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1. Life without the possibility of parole for Stephanie Lopez!

The story of Baby Brianna is a hard one, but it is the ugly reality of child abuse. Violent family members caused her death while others hid what they knew was going on.

"They raped her; they beat her," said District Attorney Susana Martinez who prosecuted the case. "She had bite marks on her face, cheek, head, arms, legs, chest, torso, everywhere.

"Literally bruised from head to toe, from the top of her head all throughout her body all the way to the big toe on her right foot."

She was beaten and raped by her own family.

"Massive bruising on the head, and then her little fingers were lacerated. Her mother Stephanie Lopez only received 27 years for the death of her own daughter! They say she is living a great life behind bars with family keeping her lots of money in her account and having a great girlfriend that she gets to be with daily! Why should she get to live any kind of life while Brianna does not have one. She will still be young when she gets out and I think she should be behind bars and have nothing for the rest of her life just like Brianna had nothing in her 5 short months of life!

2. Where Is Donna?

Our beloved Donna Jou was known to have been last seen with John Steven Burgess on June 23, 2007 at his rental home in Los Angeles, California.

We, Donna's family and friends are asking Mr. John Steven Burgess to please help us in our search for Donna. We ask him (Mr. Burgess) to speak to us in regards of his knowledge of where Donna Jou is.

Donna is a beautiful loved Daughter, Grand Daughter, Sister, Niece, Cousin, Friend and Honor Student. We are asking Mr. Burgess to Please Help Us Bring Donna Home.

3. Help Find Donna Jou - Bring John Steven Burges to Los Angeles for questioning

Donna Jou, an honor student in San Diego State University has been missing since June 23, 2007 and was last seen at John Steven Burgessā€˜s house in Los Angeles. John Steven Burgess is a CONVICTED sex offender and has been wanted in California for not registering as a sex offender. John Steven Burgess has been arrested and is held in Jacksonville Florida for drug charges since July 24, 2007.

We are asking California and Florida authorities for a speedy extradition of John Steven Burgess to Los Angles for questioning. Time is of essence and a minute lost would cost her life.

4. Investigate the Violent assault with a deadly weapon against a 16 year old in Northridge

16 year old Granada Hills resident was assaulted by 12-15 individuals on August 12, 2006. Assailants used a knife to slash the victim's foot almolst to amputation, permenantly maiming him.

Police failed to investigate the assault, interview known suspects and wittnesses, deal truthfully with or cooperate with victim for three months.

5. Save Central Hinds Academy

There has been a large decrease in enrollment since Steven Harrell became headmaster, enough so that Central Hinds Academy is dropping from an AA to A classification.

6. Justice for the victim

Steven Ivester was sentenced to 8 years minimum and 10 years maximum, for murdering my father. His name was Rodney Martin. Steven Iverster has not even served 3 years in prison. They want him to have work release and family visits.

Why should he be allowed to see his family when my threee sisters and I can not see our dad? It is not fair on my family's behalf for him to be allowed to leave the prison for any reason what so every, until he as served his full amount of time.

Rodney Martin was a loveing father, a great husband,and a wonderful son. He did not dersver what happened to him and nether did his family. He was a great person and had many friends. He was a long time resident of Gaston County, and was loved by almost everybody.


7. STEVEN M. GILMORE not guilty

Steven Gilmore, Director of the youth behavior modification program GunHo, has been accused of a CRIMINAL MISDEMEANOR that being ASSAULT-3 CTS/ENDANGER WELFARE OF CHILD. Steven Gilmore is being accused of this because he cut the hair of two visitors who where visiting the GunHo Program, the visitors and their guardian made no indication to Mr. Gilmore that they were not to receive any hair cut, in fact the two youths willing set in the chair and received the hair cut and at no time did anyone indicate to Mr. Gilmore that he was not to cut their hair.

8. Stop the Dell Kid!!! ("Steven")

That stupid Dell kid, "Steven", needs to be stopped!

9. Discloser Project Contact List

Hello Everyone,

I have just sent 30 + e-mails to most major media contacts regarding the Disclosure Project and Lara Johnstone. Below you will find a copy of my letter.

If you would like to e-mail these 30+ contacts, please e-mail me at: to have me fax you all of the addresses. Also, if you are not much of a writer, please feel free to use my letter as your own. I will get back to you ASAP if you would like these addresses!

Monica Morris

To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to draw your attention to an extremely important situation that is occurring in America at this time. Please, read what I have to say...

On May 9, 2001 at 9:00 a.m., Dr. Steven Greer founder and director of the Disclosure Project, along with over 20 military, government, and corporate witnesses to unambiguous UFO and extraterrestrial events, held a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington DC. 250,000 people were waiting online for the press conference to begin. Because of this, the first hour of the conference was "electronically jammed".

It is obvious to me that people all around the world are extremely interested in this topic. I do believe that the testimony these witnesses are prepared to make, given Congressional support, will greatly improve our quality of life, the environment, and much more. I must ask you, with the abundance of interest in this organization, when will you report on the issue? Make no mistake, the American people are listening and do demand more information.

I would like to begin by telling you more about Dr. Steven Greer and the Disclosure Project. However, I must start with the most pressing issue currently taking place. Lara Johnstone from California is a very courageous woman that is taking steps in helping to bring about the disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence on and around Earth. She wrote a letter to President Bush on July 26, 2001. After this letter, on July 28, 2001 she began a hunger strike "to death if need be" in order to stress her support and demand of the following:

1)Open, comprehensive, secrecy-free hearings to take miliartary/agency witness testimony on events and evidence relating to an Extraterrestrial presence on and around Earth.

2)To hold open hearings on advanced energy and propulsion systems, relating to extraterrestrial phenomena that, when publicly released, will provide solutions to global environmental challenges.

Lara Johnstone is not the first to write this letter and she is far from the last. Thousands upon thousands of letters have poured into Congressmen, Senators, and President Bush's office since May 9th.

She is, however, the first to take such dramatic stances to the issue. However, many people argue that she is doing what they too would do, if they were half as courageous. She plans to visit the White House immediately and she has been contacted by several media members which you can view by going to her web site at:

Since May 9, 2001 the Disclosure Project, over 20 witnesses, and Dr. Steven Greer have been traveling from city to city across the United States to ask their fellow Americans to send letters to their local representatives, Congressmen, and President George W. Bush. You can view the letters at: You may also view, at that address, responses from political leaders as well as George W. Bush.

Dr. Steven Greer has met with and provided briefings on the Et/UFO subject for senior members of government and for military and intelligence operations in the United States and around the world, including senior CIA officials, Joint Chiefs of taff, White House staff, senior members of Congress and congressional committees, senior United Nations leadership and diplomats, senior military officials in the UK and Europe. Dr Steven Greer and the Disclosure Project have been able to identify, contact, and videotape interviews with nearly 100 military, intelligence, and government witnesses
to UFO events and projects. These interviews and accompanying evidence are definitive and will establish the reality of the ET/UFO subject as well as the nature and purpose of the secrecy surrounding it. For more information and to view a fragment of military, government, and corporate witness statements, please visit:

I hope that you will soon be researching the information that I have given you and soon be interviewing Dr. Steven Greer and/or Lara Johnstone. As I stated before, obviously the interest on this topic reaches further than just our city, state, or country. The interest in this topic spans the world over.

Thank you for your time, I will be waiting for your decision.

The Disclosure Project:
Lara Johnstone:
(As of 8/28/01 the hunger strike is in it's 28th day)