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1. Reconsider the "Dallas Buyers Club LLC v iiNet Limited [2015] FCA 317" Court Ruling

On the date 7th April 2015, the Honourable Justice Perram J in Sydney ruled an order that allowed Dallas Buyers Club LLC and Voltage Pictures LLC to attain the private information of customers that it requests from iiNet and various smaller ISPs. Justice Perram also did not put a monetary cap on the amount that can be compensated by Dallas Buyers Club, thus allowing individual customers to be charged highly damaging amounts.

All the above is felt to be a violation of the privacy policy users agreed to when signing the contract between the ISP and customer and furthermore unfairly puts users at risk of being charged unfairly high compensation amounts by Dallas Buyers Club LLC.

The ruling can also be considered unreasonable as owners of shared PC's could be sent warning letters about actions they have not done. Public or unlocked or hacked wireless networks also fall under this category where the wrong people may be charged or warned.

2. Request to Mark Zuckerberg to make GraphSearch Private for Profiles

We the undersigned are requesting Mark Zuckerberg to change GraphSearch to˝Private˝ for all FB Profiles!
Mark Zuckerberg has recently introduced a new way to search called ˝GraphSearch˝!

3. Request from Youtube, Machinima & VEVO to allow partnership of any country!

As some of you don´t know, Youtube, Machimima & VEVO does't allow for some countries like Croatia to be official partners!


This is a legitimate petition of the loyal fans of Kimerald who have supported their endorsements, shows and movies for the past 6 years and 10 months and have contributed to the continued success of ABS-CBN.

After we haven't seen them in a major TV and movie project since December, 2010, we deserve to have Kimerald again. Their fan base remains very strong and solid. A Kimerald teleserye would help boost primetime ratings, attract more prime advertisers for ABS-CBN and would make us watch the network's shows again and a Kimerald movie would be a sure box office hit.

The Kimerald loveteam possesses an undeniable charm, magic and genuine chemistry that would delight even the most jaded of heart and has won many 'most popular loveteam' polls and awards since 2006.

Kimerald aren't just an ordinary loveteam, but a loveteam with star power as proven by the huge success of their teleseryes and movies especially their last 2 and 3 respectively.

As a matter of fact, when Tayong Dalawa bid farewell, it had a strong 45.8% rating leading all primetime shows during its 8-month run and has significantly contributed to the Philippine primetime television industry and Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo was a consistent top rater. In 2010, Paano Na Kaya and Till My Heartaches End are on the list of top 12 highest grossing local films and last year, 24/7 in Love had a big impact to Kimerald fans as witnessed by ABS-CBN executives during the premiere night.

5. Request from Croatian Government to use LTL (Less Than Lethal) weapons

Request from Croatian Government to use LTL (Less Than Lethal) weapons like the Stun Gun, Taser Gun & Stun Granades!

This is a petition asking the Croatian Government & The Croatian Ministry of Internal Affairs to issue ˝Less Than Lethal˝ Weapons to EVERY Police Officer due to security concerns!

6. Shut Down

About two years ago I started to get MSN friend requests from people who I didn't know. When I went to their profile I found their "favorite quote" saying "Hey check out Http://" I did a bit of research and found out Hey111 was just some person trying to hack people's MSN accounts.

Eventually the requests stopped and for about two years they didn't come back. Now I've been getting these requests back and I'm getting these about 4 times every day.

A list of MSN names will be recorded and posted somewhere so you know who to be aware of.

7. Stop Rezoning in Harmony Ridge

The City of Cottleville Planning and Zoning Commission is conducting a public hearing on April 7, 2010 at 7:00pm to review a request from Twin Eagles, LLC to rezone Lots M7 through M11 of "The Courtyards at Harmony Ridge" and the Future Development Parcel on plat “The Lofts at Harmony Ridge, a Condominium” recorded under PB 45 PG 303 for use as multi-family residential development and commercial development.

If approved, this will allow Twin Eagles, LLC to build a multi-story apartment/condo complex in the same area as the courtyards, adjacent to current homeowners.

This land was intended for courtyard homes, not a multi-story building, and goes against everything we were told this community would be when we bought our homes. Rezoning this land would have an immensely negative effect on the quality of life in the neighborhood.

8. Pave Havens Road

Whereas, Havens Road is a two way road half of the way down. It presents a significant hazard to anyone travelling by vehicle on the road when having to go to a one vehicle road.

