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1. Demand for Schools to Require Heimlich Maneuver Training of School Staff & Maintain a LifeVac on Premises


Did you know that SCHOOLS are not required by law to have staff trained in the Heimlich Maneuver or a LifeVac, a choking life-saving suctioning device, on the premises? CHOKING takes the life of a young kid every 5 days in the US & sends over 12,000 kids to ERs every year. CHOKING is prevalent in SCHOOL cafeterias due to the rushed eating and many distractions. IT ONLY TAKES FOUR MINUTES FOR THE BRAIN TO BEGIN TO DIE. Most schools, only have a nurse trained in the Heimlich Maneuver. If your child chokes in the school cafeteria, do you want those precious minutes wasted searching for the school nurse or do you want that lunch monitor to jump into action & perform the Heimlich Maneuver. Same scenario for the classroom, when your child is having a snack. Do you want those precious minutes wasted searching for a school nurse or do you want that teacher to be empowered & trained in the Heimlich Maneuver. IT IS IRRESPONSIBLE OF SCHOOLS NOT TO PROVIDE SUCH TRAINING TO THEIR STAFF. THIS IS A MATTER OF SAFETY. We are sending our children to schools that are not properly prepared to handle a choking situation. Your child will not have a fighting chance for survival if the individuals entrusted to watch your child in your absence are not trained in the Heimlich Maneuver. In addition, the Heimlich Maneuver is not always 100% effective. Schools should maintain a LifeVac on the premises. This device is used to suction out an item lodged in the throat and, to date, has effectively saved six lives. WE NEED TO DEMAND THAT SCHOOLS RECOGNIZE CHOKING AS A CONSTANT THREAT TO THE SAFETY OF OUR CHILDREN AND TO IMPLEMENT THE PROPER PROTOCOLS TO SAVE OUR KIDS LIVES IF THEY ARE EVER FACED WITH A CHOKING EVENT.

2. Dysart Unified School District parent notification requirement

On 10/4/2017 Dysart Unified School District was alerted to possible shooting threats at Dysart High school, 3 other schools, and all area schools.

They contacted police and began working with public safety services.

However parents were not directly informed of any risk or threat, and the schools stated “they worked with law enforcement to ensure safety”.

Most parents were not aware of any threat to the schools when sending their kids morning of 10/5 when text message images of the threats began to circulate to the students.

Dysart Unified School district took the liberty to make a judgement call regarding the children’s safety, without informing parents of the possible threat and only circulated a mass message to all parents at 10:25am, 3 hours after many schools in the district had already begun.

It is not the schools right to withhold information from parents, and the lack of their upfront communication resulted in many children feeling threatened and vulnerable.

3. Repair Public Domain and Install Garden Cnr. Ocean Beach Rd., Memorial Ave., Ettalong Beach. NSW 2257

The intention of this petition is to fix the footpath and garden adjacent to the Chemist, Cnr Memorial Ave and Ocean Beach Road, Ettalong Beach. It currently has concrete planter boxes full of dead plants and the existing paving is in a dangerous condition, particularly for the mobility impaired residents and visitors.

Your help most appreciated.

4. Crossing guard needed on Long Beach Road

Many Oceanside NY residents do not receive bussing to school yet they live a substantial distance from the middle school or high school. I have tried in the past to get a crossing guard on Long Beach Road and Henrietta Ave. As all of us know, Long Beach Road is a very dangerous street. We want our children safe! Senator Kaminsky is concerned for our kids and has offered to help us with this. Please join me and help keep our young people safe!

5. Beauty Products NEED to be tested for more than just allergies!

Beauty products are not required by law to be tested for long term damages to our health, but instead only for allergies and irritations. Labels on products we use everyday should list what it is that we may be left with when using this product in our everyday lives.

6. Make Our Streets Safer for Sunnyside Elementary School's Students!

In recent years, southern Idaho Falls has grown rapidly. As a result, traffic in the neighborhood surrounding Sunnyside Elementary has reached hazardous levels during the morning commute to school and at dismissal. In the past five years, motorists have struck children walking to school. Furthermore, each year several near misses have been reported. In order to ensure the safety of their own children, more parents are opting to drive their kids to school - even those who reside in the walking zone - which only exacerbates the traffic problem and increases the risk to students walking or biking to school. In response to these ongoing traffic issues, the Stonebrook Area Safety Committee (SASC) is requesting the actions outlined below.

