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1. Say "No" To Industrial Re-Zoning Of Prospect & Casaloma In Grand Chute

Jim Esler has requested the Town of Grand Chute to re-zone the property at the corner of W. Prospect and S. Casaloma Drive from Commercial to Industrial. A successful Fox Valley business has outgrown their current Corporate Headquarters and wants to buy this land; they are a Distributor. Industrial zoning (as opposed to Commercial) means a business can engage in Distribution or Manufacturing, or both on that acreage. All Jim Esler needs is the Town Board of Grand Chute to approve the re-zone and this company will build and have Distribution on this property.

The Long Term Use Plan of the real estate in question refers to mixed Commercial intentions only, without mention of Industrial, and multiple residents and businesses who have purchased property directly from Jim Esler in the vicinity of and adjacent to this land were repeatedly assured, personally, by Jim Esler this land would not be re-zoned from Commercial. The intent was for the land to be “high-end Commercial like Office Buildings that would have normal business hours”.

The “Distribution” part of the Industrial re-zoning carries a major concern for residents in Grand Chute.

Distribution requires trucking:
• How many truck bays is this company planning on putting in?
• Do they run trucks 24 hours a day to service their customers?
• Does this company want to expand and grow?
• Is manufacturing one of the ways they would look to continue their growth?


TRAFFIC * SAFETY * REDUCTION OF PROPERTY VALUE * NOISE * DUST * POLLUTION * LIGHTING...... SAFETY. SAFETY. SAFETY. (It's worth repeating, people's lives are at stake.)

Anyone who drives through the Prospect-Casaloma intersection on a regular basis and ESPECIALLY during the holiday season with the Fox Valley Mall traffic knows it’s a disaster. It's hard enough for a car to floor it to get onto Prospect. How will a truck do that? An additional 25+ trucks per day and upwards of 300 employees isn’t going to make the intersection better or safer. The addition of a traffic light may even serve to make it even worse. There has already been one death attributed to that intersection; we certainly don’t want anymore.

And of course let’s not forget: reduction of property values, noise, dust, pollution and lighting are all serious concerns as well.

The Plan Zoning Commission has already approved it without providing us any details or with any regard for resident's concerns! We have to let our voices be heard.

Please feel free to send additional comments, questions or thoughts to


2. Deny Ledbetter Rezoning

Excellence Body and Paint, Ltd. (hereafter referred to as EBP) has asked the city of Round Rock to re-zone the lot located at the Northeast corner of Ledbetter St and Clark St from SF-2 (Single-family - standard lot) District to OF (Office) District. The stated land proposal use is as an office with included parking. Properties along Ledbetter St are currently all zoned as SF-2.

This is a unique neighborhood in Round Rock, with properties lying directly along the historic Brushy Creek. This is one of the oldest and most historic areas of Round Rock, with several buildings in the neighborhood classified as historic buildings. Re-zoning the described lot will not only prove detrimental to property values in the neighborhood, but also start a dangerous precedent for transforming this neighborhood into a commercial and industrial area.

Clark St is a short street running from Sam Bass Rd to Ledbetter St. Along with Brandi St, which doglegs from Sam Bass Rd into Clark St, this small area constitutes an industrial business park just North of Ledbetter St. The character of this area is distinctly different from that of the historic neighborhood directly to its South. I believe that attempting to merge these two neighborhoods is a mistake, as their characters are so distinct that the attempt to merge the areas will simply result in the destruction of the historic feel of Ledbetter St. Allowing the industrial area to encroach on the single family residence neighborhood will lower the desirability of living here, and could ultimately result in the destruction of this road as a residential and historic area.

