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1. Add lack of credit to "no discrimination" rules for landlords

A landlord or property management company should not be allowed to deny renting to you for lack of credit history. So long as they have good rental history it shouldn't be an issue for them to rent a place.

I know several people who are low income and in the lower-side of the middle class that get discriminated against because they don't use credit. As long as they aren't late with rent or have evictions on their records.

Lack of credit shouldn't enter into the picture. Also if the renter has references from previous landlords that should be taken into consideration before lack of credit. Also if a late payment or collection notice on utilities is more than 3 years old it shouldn't be used to not rent to a prospective tenant.

2. Allow 1 Small Pet in Rental Housing

This petition is to have Legislative Assembly of the Province of British Columbia re-open or pass a similar bill to BILL M 203 -- 2000 PETS IN RENTAL HOUSING ACT, 2000 (, amending the Residential Tenancy Act.

In 2002, a poll conducted for the BC SPCA by McIntyre and Mustel Research, indicates that a majority (79%) of BC residents are in favour of legislation that allows pet guardians the right to keep companion animals (i.e. cat or dog) in their rental units, provided they do not cause unreasonable noise or damage.

Once again the people ask the province listen to their VOICE in this regard and enforce their WILL. The people have a VOICE and both the people and the animals deserve a LIFE with dignity. Let the people's voice be heard!

3. Stop the Proposed Waterloo Rental Licensing By-Law

On January 6, 2011 the City of Waterloo released a draft for a new rental licensing by-law. If this by-law is passed by City Council, it will adversely affect all residents of Waterloo.

Please visit for more information.

If you sign the petition, please include comments which can be forwarded to city staff and council.

4. Retrospective Land Tax - Valuation of Land and other Legislation Bill 2010

The Government will attempt to pass a bill very soon that will alter the way valuations on homes and small businesses are determined, therefore affecting Rates. The Bill will redefine "unimproved" to include the hard work of property owners, including (among other things) the buildings they have erected, the leases they have in place, business goodwill and infrastructure charges.

This will have profound effect on home owners who have done any improvements on their property (excluding their house), property investment in Queensland and will result in an even more desperate rental situation that already exists. When you don't have investors you don't have rental properties. These charges will be retrospective to 2002. If you own a home YOUR RATES WILL GO UP, this does not just apply to investors or business.

5. Time for lower rental prices Australia wide

Rental prices have kept on rising to the point people are becoming homeless and struggling to survive.

6. Five Ponds: Community Facility Fees

In 2007, the VFP Board of Directors implemented a rule that requires residents to pay rental fees associated with the private use of the Clubhouse Ballroom. However, the VFP bylaws and Declarations clearly state that there are to be no fees associated with the use of "Common Elements". After all, the residents as members in good standing of the Association, own the facility that they are now being asked to rent; in addition, the residents pay a monthly fee that provides for the upkeep of the facility. Therefore, isn't a rental fee redundant?

In addition, the Bylaws of the Association clearly hold residents responsible for any damage that they or their guests cause. So while wear/tear is inevitable with normal use, damage inflicted as a result of an event held in the Ballroom could be charged back to the individual resident who reserved/used the Ballroom for his/her family's special event.

As a result of these rental fees that many believe are exorbitant, arbitrary and in conflict with your bylaws and Declaration, the Clubhouse is frequently empty and unused. We've made our ballroom a "trophy" rather than a facility that welcomes our residents.

7. CCIMLS Public Facing Web Site


On Monday November 24, 2008 sixteen members of the Cape Cod and Islands Association of Realtors assembled in Orleans to review the most recent developments of the CCIAOR/CCIMLS websites. Following are some of the questions discussed.

General questions and concerns:
• Did enough planning go into these web sites?
• What are the possible unintended consequences to CCIAOR/CCIMLS members?
• What is the primary objective?
• Whose interests are best served?
• These web sites will make it more difficult for agents to distinguish their Internet services from others.

Sales questions and concerns:
• Prospects may move away from the individual web sites of agents and agencies.
• Prospective buyers have little or no reason to register on a member’s web site.
• CCIAOR/CCIMLS is unfairly using membership dues to compete with the agents for prospect traffic.
• Agent/Agency web site investment of time, effort and treasure is wasted.

