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1. Stop the bullying at the work place!

Sign this petition if you want bullying to STOP NOW!

In Santa Monica, California, I’ve been bullied at my work place. When I reported this act to my boss, his response was, "Figure it out. You do your thing and he does his." 3 months later, the bullying never stopped. It had gotten so bad, I found myself stressed out and more depressed going to work. This affected my home life. My days were filled with anxiety wondering when our next conflict would rise, where I would have to stand up for myself and not be attacked.

I documented and dated all the events to HR and asked for a transfer. HR said my formal complaint wasn't substantial enough, they couldn't transfer me and to go ahead and submit my 2 weeks notice. It was pretty much cut and dry. Thus proving, this company is another statistic on turning heads to avoid dealing with employees being victimized.

At the end of the day, HR didn't hold the coworker accountable and I lost my job. This sends the message that HR enables bullying in their work force.

Workplace bullying is on the rise. While statistics vary, some studies reveal that nearly half of all American workers have been affected by workplace bullying, either as a target or as a witness to abusive behavior against a co-worker.

Bullying is not allowed at school nor online and it sure isn’t allowed at my home. Why is it allowed at work? As a victim, bullying can cause deep depression, anxiety and even death through escalating violence or suicide.

No one deserves to feel scared at school, work or home. Too many people who witness bullying never step forward for fear of becoming a victim themselves or risking their career.

By signing this petition, we are protecting innocent victims from being bullied. Companies need to address the importance of this epidemic and how it will not be tolerated. Most of all, said bully will be held accountable for such act.

2. Grow The League

Hey Chrissy we hear that you have an interest in owning a pro team and are looking for something affordable. The National ProFastpitch League is small but growing.

3. Violence against a female professor!

Violence against a female professor in Dhaka University!
We want proper investigation and justice

On June 13, 2017, during a C & D meeting of the Coordination and Development Committee, at the ISWR of Dhaka University, a male professor attempt to physically assault and verbally abused a female colleague. He used indecent and vulgar language while talking to her. His behaviour was abusive, full of threats, and indecent. The female professor became shocked, fearful and distressed.
The United Nations defines violence against women as any act of gender-based violence that results in, or is likely to result in, physical, sexual or mental harm or suffering to women, including threats of such acts, coercion or arbitrary deprivation of liberty, whether occurring in public or in private life. According to the definition there is no doubt that such behave of a teacher is a violence and gendered power demonstration to a female colleague.
A written complaint has been submitted to the Pro VC (education) and President of Teachers Association by claiming that a male colleague at a meeting attempted to physical attack, verbally abused and threatened her. According to Daily Janakantha June 14, 2017 and “Dhaka Tribune" June 15, 2017 Nasreen Ahmad, the pro vice-chancellor (education), confirmed the matter that - Mohammad Samad, a professor of the same institute, had behaved indecently and derogatorily with Professor Tania Rahman, director of the Institute of Social Welfare and Research of University of Dhaka (DU) on June 13, 2017.
An anonymous member of the C & D Committee who attended the meeting reported to the journalists that “The meeting was pre-scheduled and Professor Samad did not arrive on time. We had to go on with the meeting while he was absent. But when we were about to finish, he came in and started call on her name and spoke inappropriate things to Professor Tania as she had concluded the meeting without him”.

After this incidence, a month have been passed, however, we do not know about any sign of investigation or intervention. Such incidence and thereafter the silence of Pro VC (education) and gender cell of University of Dhaka, is unacceptable.

Check the published news:



4. Stop Discrimination and Say Yes to Equality!

Women’s Coalition of Zimbabwe (WCOZ), a representative of non-partisan women’s rights organisations and activists launched # Section 56 Campaign on Saturday the 8th of April 2017. CS56 is a Women’s Rights Activists campaign being coordinated by WCoZ to amplify the diverse voices of women’s rights activists in Zimbabwe, who after 3 years of a new progressive constitutional dispensation find that women’s day today lived realities have not changed and their demands for legal and administrative reforms continue to meet a myriad of excuses from various duty bearers.

