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Kami Membantah Fattah Amin Berlakon Drama Remake "Coffee Prince" Versi Malaysia.

Drama Remake "Coffee Prince" Versi Malaysia
Pengarah : Michael Ang
Syarikat Produksi : Cube Film Sdn Bhd
Barisan Pelakon Utama : Fattah Amin, Janna Nick
Jumlah Episod : 28
Mula Penggambaran : 19 Julai 2017
Tarikh Tayangan : November 2017

2. Create Lord Of The Rings : Battle For Middle Earth 3

Battle for middle earth was one of our favourites game series ! We got endless times of joy and pure action! Still now on 2016 BFME 2 has tons of loyal fans who deserve a new game!

With this petition we will try to encourage EA GAMES to bring back our favourite game! There is no more things to say! You all know what are we asking for and if EA see too many fans asking for this i think they will try to make it happen ! SHARE IT TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS!


I dont have any powers within the EA company or else and i am doing this only to try to show EA GAMES our desire to play again our favourite game. I promise when the number of signatures is large enough 'll send the petition to EA GAMES so they can think what to do.

3. Stop The Memento Remake

Memento is a 2000 American neo-noir psychological thriller film directed by Christopher Nolan. The screenplay was written by Nolan based on his younger brother Jonathan Nolan's short story "Memento Mori".

It stars Guy Pearce, Carrie-Anne Moss, and Joe Pantoliano. Memento is presented as two different sequences of scenes interspersed during the film: a series in black-and-white that is shown chronologically, and a series of color sequences shown in reverse order (simulating in the audience the mental state of the protagonist, who suffers from a anterograde amnesia). The two sequences "meet" at the end of the film, producing one complete and cohesive narrative.

4. Halo Reach for Xbox One

For a lot of gamers and Halo fans, this game is probably one of their favorites.
So why not take one of the most successful games on the Xbox 360 and remaster it for the Xbox One.

This will not only benefit the community but also 343 Industries, their sales will most likely go up.

343 can just add Halo Reach as an add on for Halo:The Master Chief Collection.

5. Make a new iteration of Primal Rage

The game Primal Rage came out in 1994 and has been long forgotten since then, only having one game to be remembered.

Make a new iteration of Primal Rage.

6. Peter Jackson: Redo The Desolation of Smaug

We have seen the storytelling skills of Peter Jackson's team.

Whether the reason was lack of time or some other, The Desolation of Smaug suffered in terms of storytelling.

We want you to take the time to do better as the story deserves.

7. Parasite Eve 1&2 Remake

One of the most fun and complete games ever made for the ps1!

Parasite Eve (パラサイト・イヴ Parasaito Ivu?) is an action role-playing survival horror video game developed by Square (now Square Enix). The game is a sequel to the novel Parasite Eve, written by Hideaki Sena. It is the first game in the Parasite Eve series.

8. Make The Fifth Element the Game HD remake!

We the undersingned are asking to make the HD remaker of the game: The FIfth Element the Videogame.

The FIfth Element the Videogame is an official SciFi-TPS video game made according to the same named movie featchuring Milla Jovovitch, Bruce Willis & Chris Tucker!

9. Give TC Pictures the rights to remake Resident Evil (Movie)

While I personally enjoyed the Resident Evil movies I felt that they lacked the true essence from the games. The new characters and story have drifted away from what Resident Evil was all about and it has become an alien entity for even the most die hard fan.

This video has been created by TC Pictures ( Theatrical Chicken and is the single most accurate rendition of the original Resident Evil game intro I've ever seen.

10. Resident Evil 1 & Zero on PS3 and XBOX 360

Resident Evil has been going from strength to strength over the years. With the impending release of Resident Evil 6 we feel it's about time Resident Evil 1 and 0 were released on today's consoles.

A lot of fans still hold the original resident evil in such high regard as the pinnacle of survival horror.

11. Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire Versions Remade for the 3DS

Game Freak is planning for a RSE remake for the Nintendo 3DS.