Please add your voice to ours! Protect our students and help prevent the next accident by signing our petition. Share this link, please.

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7. Hwy212 Safe Route to School Underpass-Norwood Young America

Please share your support of the construction and related costs of an underpass with the Norwood Young America City Council to provide a safe route to school for our children and for all our citizens to cross Highway 212 safely. In 2017 the City received $1.225 million dollars in grants to support this project at an estimated cost of $1.5 million dollars. The Minnesota Department of Transportation supports this project and will be coordinating the construction of the underpass with an upgrade to Hwy212 from Norwood Young America to Cologne. Currently there is a 6 lane school crosswalk by the DQ with average speed of traffic at 56 MPH for our children to cross Hwy212. There are over 13,000 cars and trucks traveling on Hwy212 daily. Let's get this underpass done for our community!

8. Mr. President, Declare AntiFa a terrorist group

Anyone who has been paying attention to current events in the United States of America, is aware of AntiFa and their terrorist activity.
From violence committed during our presidents inauguration, to the violence perpetrated on people at rallies across the nation. AntiFa has been growing in size, becoming bolder, and becoming more violent.
They have been very clear in their desire to tear apart our Republic and replace it with socialism / communism, and they advocate for, and use, violence to further their agenda. This is the definition of a terrorist group.
Please read, sign, and share this petition.
Thank You

9. Motorcycle Safety in El Gouna

El Gouna is a small town with roads that are unfinished and sandy and not equipped for road motorcycles that we ride around town.
No helmets, license plates, drivers licenses or any driving test are required for you to drive or obtain a motorcycle. Many have been seriously injured due to the lack of rules when it comes to road safety.
There is no regulations in regards to drinking and driving and no body to monitor it.
As El Gouna has 24/7 security around town, they should easily be able to stop drivers that are intoxicated or driving without a helmet.

10. Stop The Islamization Of Europe

As we all know, Europe is facing a major crisis since we started taking refugees in from the Middle-East. There's been numerous cases of rapes, robberies etc throughout Europe done by some of these refugees.
The European Parliament will take in consideration to vote a new law if a petition of one million signatures is presented to them.
The recommendation for the law will be to check the background of anyone crossing into Europe illegally, removing the "bad weeds" before they manage to advance more into Europe. In the past 4 years, Europe became a battlefield, there's rapes, there's gang rapes, there's terror attacks, there's robberies, the criminality level is on the highest peaks. We need to stop this, we need to protect ourselves and a tighter control of the borders will help a lot.
We have the right to defend ourselves in times when the government doesn't, we have to unite as people, and fight this while there's still time.
So what i'm asking you, my fellow european citizens, let's make the European Parliament take attitude against this attacks, let's rise up and shout it out loud " NO MORE, WE WANT SAFETY"!

11. Stop Sign on Hillpine

Hillpine Road in South Cheektowaga is long enough where cars exceed the posted 30mph speed limit. Installing stop signs at the corner of Hillpine and Butternut will slow traffic to make it safer for children and pedestrians.
As a precedent , there already is a stop sign on Rushford and Butternut - which runs parallel to Hillpine.

12. Petition for Increased Street Safety for Children in Mountain View

The neighborhood of Mountain View is a community where families enjoy spending time outdoors, in yards, or on neighborhood sidewalks and streets. Students ride their bicycles and children are constantly running down the sidewalks and across the streets to play with friends. We are a bustling neighborhood, full of life... until one of those children gets struck.

Although we encourage our children to follow the rules of the road and to be aware of vehicles/drivers, we all know when a child is playing, they can forget, or not look carefully, and find themselves in danger.

This summer, there have been several close calls between children and vehicles, and two students have been struck by cars while riding bicycles; different days, but at the same intersection. Thankfully, both only suffered severe bruising and a few minor cuts (one was transported by ambulance for suspected breaks or internal injuries, but he was treated and sent home). The families of our community are concerned that drivers are not driving cautiously and driving faster than the residential speed limit.

Mountain View Hope Covenant Church recently hosted a bicycle safety booth on National Night Out, hosted by the Mountain View Boys and Girls Club (BGC). In partnership with the Alaska Injury Prevention Center and the William Tyson Elementary PTA, we were able to hand out bicycle safety items (reflective gear, bicycle safety pamphlets, coloring books, etc.). Through the AIPC and generous donations, we were able to provide helmets for both families whose children had been struck and held a drawing for two kids who received a bicycle safety set: helmet, safety pads (knee, elbow, and wrist), wheel lights, bike lock, and reflective gear. Mountain View Hope will continue to partner with the Tyson PTA to educate students about their role in keeping themselves safe. We have been encouraging families to follow five safety rules: Always Wear a Helmet, See and Be Seen, Obey All Traffic Laws, Be Predictable, and Stay Alert at All Times.