The launch is a Women’s March titled #Section56March. The aim of the march is to amplify women’s voices in demanding for the full implementation of equality as covered in the Zimbabwean Constitution #Section56 on Equality and Non-Discrimination. The campaign will be speaking to issues of;
1. The failure to change of state practice toward women
2. The de-prioritisation of women
3. The deepening of marginalisation of women

5. Lower the cervical screening age to 20

This petition is to lower the age cervical screening for cancer is offered. I'm 24 years old and my cancer was found through my 1st smear test... which I was invited to 6 months early! The current guidelines in England mean that women are only screened from the ages of 25 to 64 meaning thousands of women like myself under the age of 25 are at risk. Cervical cancer is a PREVENTABLE cancer. Cells have to go through 3 separate stages of 'abnormal' before they become cancerous, meaning there is more than enough time to recognise and treat these cells before they become a real problem.
The current guidelines in Wales and Scotland are that women can be screened from the age of 20- so why aren't they the same in England? It is a NATIONAL health service, not a regional one. It really is discrimination against those who have not reached a certain age.
I began with symptoms 3 years ago, but my GP would not arrange a smear as I was "too young" for cervical cancer. If I had access to the same screening as other areas, it could have been treated before it got to the cancer stage. So if you could please all sign my petition I would be so grateful, even if you think it doesn't affect you; do it for your daughter, sister, girlfriend and friends. Do it for every young woman who is at risk as many times there are NO symptoms.
Surely it is much more cost effective to screen women for cervical cancer and prevent it than to treat it. Not only that, but age is a protected characteristic, therefore all people should have the same access to services across the country, not just in certain areas.

6. Women stop wearing bras

1. Sagging and chaffing

“If your bra is too tight it can cause skin damage and reduce the blood circulation, as well as feeling uncomfortable,” says Recour.

“This is not just applicable to larger cup sizes, it is just as important to wear the right sized bra for smaller breasts as a wrongly fitting one can lead to sagging breasts and chaffing.”

Suzanne Pentalnd, an expert bra fitter for Freya adds: “Your bra should not move throughout the day. The band should be firm enough to sit in place but if it’s too big, your bra will move and this causes rubbing on the skin, which can cause irritation.”
2. Headaches

It doesn’t stop at skin-deep either.

“A poorly fitting bra offers a lack of support to the cleavage, which then means the neck and upper back muscles are having to work harder to support the weight of the breasts,” explains physio and osteopath Tim Allardyce from Surrey Physio.

[Read more: Are you putting your bra on the right way? Your technique reveals a lot about your personality]

“As soon as the neck muscles become overworked, you are far more likely to get headaches (known as cervicogenic headaches, or neck in origin headaches).”
3. Sore neck

“This is not an issue with smaller breasts,” Allardyce adds, “but with larger breasts, it can be quite a strain on the neck muscles. A properly fitted bra will offer support by taking some of the weight from the breasts and distributing it away from the neck.”

4. Stiff back

It continues down the body too. “A bra that is too tight restricts movement in the upper back, causing stiffness in the spine and restriction. Spines are designed to move, to bend, to rotate, but experts believe that the section where the bra strap is often has a localised stiffness at the spine (the two vertebra around the bra strap tend to be quite stiff). This causes backache which can then develop into back pain.”
5. Shortness of breath

You won’t actually feel short of breath if your bra is too tight, but the quality of your breathing will fall.

“There is the opinion that bras that are too tight can restrict the movement of the ribs,” explains Allardyce.

“Although this won’t cause any noticeable change in breathing rate or shortness of breath, it does impact on the breathing mechanics and makes it more likely you will be a shallow rib breather. This can affect the concentration of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood, so deep breathing is always more preferable.

“It also means you are more likely to recruit the neck muscles for breathing (known as secondary inspiratory muscles) and this shortens the neck muscles and can lead to neck pain.”