The large hazard is a sharp curve you cannot see around. When it rains it washes the road into in places. The constant regrading of the road produces delays and dangerous conditions for anyone traveling on Havens Road.

Whereas the constant regrading has been progressively less effective with every rain. Limestone and dirt has to be brought in to build the roadway back up. And ditches to be cleaned out. The town is incurring unnecessary expenses due to constant regrading and etc.

We the undersigned, respectfully request that the unpaved road immediately be properly prepared for paving and then paved as soon as possible. And to include repair or make ditches to accommodate the flooding of the road.

9. Help Savannah Outen get a Verified Account on Twitter

I need a Verified Account on my new Twitter to help stop people from trying or creating fake Twitter pages of me. To help stop fakers from trying to pretend.

Twitter Team declined my request for a Verified Account three times for no reasons.

10. Citizens of Albemarle County ask the Board of Supervisors to fully fund the school's budget request

If the United States economy is to maintain its dominant position in the world, it is imperative to prepare the younger generations for the challenges they face in this global economy.

As the article released in 1,999 by the National Education Association, " Investing in Public Education: The Importance of Schooling in the New Global Economy," explains:

"Global changes are driving a transition toward a service-oriented economy in the U.S., and the declining importance of natural resources and capital, combined with technological changes, make public education the only factor of production allowing continued success.”

The latest results from PISA, Program for International Student Assessment, indicate that the United States continues to perform below average both in the science and mathematics areas. The great technological challenges the United States economy faces call for improved education in science and technology.

Strong public schools make strong communities. Investing in Public Education is the only guarantee our community has to remain competitive in a global economy and maintain the quality of life that we so proudly enjoy. By not providing the funds that are necessary to educate and transform the young, we fail to provide a better future not only for them, but for the entire society. Therefore,

In light of the imminent budget cuts that our community faces, the efforts that school administrators are making to continue to provide quality education for all children despite the persistent budget cuts, and taking into account the Board of Supervisors' campaign of providing a World Class Education which in turn is consistent with the data provided in this introduction, the citizens of Albemarle County feel compelled to ask the Board of Supervisors to fully fund the school's budget request.

11. Midwest Skijorers Club Election

Greetings Skijoring Enthusiast!

We are concerned about the future of the sport, the viability of the Midwest Skijorers club and critical relationships with cities and counties that provide excellent trails for our use.

12. Rights for Everyone's Safety on the TTC

I was using the TTC on Sunday December 13th to get home. In the evenings (especially when it is this late, when I have bags to carry from work and when roads are slippery), I like to request the bus to pull into a quick stop between bus stops. Not only do I feel safer with my home in sight; I have shaved several minutes of walking. Usually, bus drivers are more than happy to do this, especially during the winter evenings regardless of my gender.

This time, I was abruptly reminded that this request stop was for "women only" and then the bus carried on driving (without stopping and only having one other passenger).

This is only the third time this has happened (the the driver rejected my request); however, I feel that incident should never have happened at all. I am writing to suggest that the "evening stop request" be made availble to all men, women and children travelling in the evening times and that every passenger's safety (especially in the winter time) be considered. The Toronto Transit Corporation has to believe that passengers will not abuse this opportunity; at the same time, should also believe that their employees can us their descretion whether to allow the stop or not (NOT based on gender). Being that Toronto has taken huge strides to become more inclusive and diverse in culture, ethnicity, abilities and sexuality/gender, this should be reflected in the transit system Toronto provides.

Not all women are more vulnerable to danger than men. Female riders do not pay extra fare to have their safety be protected (as people's safety should be protected for everyone). There are many individuals in Toronto who are transgendered as well. Being judged by the clothes we wear, the way we act and who we are should not be a factor in our safety when "Riding the Rocket".

With Toronto winning its bid for World Pride in 2014; I do not concede that we should take this matter lightly. For the days, weeks and months leading up to the event, Toronto will be home to many visitors from across the globe. The last thing I believe should ever happen would be for a man to be in a dire situation that could have been avoided by the opportunity to "request an evening stop".

13. Reinstatement of the Tydeman garden for exclusive use of students attending the Tydeman centre

The Tydeman centre had a garden reserved for SEN children which has been removed following a review of the main school's inclusion policy. This has been done without consultation with the client base at the Tydeman centre.

It is felt that the students of this centre are too vulnerable to be left with no refuge from the main school at breaktimes.