While we can encourage our neighbors, we are also asking for intervention from the Mountain View Community Council and the Municipality to take a look at the streets in Mountain View, and to help drivers to be more cautious when driving through the neighborhood, specifically while driving down Price Street. When drivers pass the last stop sign on Price Street (Price St./Peterkin Ave., the Boys and Girls Club intersection), many find themselves speeding up through the Price Street/Richmond Avenue intersection in an effort to make the green light at the intersection of Price Street and Mountain View Drive. In addition, once drivers pass the stop sign by the Boys and Girls Club, they drive less cautiously because they expect children to be near the Club., and seem to forget that they still need to be cautious of children, even though the intersection in question is only a block away from the Boys and Girls Club.

We are proposing that the intersection of Price Street and Richmond Avenue be changed from a 2-way stop to a 4-way stop. Currently, there are stop signs driving down Richmond Avenue crossing Price Street, but we would like to see the addition of stop signs driving down Price Street crossing Richmond Avenue. We are also proposing the addition of several speed bumps down Price Street between Thompson and Mountain View Drive, and one on Richmond Avenue between Bragaw Street at Price Street.

Whether they are riding their bicycles or skateboards down the street or running across the street to visit a friend or play in a sprinkler, the children of Mountain View need to be protected. As adults, we can educate them, but we can also help each other keep the children safe by increasing ways to cause drivers to become more cautious when it comes to driving down our neighborhood streets.

13. Cancel Homeless Shelter Construction in our Community

The City of San Jose is looking to open and maintain numerous homeless shelters to support the rising amount of homeless people in our city. The representative for district 2 in San Jose, Sergio Jimenez is supporting a temporary homeless shelter to be opened and maintained in the open lot of the corner of Monterey Road & Branham Lane. This homeless shelter is currently listed as temporary however might become a permanent shelter in time. Numerous homeless people will have an opportunity to reside in our community without any plan from the City in place on how to reduce the crime that comes along with a homeless community. Research shows that crime exponentially increases within 500 feet (approximately 1/10th of a mile) of a homeless shelter.

14. Install Stop Signs in the Cherry Hill Neighborhood, New Paltz NY

The relevant streets in the Cherry Hill neighborhood in resemble the map below:

J || || C H
O || || H I
A || _________________**|| E L
L || HOLLAND LN. ||** R L
Y || || R
N || || Y

The residents of this neighborhood have reported feeling unsafe at the marked (**) intersections (both ends of Cicero Avenue and the Cherry Hill Road access to Holland Lane). Drivers use high speeds on these back roads and have no legal reason to slow down when turning the narrow corners. Many of us have felt endangered as pedestrians, drivers, or both. There are students walking to school and families with children in this area. Residents have contacted the New Paltz Police Department in regards to increased patrol in the area, but this has not led to a decrease of the issue. Installing stop signs (such as those on the southwest end of Tricor Avenue, New Paltz [see linked image]) would reduce speeds and protect the members of our community.


This is a petition to have the Facebook page "Savage Ry" permanently removed from Facebook. It contains sexist, misogynistic, harmful content that makes people believe that their actions have no consequences. I am afraid it will influence harm. This is for the safety of women and men.

16. We need traffic lights for the safety of our Children

In need traffic lights on the corner of French's Road and Beeville Road Petrie QLD 4502, i have witnessed kids almost being hit at this intersection on their way to school, and the amount of traffic that flows through there, the locals can wait up to 15 minutes to get an all clear to get onto the main road. traffic lights need to be installed for the safety of our children and any person travelling on these roads.

17. Provide Bus Transportation To All Elementary Students

The majority of parents hold full time jobs and are not able to personally transport their children to and from school; these parents may heavily rely on bus transportation. Currently within Mansfield ISD, busses are not an option for students that reside within "walking distance" from the school. These children are assumed to be able to walk to school even when the school may be several blocks away. The safety of our students, specifically elementary students, is at stake; the majority of parents are forced to consider expensive alternatives for this reason.