6. General tenderness

If you’ve ever tried to do exercise wearing a normal bra or no bra at all, you will know the pain that ensues – big boobs or not. The reason for this is that “breasts move a massive 8cm during even moderate exercise,” says Recour. If that movement isn’t supported, it’s no wonder you feel in pain afterwards.

“A properly fitted sports bra will reduce that movement by up to 83% (compared to less than 35% provided by a regular bra).
“It’s essential to get measured separately for your sports bra – a sports bra is a structured piece of technical equipment designed specifically for the purpose of supporting your breasts but it can only do this to the optimum if it is properly fitted.”

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Most girls living in Nigeria have been constantly harassed and molested by traders in the Market place. In every 10 girls, 8 has a story to tell about the horrible molestation, insults and assaults we face every time we go to the market. The traders do not only insult and call us names, some of them go ahead and touch us indiscriminately. And sometimes when we try fighting back, we are overpowered, pushed, beaten and shamed. This has absolutely nothing to do with how we are dressed. Many of us have been experiencing this since we were teenagers in uniform!
Every lady who have ever been to Tejuosho, Balogun, Alaba, Tradefair and Yaba market can testify to this.
Our mothers can testify to this. It's been going on for so many years. It needs to stop! The traders need to stop harassing us. You can sell your wares without touching or calling us names. You can sell your wares without insulting and molesting us. No woman deserves to be tortured emotionally just for going to the market place.
Make our market safe for women and girls. Teenage girls are not excluded from this harassment. It needs to stop!

8. One Too Many

As an organisation that continues to fight against the gross violation of human rights and violence perpetrated towards women and girls, and together with organisations nationally, we are deeply concerned with these countrywide increase in incidents of violence against women and the girl child. As an organisation we believe that we cannot sit back whilst our young women are abducted, raped and murdered at pandemic rates. As we are grateful for the use of social media to showcase these incidents we still fear the number of vulnerable women and children in our communities who have no means of communicating to the outside world the very real danger that they face on everyday basis, this includes people living in the urban and rural setting, where the threat of death lingers over them constantly.

With the recent outbreak of cases of rape, murder and burning of girls, young women and women particularly in our society, were the life of a black woman and/or a girl child is not valued, Ilitha Labantu is leading a national campaign aimed at raising awareness about the gruesome killings of women and children in our communities that have paralysed the entire country. The country had previously faced incidents of murder, femicide and rape (including child rape) in the past years, however since January 2017 we have been overwhelmed by the increasing numbers of young women and girls that have been abducted, disappeared, raped, and murdered in horrific and dubious ways

9. Social Media Responsibilities and Romance Scams

The information noted on romance scams are based distinctly on one victim. From the multiple falsified accounts based on this one victim’s photographs and military standing, hundreds of women have been scammed out of tens of thousands of dollars by just “his” account alone. There is a desperate need for social media responsibility when it comes to the building of duplicated accounts and detection of accounts deleted due to falsifying another’s identity. There are options such as facial recognition technology and the ability to recognize IPN addresses used by past fraudulent offenders. Are you aware that Facebook’s facial recognition program, Deep Face, is able to recognize faces accurately 98 percent of the time, where as the FBI’s face recognition program, Next Generation Identification, only has an 85 percent success rate? We are limited judicially to prosecute the scammers since the majority of these immoral beings are located in other countries. Those social media companies located within the United States will need to help protect their clients further by improving their security along with making the scamming process impossible or far more difficult when trying to pursue their prey.

10. She is my mother, My sister and My Lover, She does not deserve to die

My eyes are full of tears because of the saddening news that I have been hearing for days women have been killed for no reason, subjected to shameful treatments and brutality, who are we to kill women aren't we the product of these mothers and sisters, aren't these our childrens, I tried to accept it and be silent about it but I'm tearing down because of these brutal killings because certain people hold a status of being Blessers or should I say Providers, I'm no one to judge people but please just in defense of what we call Ubuntu and our Africanism lets Prohibits these acts and condemn them at all cost, I know we cannot do anything to anyone but it should start by a sole individual, let us all be men and live like one before you think or do anything just think how it would have felt if you were looking at the same actions being done towards your mom, Am I my sisters keeper or Am I my mothers keeper? Killing a women means your killing a Nation all men should rise up in defense of Our Nation, I love you all women of our Country and I say not in my name that one would kill a women  and be classified as a real men, the minute you raise your hand above your shoulders towards a women you have totally classified yourself as an animal that does not deserve life on earth, may you also women don't bow down for abuse report any case of this acts...