14. VBH ELO-NO!!!

The Village of Barrington Hills is seeking to enact an Exterior Lighting Ordinance that will significantly restrict resident's rights to choose how they illuminate their homes, driveways and landscapes.

The Ordinance was drafted at the request of the Village Board by the Plan Commission, and is now being considered by the ZBA for approval and subsequent forwarding to the Board.

Most in the village believe the Ordinance is too restrictive. Anything from a simple, single floodlight to the wattage of the lighting at one's doorway would be regulated with fines imposed for non-compliance regardless if you live on one or one hundred acres.

We believe this is wrong, and hope that you agree with your petition signature.

15. Petition for Michael to make SAP

Mr. Michael Sanchez who's been enrolled in college and has completed all his classes recently registered for 12 credit hours for the Fall semester 2009.

During this time, Michael was picked by MTV to cover his journey in finding his daughter, since michael began his journey to locate his daughter, he will be unable to complete his 12 credit hours that he registered for.

Michael has tried his best to complete all courses but he will be unable to do so this semester.

16. Woodland Rise CPZ

The roads opposite Highgate Woods; Woodland Rise, Woodland Gardens, Onslow Gardens and Cranley Gardens have come under increasing parking and traffic pressure during the last few years.

The streets are increasingly used for car parking by those unable to park close to Highgate station and in Muswell Hill due to the introduction of CPZ schemes in both Highgate and Muswell Hill. In addition a number of trade vehicles from local business currently use the road as a parking facility.

Local residents have found it increasingly impossible to park close to their homes and there is increased traffic flow through these residential areas from non residential traffic. There are also safety concerns from the residents of this area many of which have young families.

We request that Haringay Council consider a CPZ for this area.

17. Protest against Ahmadinejad election coup in Iran - 13 june 2009

The tenth president election in Iran on June, 13th,
and the election coup, and the afterward events.

18. Exemption for Sunrise Propane explosion victims

On August 10, 2008, a propane explosion occurred at Sunrise Propane, 54 Murray Rd, North York, Ontario, forcing 12,000 residents from their homes.

Due to extensive damage caused by the explosion, not all residents have returned home as they have to rebuild.

Residents who have elected to tear down more than 50% of their existing walls, have learned that their house rebuilding is being treated as "new construction".

This Bylaw is according to Municipal Code, Chapter 851, Water Supply and Chapter 681, Sewer Service. Residents will have to pay the City of Toronto approx $11,000 for upgrades on city property, which does not include the additional expense required to upgrade the pipes on their own property.

Glenn De Baeremaeker, Chair of Public Works & Infrastructure, denied all requests for the issue to be added as an agenda item. He stated in a letter, “I fully understand and sympathize with the situation your constituent is faced with as he rebuilds his home following last summer’s Sunrise Propane blast, there does not appear to be sufficient merit to warrant a request of City Council to exempt this property from the relevant provisions of the Municipal Code”

Several written requests have been submitted to the Mayor's office for assistance. Karen Duffy responsed from the Office of the Mayor, stating that "The Mayor's Office is satisfied that the city is responding to your request. The decision rests with the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee. There will be no meeting scheduled."

A final attempt was made to add the issue to the agenda on the day of the meeting, June 3rd, and Glenn De Baremeaker made a ruling that the request would not be put to a vote and would not be heard by the committee.

Karen Duffy stated the Mayor was powerless to help, and once again said no meeting would be scheduled.

19. Request for a traffic light at the intersection of highway 33 and Braums

There have been numerous amounts of traffic accidents at highway 33 and Braums/Loves intersections. This takes place in Guthrie, OK.

20. Preserve Bay Ridge Neighborhood

BCJ HOLDS, L.L.C. (Allen Edwin Homes) has applied to the Charter Township of Texas Planning Commission for approval of a Planned Unit Development (PUD). This proposal includes a request for rezoning (currently zoned R-2) due to substantial reductions in lot size. The reduction in lot size is due to their proposed 38.3 acres of preserved open space, including a perimeter trail that may provide beneficial neighborhood transition zones, and help retain access to open space recreation that Bay Ridge families currently enjoy in the undeveloped lot/field. Without the rezoning, the development would not include preserved open space, and would include a 216-lot subdivision (Comparison Plan), as opposed to a 237-lot subdivision (Preliminary Concept Development Plan). The Concept Plan, which includes the preserved open space, also calls for retaining the Bay Ridge Road and Bentley Drive cul-de-sacs.