Rental questions and concerns:
• A highly publicized web site places the association in competition with the member's sites. Members spend a great deal of time and money on software and SEO. The members now have one more very powerful and strong competitor for rental cutomers.
• Rental listings are mostly non-exclusive. The new web sites will inevitably have the same property listed many times by different agencies with different rate schedules, availability calendars, etc. This will be confusing to the consumers and drive rental prices down.

8. Where Is Donna?

Our beloved Donna Jou was known to have been last seen with John Steven Burgess on June 23, 2007 at his rental home in Los Angeles, California.

We, Donna's family and friends are asking Mr. John Steven Burgess to please help us in our search for Donna. We ask him (Mr. Burgess) to speak to us in regards of his knowledge of where Donna Jou is.

Donna is a beautiful loved Daughter, Grand Daughter, Sister, Niece, Cousin, Friend and Honor Student. We are asking Mr. Burgess to Please Help Us Bring Donna Home.

9. No to proposed low income housing Elrod Place

A low income rental community is proposed at the corner of Elrod and Clay Rd. The suggested annual income of property renters for a family of four is $11,310.00. They must fall into the 40% poverty level.

This proposed community poses the threat of increased school crowding, possible increase of crime and lower property values.


On September 02, 2006 a memo addressed to the vendors of the Vancouver Flea Market announcing an increase in booth rental fees to commence on October 07, 2006. This is the second such rental fee increase for the year of 2006.

Since the departure of the Vancouver Flea Market’s former manager in January 2002, three mangers took over and the market has undergone many changes.

1) Introduction of the “Antque Show”
2) Advertising of the Vancouver Flea Market has diminished.
3) Rental Fees have unexplicably almost doubled.

The introduction of the “Antique Show” was a great way to bring more people into the Vancouver Flea Market. This, however, was a mixed blessing. The Antique Show comes complete with a segretation curtain to separate the “regular” area and the “show” area. There is, however, no separation at the admission gate as all venturing customers have to pay double the normal admission. This frightens off some customers, sometimes permanently. Regular customers avoid the market on antque show days forcing regular vendors to suffer. The Antque Show does bring in some new customers but for only around four days per year. For the other one hundred days of business the reserved section for the Antique Show remains virtually empty. If these tables are filled, management could increase yearly revenue by twentysix times.

The Vancouver Flea Market simply lacks advertising. Advertising brings in more customers, which increases the number of occupied booths. With the exception of the few advertisments for the Antique Show, there are little to none advertisments at this point. Pior to 2002, the Vancouver Flea Market was advertised on various television channels with a smart, professional commercial. The Antique Show itself suffers from lack of advertising. A number of the smaller flea markets in the lower mainland have been showcased on “the Antique’s Road Show “on the CBC. For example, the antique show on the north shore flea market has been showcased on Global TV News, CTV News and the CBC. The much larger historical Vancouver Flea Market has been left out.

Rental Fees have almost doubled in the last five years. Contrary to the reasons given for the increase, or lack thereof, cost of living, property taxes and other expenses, while they have gone up, have not increased by 190% as the increase implies. Rental Fees have forced many vendors to leave, and will cause many more to leave or reduce their booths. This will equal much less revenue for the Vancouver Flea Market’s Owners and Managers. The Vancouver Flea Market has many empty tables, with an entire section of empties reserved for the “antique show” which accounts for approximately only four showings yearly, whereas regular vendors are responsible for generating 104 days of revenue, plus holidays. A lower rental fee would certainly fill up those empty tables for more than just four days a year, resulting in 26 times the revenue generated by the Antique Show. Thereby increasing revenue for the owners and managers.

In the past five years vendor revenues have been steadily dropping and rental fees have all but doubled. In spite of raising fees, including admission fees, there has been a reduction in advertising of the market to little or none. In fact many people are unaware that the historical market exists or is even open for business. People from the lower mainland go all the way to the likes of Abottsford, when, ironically, the Vancouver Market is closer. We are looking for a win-win solution allowing the owners and managers to prosper along with the vendors.