Written and owned by Nkosinathi Simphiwe Sibiya "It is better to die in defence of a women, I salute people of Mandla's Caliber"

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11. Fund the HPV Vaccine in Ontario for females up to the age of 26

According to the Canadian Cancer Society, “HPV infection is the most common sexually transmitted disease in Canada and the world. Most people will never know they have been infected because HPV often doesn’t cause any symptoms. This means you can get HPV and pass it along without ever knowing it.

A high-risk HPV infection can lead to changes in the cells of the cervix, which can develop into cervical cancer if they are not detected early and treated.

HPV infection causes almost 100% of all cervical cancers. HPV16 and HPV18 cause about 70% of cervical cancers. Other high-risk HPVs also cause cervical cancer, including HPV types 31, 33, 35, 39, 45, 51, 52, 56, 58 and 59.”

According to, “There are more than 40 types of HPV that can affect the genital area, but 9 of them are known to cause the majority of HPV-related cancer and diseases. These are Types 6, 11, 16, 18, 31, 33, 45, 52, and 58. GARDASIL®9 (Human Papillomavirus 9-valent Vaccine, Recombinant) helps protect girls and women ages 9 to 26 against cervical, vaginal, vulvar, and anal cancers and genital warts caused by 9 types of HPV. “

According to the Canadian Cancer Society:

An estimated 1,500 Canadian women will be diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2016. An estimated 400 will die from it.

The most recent incidence statistics for penile cancer are from 2013:

215 Canadian men were diagnosed with penile cancer.
The most recent mortality statistics for penile cancer are from 2012:

The number of women diagnosed with cervical cancer is 7x more than the number of men who were diagnosed with penile cancer!

The most recent incidence statistics for anal cancer are from 2010:

580 Canadians were diagnosed with anal cancer.
200 men were diagnosed with anal cancer.
380 women were diagnosed with anal cancer.

(Almost double the number of women to men were diagnosed with anal cancer!)

The most recent mortality statistics for anal cancer are from 2012:

99 Canadians died from anal cancer.
36 men died from anal cancer.
63 women died from anal cancer.

(Almost double the number of women to men died from anal cancer!)

According to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, "Starting in September 2016, the HPV vaccine was made available for free to men who have sex with men. Eligible individuals include those who are 26 years of age or younger and who identify as gay, bisexual, as well as other men who have sex with men, including some trans people."

The Gardasil-9 vaccine costs $200 CA/dose x 3 doses over the course of 6 months!

Cervical cancer is one of the MOST prevalent cancer types for females, while penile and anal cancers in men are much rarer as Canadian statistics prove, yet females up to the age of 26 are not covered in Ontario by the Gardasil-9 vaccine but LGBT males up to the same age are? This is UNJUST!


"Nothing is an offence which does not amount to the infliction of... grievous hurt upon a person and which is done (d) by a husband for the purpose of correcting his wife."
-Section 55 (1) (d) of the Penal Code Act, Nigeria

At minimum, every fourth woman in Nigeria has experienced domestic violence.

Nigeria’s Penal Code allows this violence to be legal.

In Nigeria, domestic violence statistics are buried under layers of other data. Attempts to create and enforce laws to assist women suffering from domestic violence tend to be pushed away until they fade into the background. Rapes, acid attacks and fatal wife beatings still do not seem to be enough for people to recognize abuse and suppression of women and take action.

In a country where domestic violence towards women is still legal, full gender equality is a myth. Not only is physical violence socially acceptable towards women, but sexual, emotional and mental abuse are considered acceptable to ‘discipline’ a woman. Common forms of violence are rape, acid attacks, wife beating, and corporal punishment. When a woman is treated without respect like this, she begins to truly believe that she deserves to be treated like she is worthless.