The lot in question is large enough to support the construction of a single family home, as it is currently zoned and surveyed. It may seem unlikely for a family to build on this lot, as it currently backs up to EBP with only a chain link fence separating the lot from the industrial park in general, and EBP’s daily operations in particular. The construction of a residence on the property would be much more likely if the barrier between the lot and the industrial park were made more substantial. EBP recently purchased this lot, and initially requested that it be re-zoned for light industrial use. The request was changed to office when advised by the Planning and Zoning Commission that a request for light industrial zoning would likely be denied and very little of the property would end up being usable due to building restrictions with this zoning type. Rather than re-zone the lot, it could be possible to find a buyer for this lot who would use the property as it is currently zoned, for a single family residence. Additionally, EBP currently owns the lot across Clark St from their existing business location, and this lot is zoned commercial. I do not understand why there is a push to extend commercial operations into a residential area, when the existing commercially zoned areas have not yet been fully developed.

At the first city council hearing, several members expressed concern over this re-zoning, but tentatively approved the plan based on the assumption that due to the shape of the lot and the restrictions put on office districts, that an offensive structure will not be erected if the re-zoning request is approved. However, if the property is re-zoned, the city council and neighbors will no longer have any say in what structure can be erected on the property. The property owner has the right to use the property as he sees fit within the restrictions of zoning limitations. This fits the neighborhood when the zoning is single family residential, but could dramatically depart from the character of the neighborhood if the zoning is changed to office. If the zoning is changed to office district, then the owner will gain the ability to erect anything that meets those zoning restrictions, whether neighbors or city council members find them to fit with the character of the neighborhood or not.

In addition, we have concerns over increases in traffic in the neighborhood. Construction along Sam Bass Rd is currently detouring huge amounts of traffic through the neighborhood. This increase in traffic volumes and speeds on our narrow streets results in unpleasant and unsafe conditions for those of us walking, biking, and playing in the neighborhood. I understand this is a temporary sacrifice that is necessary to improve the quality of Sam Bass Rd. However, I do not wish to see additional development that will permanently increase the traffic flow through this area.

The city council indicated that it recommends business owners contact neighbors when attempting to have a residential lot re-zoned for commercial or office use. Based on prior experiences with EBP, I believed that their owners and management were not only professional and reasonable, but also ethical. I have been disappointed in their lack of communication with the neighbors regarding their desire to re-zone this lot. EBP has not only failed to open a dialog with the neighbors independently, but has also failed to comment at re-zoning or city council meetings. With this lack of communication, I do not see any reason for us as neighbors or you as a city council to support this re-zoning request. I believe that a solution to this issue could be found that would be satisfactory to all parties involved if an open discussion between the business owner and neighbors was initiated. The purpose of this petition is not to create an adversarial atmosphere between the neighbors and EBP, but to express our sincere concerns for development in this area and our desire to be included in the decision making process as the area develops.

3. Opposition to the LISD Attendance Board Committee's Proposal

• The committee states that NBCD 4250 (Vista Ridge and Falcon Oaks) need to be rezoned to Bagdad Elementary to relieve Whitestone Elementary School of overcrowding.

• Vista Ridge was not represented on the Attendance Boundary Committee.

• Whitestone Elementary currently is not over-crowded with 786 kids.

• The committee states that NBCD 4400 (neighborhood behind Lowe's) needs to move all of their students to Whitestone Elementary to relieve crowding at Winkley Elementary. Currently 31 students from the ESL program attend Whitestone. This will add 39 additional students to Whitestone Elementary School.

• Whitestone still will not be functionally over-crowded with the move of the additional 39 children from NBCD # 4400. However, by moving the 150 students from the NBCD 4250 (Vista Ridge and Falcon Oaks) to Bagdad Elementary it will make Bagdad over-crowded at close to 900 children in 2011-2012, having the highest enrollment in the district. Therefore, the most-consistently lowest-rated elementary school in the district will be over-populated next school year, and the student-to-teacher ratio will be negatively impacted.

• Meanwhile, Whitestone Elementary is projected to have only 637 students for 2011-2012.

• The zoning committee's presentation disclosed that 210 students currently transfer out of Bagdad, which is higher than the number of children that live in NBCD #4250.