18. Violence against a female professor!

Violence against a female professor in Dhaka University!
We want proper investigation and justice

On June 13, 2017, during a C & D meeting of the Coordination and Development Committee, at the ISWR of Dhaka University, a male professor attempt to physically assault and verbally abused a female colleague. He used indecent and vulgar language while talking to her. His behaviour was abusive, full of threats, and indecent. The female professor became shocked, fearful and distressed.
The United Nations defines violence against women as any act of gender-based violence that results in, or is likely to result in, physical, sexual or mental harm or suffering to women, including threats of such acts, coercion or arbitrary deprivation of liberty, whether occurring in public or in private life. According to the definition there is no doubt that such behave of a teacher is a violence and gendered power demonstration to a female colleague.
A written complaint has been submitted to the Pro VC (education) and President of Teachers Association by claiming that a male colleague at a meeting attempted to physical attack, verbally abused and threatened her. According to Daily Janakantha June 14, 2017 and “Dhaka Tribune" June 15, 2017 Nasreen Ahmad, the pro vice-chancellor (education), confirmed the matter that - Mohammad Samad, a professor of the same institute, had behaved indecently and derogatorily with Professor Tania Rahman, director of the Institute of Social Welfare and Research of University of Dhaka (DU) on June 13, 2017.
An anonymous member of the C & D Committee who attended the meeting reported to the journalists that “The meeting was pre-scheduled and Professor Samad did not arrive on time. We had to go on with the meeting while he was absent. But when we were about to finish, he came in and started call on her name and spoke inappropriate things to Professor Tania as she had concluded the meeting without him”.

After this incidence, a month have been passed, however, we do not know about any sign of investigation or intervention. Such incidence and thereafter the silence of Pro VC (education) and gender cell of University of Dhaka, is unacceptable.

Check the published news:



19. Safe crossing for Plaistow Hill School

Crossing the road outside Plaistow Hill is dangerous; every school should have safe access for the children, but Plaistow Hill Infant & Nursery School does not. The 'traffic calming chicanes' do NOT constitute a safe crossing; drivers become impatient when they have to go single-file, and pedestrians have no right-of-way here, which is a recipe for disaster. Add to this, the pollution being caused by all the waiting traffic, which is clearly not good for the children or local residents.

20. Put an End to 'Snap Maps'

Snapchat has recently released a new update with a feature called 'Snap Maps.' This feature allows other users from a person's Friend List to see their location, including exact street names and street layout, at any given time, along with things such as whether they are listening to music and when they last opened the app. There is an option as a part of this feature called 'Ghost Mode' which allows users to turn this feature off, however there is still a major concern about whether people can easily find this option. With 'Snap Maps' there is also concern that this could lead to kidnapping, stalking, and bullying incidents.

21. Neighborhood Safety

Our children are unsafe in our neighborhood due to through traffic of speeding cars. School buses even speed through. We would like speed humps to help slow down the traffic and make our streets safer for our children.

22. Help us get authorization for the use of safety amber lights

The Howard Beach Citizens Safety Patrol is a official non-for-profit organization that works on quality of life issues and patrols our Howard Beach community. For three years we have been in contact with the NYPD expressing our need for safety amber lights, to protect the community and our members, we patrol in marked organizational patrol cars and assist all first responders in emergency situations. For example when assisting at a car accident, we need to secure the scene until emergency personnel arrive by using our amber safety lights. We have continuously been denied the use of our amber lights, by the NYPD, even though we have given ample examples of our assistance and meet all qualifications by law in their use.

23. Jonesboro Citizens Unite to Oppose Rezoning Request on South Caraway

We are opposed to any further rezoning for additional development on South Caraway until the necessary infrastructure improvements are made in order to protect the existing quality of life of those living and working in our community.

24. Ban bicycles on Mandeville Canyon and Westridge Roads.

The bicycle situation on Mandeville and West Ridge is getting out of hand. These streets are narrow and have a lot of resident traffic. The bicyclists routinely use Mandeville and West Ridge as break away race tracks, going down the hill at over 30 miles/hr and often refusing to let cars pass. The situation is exacerbated by the behavior of the cyclists: They routinely completely ignore stop signs, and often are rude to car drivers if they feel that the car did not wait for the speeding bikes to pass before backing onto the street or passed them too close (in their opinion). In fact, bikes routinely do not ride single file to allow safe passing. And sometimes on holidays or Sundays there are so many bikes that it is impossible to pass at all.
I have seen several close calls where a car turning from West Ridge or Chalon or simply backing out of a residential street almost hit a bicycle. Let's stop this before someone gets killed. There are plenty of other streets more suited and safer for bicycles.