We need to take action immediately to stop this abuse from being legally committed. In fact, this law is a violation of Nigeria’s own constitution. It is essential that we stand up to change these cruel views and actions towards women. By making domestic violence illegal, many citizens will realize how wrong domestic violence actually is. Women will be able to receive help and keep themselves safe from abusive spouses. Lives will be positively impacted, even saved. Help women stand up for themselves, and help stop domestic violence in Nigeria.

*Additionally, we found that these abusive problems were blamed on the country’s religion (ex. “Muslim-majority countries”, “Sikh population”, etc.) while in truth, religion is no excuse for these crimes and most of these religions are known for being very peaceful. The criminals are hiding behind their religion in a way, and religion is no excuse for beating your spouse.



On 8 March 2017, women in 46 countries will take time off from waged and unwaged work – for the whole day, or for hours or minutes – to protest against violence, poverty, discrimination, exploitation, war, the destruction of the environment . . . and for a caring society.

Countries taking part in the IWS so far:

International Women’s Strike facebook:

14. Help Start the NVHS Women's Lacrosse Team Beginning 2017

We do not have a women's lacrosse team. Our goal is to get support from other females at Northern Vance High School to start our own team by 2017-2018 school year. This will be the first team ever created for just all females in the sport of lacrosse. You will have the ability to choose the first uniforms for the team. We will travel to other high schools and create wonderful memories. The creation of this team will break boundaries.

15. Save Indigenous Women From Going Missing and Being Murdered

Canada's history of Residential schools is one of our darkest chapters and treating Aboriginal women equal to everyone else is a crucial step in trying to make up for the horrific events that took place at these schools. At the moment when an Aboriginal woman goes missing police overlook the case and do not do everything in their power to find out what happened. This is an injustice to these women, showing that they are still not being treated equally.

Police make assumptions about women and tell their family that they are sorry but they can not do anything to help. For example, when Rhonda Running Bird went missing on a camping trip with her husband, her mother informed the police that her husband had a history of being aggressive. The police responded with “She must be in Edmonton getting drunk,” and did not take this important piece of information seriously. This is unacceptable.

Between 1980 and 2012 over 4,200 Aboriginal women have gone missing or been murdered. Even though this has been going on for a number of years and the numbers are going up and nothing has been done yet.

16. Provide Feminine Products at UNC

UNC- It's time to provide some dang feminine products.

One fateful day at UNC, it happened. Early period, thin shorts, the middle of class while I was in the bathroom and my backpack was still in the classroom. Oh and of course-- my shorts were white. Perfect!

I looked around for any sign of help. Nothing. Nobody. No feminine products. But at least there were plenty of free condoms available for me! (*insert eye roll*)

Look, safe sex materials are great. But if we're going to provide free condoms why on Earth can't I find a fricking tampon? And no I don't mean in those little crappy quarter machines (that nobody has quarters for) that dispose *super comfy* cardboard products.

It happens. Periods happen. Unexpectedly sometimes. And I'm sick of being quiet about it. I already have to smile for a week pretending like I'm not dying inside. It's time. Because I've heard far too many embarrassing stories from girls who already have enough to deal with for a whole week.

Because we're sick of scavenging and awkwardly asking girls in the bathroom for help. Sick of having a male professor give us a weird look when we have to leave early or take our backpacks to the bathroom. Sick of having to "wad up" (Ladies you know exactly what this last ditch effort is). And sick of ruining our expensive fricking underwear. (Shoutout to those Victoria's Secret 'Free Panties' coupons, though.)

If you're sick of it too, then sign the petition!

Please share-- forward to all the ladies you know so that we can get feminine products in the bathrooms of libraries, gyms, and other buildings. Preparing for those unprepared moments could make life on campus just a little bit better.

No girl should have to miss class or worry because of a period.

17. American Women Should be Drafted Too

The United States is known for being the melting pot country, then why are we still stuck in a place where women are seen as inferior to men; it is the civic duty of both man and woman to be involved in war time procedures.