However, the Township, County Road Commission, and Fire Department may or may not approve the retention of the two cul-de-sacs, in part based on Section 16-82(a)(1)b of the Zoning Ordinance under Subdivision Control, which requires that “the arrangement of streets shall provide for a continuation of existing streets from adjoining areas in the new subdivision.”

This Preserve Bay Ridge Neighborhood petition seeks approval from the Charter Township of Texas Planning Commission not to extend Bay Ridge Road and Bentley Drive into the new Concept Plan development, and to upgrade the existing cul-de-sacs as per recommendations provided by Thomas C. Wheat in his April 13, 2009 memorandum to the Planning Commission. This request is based on three important factors:

1. Concern that extending Bay Ridge Road and Bentley Drive as through-streets would degrade the quality of life, and decrease the safety of residents and children in the Bay Ridge neighborhood by increasing the speed and frequency of traffic to and from the new Rudgate Trails development.

2. Despite the lot size variance for the Concept Plan, we believe that integrating open space, or “green infrastructure,” in subdivision developments provides substantial quality of life and environmental benefits, including, but not limited to access to recreation lands; natural storm water runoff filtration and retention; wildlife habitat; and scenic beauty.

3. An adequate transition zone would help preserve the character and identity of the respective neighborhoods.

21. Preserve the Far West Village/Rezone the C6-1 District

The Far West Village is one of New York's most historic neighborhoods, which community groups and preservationists have fought for years to preserve and protect from over development.

However, there is a six block section of the Far West Village which still contains an anomalous and outdated zoning designation that encourages out-of-scale development, and strongly encourages hotel, dormitory, or office development in a predominantly residential but mixed-use neighborhood.

While this area is now part of the Greenwich Village Historic District, only a change to the zoning can ensure that any new development here truly respects the scale and character of the neighborhood.

22. Save the Early Childhood Centre Services

The Sydney Southwest Area Health Service is planning to cut crucial services from their Early Childhood Centre Program.

One of the main changes includes the ceasing of the Tuesday morning drop-in service in the Balmain Early Childhood Centre (and no doubt other centres as well). This change will come into effect in mid-December and this decision was implemented without any consultation with the community at large.

The drop-in service has provided regular and accessible help to many parents in an informal setting and has also provided an important supportive forum for many parents to meet other parents.

It is essential for many parents to help care for their young children because babies needs are often immediate and cannot wait until planned appointments which are only available weeks in advance.

Many parents in Balmain are from interstate, overseas or country areas and are separated from their support networks. They rely heavily on formal services for support.

More changes - such as ceasing information forums like 'Introducing Solids' - are planned and something needs to be done to show the SSWAHS that these services are vital for the health and well being of our babies and parents and to ensure that no more services are taken away.

Please help us protect the mental and physical health of our babies and parents in Balmain and other suburbs within the Sydney South West Area and sign this petition to have our Early Childhood Services re-instated and to ensure that future changes to the Early Childhood Program be thoroughly debated by the community.

23. One Voice, One goal, Our Dream: to Stop the Unjust Treatment and Deportation of Undocumented Workers

In Canada there are approximately 30,000 to 50,000 undocumented workers, many of whom are waiting for their application to be processed or who have been rejected. For those individuals seeking refuge a request for deportation means returning into an unsafe environment where they are at risk of harm, torture or death; the very reason why they fled. They are victims of human rights abusers and Canada should uphold their universal right to life, liberty, and security.

Up to 15,000 individuals in Ontario and 200,000 nationally have already been deported. For those that remain in Canada, the fear of deportation is constant, during which they are deprived of necessities such as medical access, safety, education, and decent wages for engaging in poor and unsafe work.

24. One Voice, One goal, Our Dream: to Stop the Deportation of Undocumented Workers

In Canada there are approximately 30,000 to 50,000 undocumented workers, many of whom are waiting for their application to be processed or who have been rejected. For those individuals seeking refuge a request for deportation means returning into an unsafe environment where they are at risk of harm, torture or death; the very reason why they fled.

They are victims of human rights abusers and Canada should uphold their universal right to life, liberty, and security. Up to 15,000 individuals in Ontario and 200,000 nationally have already been deported.

For those that remain in Canada, the fear of deportation is constant, during which they are deprived of necessities such as medical access, safety, education, and decent wages for engaging in poor and unsafe work.

25. Give Paul Hemmings His Job Back

Paul Hemmings has been suspended from his job as site manager of St Johns school since late November 2007. He is accused of committing fraud. Paul denies the charges.

