloquent writer in the world that could come up with something that could convince TPTB to do this.

And I don't know squat about internet petitions. If we could all band together we could get this to happen.

Does it sound like a fitting tribute to Eric?

Yes or No?

28. Stop The Employment Cuts At BlueWater Health

July 23, 2005

As of July 21 2005 David Vigar CEO of BlueWater Health has announced that the hospital in Sarnia will be laying off 169 health workers to cover a part of the 14 million dollar deficit.

We believe this debt is the responsibility of bad management and are asking that David Vigar step down and relieve him self of his duties.

29. Launch Google Blog Search

With hundreds of thousands of servers and world-class search technology Google is in the unique position to create the most powerful blog search engine in the world.

Google also has incredible reach, and having a tab between Web and Images saying "blogs" would create incredible visibility for the independent voices captured by blogs.

For this reason we are asking Google to add a tab blog search tab directly after "Web" search results.


June 30, 2005

Since 1998, Project Reach Youh has been mandated by DYCD to service the Fort Greene community.

They have continued to offer little or no relevant programming, terminate quality staff members who have voiced opinions, offer no corective action to the community, and continues to violate the right of full disclosure while hiding behind privacy and confidentiality.