Women, on the grounds of equality, should be subjected to the draft just like their male counterparts.

18. AHT(Anti Human Trafficking)

Hello everyone. I approach you all to help stop child women bride trafficking(AHT). It has been one of the greatest tragedies/problems in and across the World.

This has to be stopped by our combined effort. In India, every day such cruel activities are taking place.

19. Give Wonder Woman proceeds to Stop Violence against Women

The recently-released Wonder Woman movie trailer has been applauded for its strong female protagonist in a male-dominated genre. The climax of the trailer is especially powerful; Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), referencing a dangerous mission, tells Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) "I can't let you do this," and she responds, after several clips of her fighting prowess, "What I do is not up to you."

This message of autonomy is vital, but proves only a distant hope to woman and girls in countries whose laws mandate their subordinance to their husbands, especially in the Middle East and North African countries. These laws further enable men to beat their wives and hinder women from getting help and leaving abusive relationships.

For these woman, unlike Wonder Woman and unlike in western mentality, what they do is not dependent on their own desires, but on those of their husbands.

20. Support Women Against Feminism

Group that started to help women to speak up and have a voice to say no to feminism.

21. Enough is Enough: Petition for harsher punishment for crimes of RAPE and MURDER in SA

Every week there are newspaper and police reports of children being brutally raped and murdered at the hands of ruthless savages. The attacks are becoming more and more violent in nature and more frequent.

We stand together with the mothers, sisters, and daughters of South Africa, in a desperate call for an end to the current deaths and rape of our children. Minor jail sentences have no meaning to these killers and rapist.

Crime does not effect any particular race or creed rather we are all effected and victims of crime. It's time something is done to solve this problem.

22. Don't scrap Act protecting pregnant women and babies in the UK

Without consulting its members, the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) is supporting a campaign recently launched by BPAS to totally remove abortion from criminal law.

At present, there are 180,000 legal abortions a year in the UK. BPAS is now calling for ‘the Victorian-era legislation that criminalizes abortion to be scrapped’ (see RCM’s website at That is, they are calling for abortions which are at present illegal to be made legal.

If this law is scrapped, it is not clear how people traffickers, violent partners, those who sell abortion pills online and anyone else who either coerces a woman into an illegal abortion or convinces her to take harmful illegally-produced drugs while she is in a vulnerable state can be prosecuted.

23. No to the resignation of Mayor Tim Kee

The mayor simply was cautioning women for their safety and the media is defaming an innocent man.

He was not happy about the death of the victim, neither did he say she caused her own death.

The media has done it again with their derogatory headlines.

24. RTE, show Irish Womens Rugby on TV

It's time the Irish women's Rugby team had their chance to be on our TV screens.

RTE needs to listen to our voice to see there is a demand to have such talent on our screens.


25. Free Women and Girls from Sexist Dress Code

I am starting this petition because school dress codes have gone way too far and are extremely sexist. Every day women are shamed for wearing shorts or showing their shoulders. They only reason why dress code is so strict for women is because men can't control themselves.

Girls are not aloud to show their thighs or shoulders because it is a distraction to men and is deemed inappropriate. I am sick of being held accountable for a man's actions. Instead of making women feel ashamed for our bodies they should be telling men, that women aren't sexual objects! If the female body is so obscene they complain to your creator to make a less obscene version of us!!

26. Support Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women

First Nations/Indigenous/Metis/Inuit women suffer tremendous abuse, are one of the highest in regards to vulnerable sector. Indigenous women make up for 4.3 percent of Canada’s female population, 16 percent of female homicides, account for 11 percent of missing women, and 1,200 aboriginal women have been murdered or have vanished since 1980. According to RCMP data, at least 1,017 Indigenous women and girls were murdered from 1980-2012.

Vision Statement: If we stand together for human rights, and to stop oppressive practices/laws. Each person, no matter who or where they are, can make change happen by acting in concert with others who share their vision of a world where everyone lives in dignity.