25. Implement Effective Policies to Control The Violence Among Students

In light of the events that have happened in our school the past week, we the parents' of students at Foothill High School are demanding that the policies regarding violence, harassment and bullying be reformed. Students who have engaged in fights ONLY in order to defend themselves have been suspended from school and the repercussions for the students instigating violence are not serious enough as fights continue to happen at our school. We love our school and are grateful for all of the educational opportunities and extracurricular activities that our school has to offer but We want our students to have a safe environment where they will not be distracted by fearing for their own safety. We are calling for an overhaul of Foothill High School policies in regards to the consequences from bullying, harassment and violence amongst students. We are also asking that consequences should not be placed on students who have defended themselves from an assault. Students who have defended themselves from an assault should not have to be suspended from school. We want an Absolute Zero Tolerance Policy for violence, Students who assault other students need to be expelled from school with no exception. The few percentage of students who cannot follow this policy should not ruin the positive school experience that all of our students deserve. Enough Is Enough!!! How many kids have to be harmed physically and mentally until something is done!

26. Increasing TCU Parking

To increase parking availability on TCU's campus.

27. Passage of Ohio House Bill 95

Through the Ohio Jaycees, S.A.F.E. is determined to educate the community on the dangers of distracted driving, to reduce the rate of preventable injuries directly caused by distracted driving, and to give young people the tools to utilize safe practices behind the wheel. As an organization dedicated to the advancement of young professionals we are concerned with the increase of distracted driving practices in drivers between the ages of 18-40. Here are a few statistics:
• 23% of all auto accidents involve cell phone use
• 1.3 million crashes a year are directly linked to distracted driving
• 83% of drivers between the ages of 18-30 text and drive
• 75% of drivers between the ages of 30-39 text and drive
• 1 in 5 drivers admit to surfing the web while driving
• 330,000 individuals are injured a year in distracted driving accidents
We feel these statistics can be greatly improved by advocating for more strict and comprehensive legislation in the state of Ohio defining distracted driving more precisely and making these dangerous driving practices a primary offense.

28. Leash Your Dogs

Salt Lake City, Utah unfortunately has a problem with unleashed dogs. Personally, I have been bitten by three unleashed dogs and my dog, Skip passed away due to an unleashed dog. Therefore, I have started this petition to help bring awareness into our city. It is the law to leash your dog and dog owners must be notified of this.

29. Van transportation between BARRIE and TORONTO

This service is meant to upgrade the transportation from Barrie to Toronto and back this is for the many people who drive to Toronto daily some who are ridesharing others that carpool and the majority who travel the 400 HWY regularly. We are proposing another option of transportation in an effort to elevate traffic, reduce pollution and most importantly give travelers a safe alternative to riding in a car with random strangers. This service will be safe our drivers have a full background check and have the necessary license to transport people. We are proposing this service to provide a safe way to travel that people can trust instead of relying on strangers who offer carpooling and ridesharing. Our goal is to provide security for passengers less pollution for the environment and unblock the traffic as much as we can. We will move forward with this mission. Barrie carpool parking lot on Essa road and Finch station Toronto will be used as a pick up/drop of points .

30. Stop childcare at 41 Imbros St NUNDAH

Our objections include: 1. A childcare centre will bring increased noise and congestion to a minor road in a low residential area, 2. increased safety issues as the traffic will be at times when people are driving their kids to and from school and walking to school; 3. We have busy built up areas in Nundah such as Nundah Village, Rode Rd, Buckland and Shaw Rd, 4. There are numerous childcare centres in the area on Hamilton Rd, Nundah Village, Wavell Heights and Clayfield, 5. The facility on the corner or Sugarloaf and Rode Rd has been approved to become a major childcare facility, 6. There are a number of issues that the community are not happy with including the proposed medical centre on Bilsen Rd and general business development in Nundah, 7. People bought their houses in good faith based on town planning information that Imbros St was zoned a low residential minor road and 8. above all else we are not a business area we are a neighbourhood that knows each other and is connected to each other.

The Brisbane City Plan is a legal document which means that any decisions made regarding changing our low residential zoning or minor road status can be challenged. A proposed development of a childcare centre would change this.