000. Deoxys
001. Treecko
002. Grovyle
003. Sceptile
004. Torchic
005. Combusken
006. Blaziken
007. Mudkip
008. Mashtomp
009. Swampert
010. Slakoth
011. Vigoroth
012. Slaking
013. Taillow
014. Swellow
015. Wurmple
016. Silcoon
017. Beautifly
018. Cascoon
019. Dustox
020. Machop
021. Machoke
022. Machamp
023. Tentacool
024. Tentacruel
025. Tropius
026. Chingling
027. Chimecho
028. Geodude
029. Graveler
030. Golem
031. Vulpix
032. Ninetails
033. Zubat
034. Golbat
035. Crobat
036. Budew
037. Roselia
038. Roserade
039. Electrike
040. Manectric
041. Pichu
042. Pikachu
043. Raichu
044. Zigzagoon
045. Linoone
046. Poochyena
047. Mightyena
048. Sandshrew
049. Sandslash
050. Shroomish
051. Breloom
052. Ralts
053. Kirlia
054. Gardevoir
055. Gallade
056. Voltorb
057. Electrode
058. Duskull
059. Dusclops
060. Dusknoir
061. Seedot
062. Nuzleaf
063. Shiftry
064. Lotad
065. Lombre
066. Ludicolo
067. Surskit
068. Masquerain
069. Mawile
070. Sableye
071. Plusle
072. Minun
073. Azurill
074. Marill
075. Azumarill
076. Absol
077. Numel
078. Camerupt
079. Koffing
080. Weezing
081. Grimer
082. Muk
083. Luvdisc
084. Spinda
085. Baltoy
086. Claydol
087. Volbeat
088. Illumise
089. Doduo
090. Dodrio
091. Magikarp
092. Gyarados
093. Anorith
094. Armaldo
095. Lileep
096. Cradily
097. Solrock
098. Lunatone
099. Swablu
100. Altaria
101. Igglybuff
102. Jigglypuff
103. Wigglytuff
104. Shuppet
105. Banette
106. Whismur
107. Loudred
108. Exploud
109. Nincada
110. Ninjask
111. Shedninja
112. Nosepass
113. Probopass
114. Meditite
115. Medicham
116. Natu
117. Xatu
118. Wynaut
119. Wobbuffet
120. Heracross
121. Pinsir
122. Psyduck
123. Golduck
124. Wailmer
125. Wailord
126. Carvanha
127. Sharpedo
128. Gulpin
129. Swalot
130. Magnemite
131. Magneton
132. Magnezone
133. Aron
134. Lairon
135. Aggron
136. Goldeen
137. Seaking
138. Spoink
139. Grumpig
140. Castform
141. Oddish
142. Gloom
143. Vileplume
144. Bellossom
145. Corphish
146. Crawdaunt
147. Cacnea
148. Cacturne
149. Barboach
150. Whiscash
151. Torkoal
152. Slugma
153. Magcargo
154. Skarmory
155. Abra
156. Kadabra
157. Alakazam
158. Skitty
159. Delcatty
160. Feebas
161. Milotic
163. Staryu
164. Starmie
165. Chinchou
166. Lanturn
167. Corsola
168. Horsea
169. Seadra
170. Kingdra
171. Snorunt
172. Glalie
173. Froslass
174. Spheal
175. Sealeo
176. Walrein
177. Clamperl
178. Huntail
179. Gorebyss
180. Kecleon
181. Trapinch
182. Vibrava
183. Flygon
184. Makuhita
185. Hariyama
186. Rhyhorn
187. Rhydon
188. Rhyperior
189. Relicanth
190. Phanpy
191. Donphan
192. Girafarig
193. Zangoose
194. Seviper
195. Wingull
196. Pelipper
197. Beldum
198. Metang
199. Metagross
200. Bagon
201. Shelgon
202. Salamence
203. Latios
204. Latias
205. Groudon
206. Kyogre
207. Rayquaza
208. Regirock
209. Regice
210. Registeel
211. Regigigas
212. Jirachi

12. Grand Theft Auto Trilogy HD

Grand Theft Auto was probably your favorite game at one point, as for millions of others. Hopefully this petition will catch the eye of Rockstar Games, and they may start a Grand Theft Auto Trilogy HD (For PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, ect.) so we can re-live these amaizing games.

13. Remake Giants Citizen Kabuto for Modern Platforms

Who remembers giants? Well EVERYONE does! The ratings were sky high and the game screamed and oozed hours of fun, the single player, although weird was addicting and fun, something you could replay and replay and replay, the multiplayer was massive, there wasnt a day that went by that i wasnt sat for a few good hours at the PC playing Giants multiplayer!

There are hundreds of people out there, in forums, online gaming sites and social networks that agree with remaking giants, it was once massive and can be again!


For those of you who HAVE seen the movie Old Boy, I don't need to explain at all why it should never be remade.

For those of you who HAVEN'T seen the film, it is a 2003 South Korean film directed by Park Chan-wook that will blow your mind. It's simply such an incredibly unique and well done picture that it deserves to stand forever alone as a cult-classic.

15. Far Cry 1 remake

This is great game, but it's old, it would be great if Ubisoft remake this game with great graphics :)

16. Remake Godfather 3

The Godfather parts 1 and 2 are examples of the best American film has to offer, Godfather 3 was by and large a great disappointment, this is a petition to have a worthy third film made to replace the lackluster original.

17. Remake of Final Fantasy 7

The game Final Fantasy 7 was one of the top selling games of its time. Since the creation, the game has been played and replayed. It was even considered to be in the top 10 games of its time.