We believe the case against Paul to be both unfounded and petty-minded and we believe the official support given to him by the school's governing body, the council and his own union over the last 3 months to have been exceedingly poor.

We request a fair hearing for Paul, with proper representation for him, so that our friend can rightfully return to his place at St Johns where he stands as a dearly valued member of our community.

26. Anti-Horse Slaughter Bill

The following concerns can only be addressed with a face-to-face meeting with Senator Voinovich due to the fact that he is not current with the situation of the horse slaughter industry.

We are prepared to address the following issues:
A. Unwanted Horses
B. Slippery Slope
C. Negative financial impact claims when a horse slaughter ban be enacted.

We are a grass roots effort whose cause is to stop the slaughter of horses for human consumption and the exportation of horses for slaughter. Our request for a meeting with Senator Voinovich was denied on January 25, 2008.

27. Aqua Missouri water & sewer proposed rate increase

Aqua Missouri, Inc. submitted a request to the Public Service Commission on December 7, 2007, to increase our water rate by 50.45% and sewer by 35.74%.

To our knowledge there have been no substantial renovations, repairs or modifications to our systems to constitute this type of rate increase.

Furthermore, this proposed increase would be financially devastating on our residents who are on fixed income and other low income families.

28. Forum for peace and development

I am Journalist working for different Newspaper, local as well as national dailies and I usually highlighted the human rights issues through these medium, so we are thinking to provide helping hand and moral support to the issues which you are going to take on different level and forum and also we will support your cause in this regard, whatever issues you will take you will find our support in every time in every where and we also this petition very strongly at any level.

29. Guidance on the literature made available in libraries

As an aspiring writer who looks to Shakespeare as a role model, I would consider it an honour to present this petition to the Honourable members of the Scottish Parliament with due respect.

Today as we see some of the writers across the world and in the UK, produce literature that are viable to raise roars and threats, a country which prides its freedom of expression cannot shut the doors for the writers, neither can they open doors to the extremists.

But writers who use racial discrimination and gender discrimination as their motif should be seriously punished so that no other writer does that and that the literature that the future British generation is reading, does not promote the same traits in them. If not done, this would lead to the promotion of the values which the British flag does not promote; as UK is and has been the main source of literature for the rest of the world.
What should be our stance in such a situation?

I propose that we should have a legislation passed that sees that both the writers and the readership living in the UK are not disturbed and that peace and harmony can be maintained in the UK. If we are to give our next generation quality literature to read then I believe that this petition should be the first step in doing so.

I propose the following for the petition and anticipate that the Honourable members of the Scottish Parliament will approve of the petition:

1. Freedom of speech is the basic right of every writer.

2. In case of threat, necessary arrangements must be made to ensure the protection of the life, property and career of the writer.

3. Writer involved in any genre should not commit any of the following during his or her writing, and the educational authorities and institutes should see to it that no such work be published in any form:
• Defaming the deities of any religion, including the prophets and saints of that religion and this extends to the families of the prophets and saints
• Degrades any Royal household, including all form of use of words.
• Uses any elements of discrimination in his writing
• Promotes religious hatred.

4. In the event that a writer is found involved in such activities, the following penalties may be imposed.
• Request for the imprisonment and further legal actions sent to the UK Government.
• Request for the honours to be conferred sent to the UK Government.
• Request for the financial penalties sent to the UK Government.

5. The writer must act accordingly to protect him or her being penalized by the law.

30. Petition Opposing Rezoning and Development

We, the undersigned residents of Chateau Jon Subdivision, oppose the rezoning
and development of the 6 acre property located on Hatchell Lane Section 30,
T6S, R3E, G.L.D., City of Denham Springs for the following reasons:

1. Traffic impact: with a Junior High School, a large church, surrounding
neighborhoods and businesses, the traffic would be such that it could endanger
the lives of the many children that walk to and from school. Furthermore, with
Hatchell Lane being a two laned road, it would cause significant difficulty at the
intersections of Centerville and Hatchell as well as Hwy 190 and Hatchell, both
precarious intersections today.

2. By opposing this rezoning request, it will maintain the overall appearance
of Hatchell lane which is comprised of primarily single-family homes. By
allowing multi-family housing it will compromise the integrity of the surrounding
areas and could potentially reduce the value of surrounding properties.

3. Is there any place within the city limits of Denham Springs in which
there is multi-family housing?