11. Parkside Village and Manor - Clubhouse Rental Fees

KB Homes established the fact that residents of Parkside Village and Manor will have access to a Clubhouse and other amenities of the subdivision.

KB Home residents pay a $395 yearly Homeowner Association Fees and it was specified that this covers the upkeeps of the grounds and access to the amenities. These fees were established and collected months before the amenities were complete. There has not been a voted home association for the property; everything has been decided by the property management with no residential input.

It's understandable for the community clubhouse to require a reasonable deposit for rental in case damage occurs and the facility is not cleaned after an event/activity. It is unreasonable for residents who pay home association fees to also pay an additional nonrefundable fee of $100 for usage of their community's clubhouse.

There is no specific explanation as to what the nonrefundable fee covers. There is no justification in KB Homes covenant which was given to residents before closing of the property. The nonrefundable fee is paid to Parkside Homeowners Association, but the residents are responsible for most of the operations of the clubhouse during rental, including making sure it has been cleaned afterwards and paying annual HOA fees to cover the upkeep of the grounds and expenses such as lighting, water, etc.
Here is the breakdown of our annual HOA fees which visibly shows that the residents are paying for the building, maintenance, expenses, and improvements for clubhouse. The question is, why are we paying a $100 rental fee for our community's clubhouse?

440 lots @ $395.00 annually
Approved 2006 Budget

4020 Members Assessements $173,800.00
TOTAL INCOME $173,800.00

Building Maintenance
7000 Clubhouse $1,200.00
5265 Detention Pond (s) $2,000.00
6119 Irrigation $400.00
5209 Janitorial/Grounds Pickup $6,000.00
5142 Misc. Maint. & Repairs $300.00
5250 Exterminating $600.00
Total Building Maintenance $10,500.00

Grounds Maintenance
6040 Contract Lawn Service $43,500.00
6060 Mulch $12,500.00
6110 Seasonal color $4,000.00
Total Grounds Maint. $60,000.00

7040 Contract Pool Service $4,500.00
7060 Chemicals and Supplies $500.00
Total Pool/Clubhouse $5,000.00

Recreational Maintenance
6505 Tennis Courts $775.00
6045 Trail Maintenance $600.00
Total Recreational Maint. $1,375.00

7910 Electric $6,000.00
5263 Water/Sewer $8,450.00
7930 Telephone $840.00
6290 Street Lighting $12,000.00
7812 Garbage/Waste $180.00
Total Utilities $27,470.00

Management & Administrative
8020 Management Fee $23,400.00
8100 Legal Fees $1,000.00
8040 Postage $800.00
8190 Misc. Administrative $800.00
8060 Copies/Printing/Supplies $900.00
8120 Insurance $5,100.00
8184 Taxes - Association Property $2,955.00
Total Management and Administrative $34,955.00

9280 Amenity/Clubhouse Improvements $22,800.00
8340 Contingency Reserve $11,700.00
Total Reserves $34,500.00

TOTAL EXPENSES $173,800.00

12. Wakefield Village Home Owner Association

Currently our neighborhood, Wakefield Village, has no provisions or protections from rental properties. According to the Housing and Urban Development rental properties in middle to high income neighborhoods directly and negatively impact property values 10-35% on average. In addition serious crimes such as child abductions, rape, and drug use increase in neighborhoods with rental properties.

Under the Wakefield Village Restrictive Covenants Section V- Homeowners Association C. "…Covenants may be emended or terminated at any time by written instrument signed and acknowledged by the owners of more than 75% of the Residential Lots and the Jenks City Council. The previsions of any instrument amending or terminating covenants as above set forth shall be effective from and after the date it is properly recorded."

13. Rental prices on homes in San Fernando Valley!

The price to rent the average 3 bedroom 2 bath home in the San Fernando Valley is anywhere from $2100.00 to $2800.00! Why should we have to pay twice the amount of the mortgage on someone else's home? For that vacation in Florida? That new sports car?

These people who own these homes for rent are greedy people! Do they honestly think that just because some idiot real estate board decided that all of the sudden the houses bought 10 years ago are worth weight in gold? Have they bumped their head? Just because these homeowners were stupid enough to refinance, that we, the "renters" should pay for that?