Even today, people still play this game, in the desperate hope that a newer and better version be made.

18. Recreate STAR WARS IV, V and VI

Who enjoyed STAR WARS I, II and III? I know almost every single person reading this did... and the main part of them all must be the realistic graphics and combining our real with the unreal...

Wouldn't it be amazing to see the rest of the story as if it were happening in real time? If you think so... Join... All STAR WARS fans...

Get ready...

19. Resident Evil 1 Remake and Resident evil Zero PS3 and 360

I believe that Resident evil zero and 1 the remake should be ported over to the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

20. Twilight Romanian Remake

We want by this petition to convince Media Pro in the fact that making a Romanian remake of Twilight is a good idea. Thank you for your support.

21. Buffy movies only with Joss Whedon!

I just read that Roy Lee and Doug Davison are about to create a new Buffy movie which has nothing to do with the original Series. But we all know that this fantastic series became that famous because of the genious hand of creator Joss Whedon.

And now they are about to destroy an absolute memorial. We cannot sit there and wait until they have eliminated one of the last few REALLY good and intelligent series around the globus!

So come together, buffy/angel-fans around the world and let's try to stop this nightmare before it begins!
There is no reason why we should sit and watch them destroying such a fantastic series!


22. Castlevania 3 Remake

Castlevania series director IGA has stated that Castlevania 3 is his favorite, and eventually plans a remake.

Let Konami of Japan know that we loyal followers of the Castlevania series want that remake of the classic Castlevania 3, in 2D and Symphony of the Night style graphics, and will be supporting Konami!

23. End Re-makes of Asian Films

American directors and producers (specifically Roy Lee - the powerhouse of Asian remakes of the film industry) constantly remake Asian films; horrors, comedies, dramas, etc, purely because they have no creativity of their own and want to waste a colossal amount of money.

Their supposed ultimate goal is to share these unique films with the West; that they enjoy the culture exchange, but really they don't care and actually believe they can make the original movies better (but we all know the remakes are horribly worse). If they really wanted to share these movies, wouldn't they just subtitle them instead of writing an entirely new script?

This is a petition for people who want to see the end to the butchery and disappointing remakes of Asian films.

The remakes are not only a disappointment to movie critics and movie fans alike, but they also cause the fans of the originals to become less of fans because the atrocious remakes leave a bad taste in the mouth, so to speak.

24. Save RHPS from MTV

MTV is planning to remake the infamous cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show and many are against it, even the writer and stars of the original film.

25. Remake Pokémon Gold and Silver for the DS

This petition was started because a large audience of Pokémon fans want the classic Gameboy Colour games remade for a newer console and to introduce a new audience of gamers to the games we used to play.

26. Resident Evil 2 Remake

This was one of the most loved games of the Resident Evil Series.

It Sold around 14,000,000 copies world wide.

27. A tribute to the classics

My petition pertains to a charitable event that could be held by the AFI and would involve celebrities duplicating famous and beautiful pictures of other celebrities from what is dubbed as the "golden age" of hollywood. And a golden age it was.

Movies were original and the plots were meaningful and moving, and hollywood was filled with a glamour and elegance, in the movies and people, that could never be duplicated. But it can be emulated, and beautifully I might add, by the celebrities of the day that owe their career to the likes of Humphrey Bogart, Katherine Hepburne, Lauren Bacall, Spencer Tracy, and Ingrid Bergman to name a few.

And I know some of you might be thinking "Why buy a remake when I could get the original?" The same reason they remake movies. To familiarize younger audiences with classics in a way they can relate, with actors and actresses they can relate to, or at least are familiar with. Not to mention the fun in seeing which legend your favorite celebrity resembles, and the charitable cause the proceeds go to.

And I'm sure the celebs would have fun paying homage to the ones those they admire and inspired them.

28. Final Fantasy VII Remake

Remember the greastest RPG of all?! Well, SE annouced a remake...So lets support them with everything we want! Final Fantasy VII is the granndady of all RPG games and should be renewed!

The history of gaming will never be the same again with the next-gen consoles and having FFVII Remake on the PS3, will not only make millions, it'll probably go down in history!

29. Make a Resident Evil 3:Nemesis Remake!!

Didn't we all love Resident Evil 3:Nemesis? Didn't it scare the shit outta you when you heard Nemesis come crashing into the room? Wouldn't you want to experience it in a new, graphic experience which will probably bring you nightmares for the rest of you're life?

Don't you want to image of Nemesis and the words...."S.T.A.R.S!!" to haunt you again? DON'T YOU WANNA SEE NEMESIS IN THE NEW GENERATION OF GRAPHICS!!! WHO IS WITH ME!!!!!???