Value Statement: is of a world in which every person enjoys all the human rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international human rights instruments.

Mission Statement: To generate action to prevent and end grave abuses of human rights and to demand justice for those whose rights have been violated. To educate the mass/society to help us stand-up, and give a voice to the voiceless and unheard. To fight for equality, equity, pursuit of social justice, and challenging/stopping oppressive practices.

Goal Statement: To fight for equality, equity, pursuit of social justice, and challenging/stopping oppressive practices. To connect with other organizations, and campaigns that have the same values and goals. To use our social media account as an open forum so people in society voices can be heard in a safe place, and know they are not alone. We are a group what to pressure the government to implement the recommendations of the calls to actions about the missing and murdered indigenous women and child. To write letters, and petitions to our government to make this changes.

27. Support for Toronto Star reporter Catherine Porter

Letter to the Editor

We are writing a letter of support for Catherine Porter who we understand is going through a difficult period as a result of the column that she wrote on July 6, 2015 about her encounter with Ezra Levant.

Women Speak Out is a leadership training program for women like us who have been marginalized by poverty, homelessness, mental health issues, addiction, violence and newcomer/refugee challenges. Catherine has come to our groups many times over the years, sat with us as we shared our stories, our dreams and our boxes of Kleenex. She has always shown empathy and integrity in her interactions with us and in how she has presented our issues to the public.

We have so much appreciated her presence in our lives and would like to remind everyone that we are all human, we all make mistakes, and, as we know from our own experiences, recognizing honest mistakes can be an opportunity to learn and grow stronger.

28. We want the media to run five more minutes per week of positive news about women

#I want the media to run five more minutes of positive news about women.

Women have in the past been viewed as lesser beings, less stronger, less successful, less intelligent,less ambitious and this is what is being mirrored by the media, as stories of women being battered abused and mistreated are aired frequently.

We are not asking the media to ignore these issues because we know they exist we just want more positive stories of women influencing the community positively because these stories too exist and we want to hear about these more often.

And so girls can have role models and know that they should not accept mistreatment or abuse.

29. Women Standing to help their Sisters from being Marginalized by their Government

In Canada there are approximately 250 murdered and missing Aboriginal women. The Canadian Government has ignored the Aboriginal Community and their concerns and refuses to hold an official Inquiry into this matter.

It is time women of all backgrounds join together and demand that the Government holds and official Inquiry into this. They can ignore the Aboriginal Community, they have become experts at this. Can they ignore all of us when we band together? I think not!

When women join together we become a power voice. Our sisters in the Aboriginal Community need out help. It is time for us to step forward and speak out against the injustice they receive from the very Government that should be protecting them.

30. A living wage for mothers and other carers

We demand a living wage for mothers and other carers because:

· Every worker is entitled to a living wage. Women do 2/3 of the world’s work – in the home, on the land and in the community – but most of this work is unwaged.

· Women are the primary carers everywhere in the world, fighting for the survival and well-being of children and sick, disabled and elderly people, in the home and outside, in peace as in war. Women grow most of the world’s food.

· Most carers, starting with mothers, get no wages and aren’t considered workers.

· Many carers are themselves disabled; many are children caring for younger ones or for their disabled parents; many are grandparents leaving retirement to care for their children’s children.

· Caring is demanding work but the skills it requires are undervalued even in the job market – domestic work, homecare, childcare and even nursing are low paid.

· Valuing caring work would help to close the income gap between women and men. It would also draw more men into caring.

· Financial dependence when caring work is unwaged often traps women in violent relationships.

· Many mothers do several jobs and have to fit time with their children around their job – this is exhausting and stressful for all.

· When mothers are impoverished and overworked, children suffer: hunger, ill-health, violence and exploitation.

· Mothers who have to return to other work soon after childbirth are less likely to breastfeed.

· Workers who take time off to care for children or other loved ones, lose pay, promotion, social security and future pension.

· Devaluing caring work devalues people, relationships and life itself.

· Investing in carers redirects economic and social policies towards survival, health and well-being – for every individual and for the planet which sustains us all.

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