• Page 5 of the committee's recommendation shows that after four short years, Bagdad's enrollment will be well over capacity at a whopping 1047 students. Meanwhile, Whitestone is projected to be at only 765 students in 2015.

• LISD states that in 2015 they expect to open a new elementary school, shifting students around again and rezoning Vista Ridge once again.

• Vista Ridge Parents have made up a significant number of Whitestone Volunteers and PTA Board Members for six years, which will end if our students are moved to another school. We will not be able to reap the benefits of our hard work by leaving a school we have vested so much into.

• Vista Ridge will experience a decline in property values due to the zoning of our neighborhood to a school with a long history of poor performance

• It is not in the best interest of the children to transfer them from a school at which they are currently successful and feel safe, to a traditionally low-scoring school in a possible attempt to bolster test scores. The children of NBCD 4250 have been thriving at Whitestone. Studies show that moving children repeatedly to different schools effects their academic development, social development, sense of security and behavior.

• Simply enforcing the existing attendance zones, and not allowing an exorbitant amount of kids to transfer out, would provide relief to Plain and Whitestone, thereby avoiding the need to displace happy and thriving children from the school they are zoned for.

• The numbers just don't add up. There is still room for NBCD 4250 to stay at Whitestone!

4. We refuse to allow our children to attend Golden Gate HS

In 2002, legislation was passed that is now being used as an excuse to rezone properties that are currently zoned as the "A-rated" Gulf Coast High School into the substandard Title 1 "D,F and now C-rated" Golden Gate High School which has a proven historically via publicly-obtainable information to be a dangerous place for anyone due to gang activity, violence, crime, drugs, and a documented history of academic poor outcomes on a myriad of measures, also as published and obtainable.

Of course, the proven studies regarding student mobility, as well as the potential harm and detriment of such a rezoning to our children is not acceptable, as their futures, if not their very lives, are at stake.

We are petitioning below in order to protect our children from harm that is proposed to take place if this rezoning passes by whatever measures are necessary, including the following.

5. Support zoning for expansion of community facilities by New Hope United Church of Christ

The City od Norfolk is trying to rezone property located at 115 E. Liberty Street. The property is currently zoned as Commercial and they are trying to rezone it to Residential for the purpose of building eight (8) single family homes.

The rezoning of this property will prevent the future expansion of New Hope United Church of Christ.

6. Preserve the Far West Village/Rezone the C6-1 District

The Far West Village is one of New York's most historic neighborhoods, which community groups and preservationists have fought for years to preserve and protect from over development.

However, there is a six block section of the Far West Village which still contains an anomalous and outdated zoning designation that encourages out-of-scale development, and strongly encourages hotel, dormitory, or office development in a predominantly residential but mixed-use neighborhood.

While this area is now part of the Greenwich Village Historic District, only a change to the zoning can ensure that any new development here truly respects the scale and character of the neighborhood.

7. Stop Firewood Business on County Rd. E, Abrams, WI

We do not want a business in our residential neighbor-hood making & selling fire-wood.

Such a business will depreciate the value of our properties due to, the increased noise level of the machinery & equipment & the semi trucks & other vehicles & trailers coming & going.

The visual appearance will also be depreciating due to the large log piles & skid piles laying all over.

We are asking the Zoning board to stop the operation of the business known as Back Acres Firewood LLC on County Rd. E, Abrams, WI, and not to rezone the property where such a business can operate.

8. Planing and Zoning Board Case # 1605

The undersigned are against the developement of Planing Board Case #1606 request to rezone from A-1 Agriculture district to RR-1 Rural residence district.

Location 7802 North State Highway H, Springfield, Missouri.

9. Stop Rezone Application No. R-03-070

A public hearing is scheduled to Rezone the land located on the southwest corner of North Cornelia and West Donner Avenues, from a Residential and Professional Offices to a multiple family housing, consisting of five dwelling units or more.