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1. NO to the Otero Borehole!

We support the community living in rural Southeast Otero County New Mexico, the community impacted by the proposed borehole project. This area includes the Otero Mesa, an area of wild and beautiful grassland. Adjacent to the East is the Guadalupe Mountains National Park. The land south of Pinon, NM is wild and beautiful. Many residents can trace their family's history in the area back to the 1800s. They work hard to make a living and pay taxes.
The Department of Energy (DOE) plans to drill multiple deep boreholes, three miles into the earths crust in this community. DOE claims these boreholes will test their suitability for deep borehole nuclear waste disposal. They further claim that no radioactive waste will be dumped in the these test holes. They DO NOT promise that similar holes nearby won't be drilled and used for nuclear waste if that first hole looks good. That is clearly their intention. To quote the DOE:
“The Department is particularly interested in evaluating whether deep boreholes might offer a safe and practical alternative to mined geologic repositories for smaller forms of nuclear waste.”
DOE proposes to spend $30,000,000 for two holes. These will be to test out the concept of nuclear waste disposal and will show if the rock is suitable for nuclear waste. Once things are found okay we are supposed to believe that DOE will then go elsewhere and drill another $30,000,000 "test" hole to see if the rock is good there and then dump radioactive waste there?

Really? Does that seem reasonable?

Here is what actually is going on. DOE will drill and test. If things are good they will buy or take nearby land (eminent domain if necessary) and drill a field of boreholes for a nuclear waste dump. One Sandia Lab plan shows about 950 boreholes are likely.

This saves DOE a cool $30,000,000 and more important it saves them many years time. A new borehole elsewhere will take years to permit and bring in, and then it might turn out to be bad rock!

2. No nuclear waste dump at Muckaty

Legislation is due before the Australian Senate that would name a site in the Muckaty Land Trust, 120km north of Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory, to be declared and assessed as a national radioactive waste management facility.

Many Traditional Owners strongly oppose this plan and are calling on people around Australia to help them bury the radioactive waste dump proposal.

More information, photos and audio can be found at

For information on why a Northern Territory waste dump is not needed for continuation if nuclear medicine see:

3. No to imported Radioactive Foodstuffs

Since Friday foods and vegetables with a radioactive level of 10 times or more the EU approved limit have been allowed to be imported into Germany.

Foodwatch and the Environmental Institute (Munich) are very critical of this development. The German public and their children should be protected from cancer causing radioactive ingestion at all costs.

4. pour une transparence totale sur la radioactivité de l’air que nous respirons

Plus de 60 laboratoires d’analyse équipés de détecteurs de très haute précision sont répartis sur l’ensemble de notre planète et contrôlent quotidiennement la radioactivité de l’air. Leur mission : rechercher les très faibles quantités de produits radioactifs qui pourraient indiquer qu’un essai nucléaire a été effectué en violation du Traité d’Interdiction Complète des Essais Nucléaires (TICEN).

Les résultats de ces analyses permettraient de suivre, jour après jour, et depuis le 12 mars 2011, l’avancée des masses d’air contaminé par les rejets radioactifs de la centrale nucléaire de FUKUSHIMA DAIICHII. C’est impossible car les données sont confisquées par les Etats. Les résultats sont transmis à des organismes officiels qu’ils sélectionnent et qui sont tenus de ne rien divulguer. Le réseau international de mesure est financé par de l’argent public.

Les populations ont droit à cette information. Tous les chiffres doivent être publiés et non pas quelques chiffres soigneusement choisis par les autorités.

5. Slough Against the Incinerator Network

The 54-tonnes per hour general waste incinerator and 1-tonne per hour radioactive waste incinerator (at Lakeside Estate, Colnbrook, Slough)proposed by Grundon's will pollute an area with a 17 mile radius, affecting the lives of nearly five million people living in Berkshire, Bucks, Surrey and a large section of west London. The major implications are:
A significant increase in cancers, especially childhood leukaemia and many other problems.

Possible increase in birth defects.

Pollution of air, water and soil, emissions of greenhouse gasses.

Radioactive pollution with unknown results.

Increases in asthma and heart disease.

With the air quality levels already below the standards if the EU and WHO, the poorest health records in the South East and the proposed site being within a densely populated area, this is a highly unsuitable location for a highly unsuitable project. The tragedy is, safer methods of waste disposal exist.

We are urging the Council to scrap the proposed incinerator plans and look at safer alternatives.


Ninety percent of the foregoing irradiation report was written by Frontier, premier supplier of bulk herbs and spices untouched by government hands. From the facts of the foregoing: the little bottles and cans of $3 or $4 per ounce spices and herbs flying under one name or another in your supermart are serious poisons. And every commercially manufactured food item, no exceptions, is highly suspect for irradiation. There is no way for you to determine the truth. You are rendered totally helpless by our friendly government FDA and Congress in support of the food manufacturing industry.

When I discovered this topic in May 1995 when I read the interview published in the newsletter Nutrition and Healing that follows this report, I stopped eating restaurant food and stopped buying any processed foods off the shelf or in refrigerators in the store. I didn't stop buying irradiated spices until 1998 because I wasn't aware that the supermarket spices are all radioactive until I ran into a display of non-irradiated spices and began asking questions. Wow!

These poisons are approved and sponsored by the United States federal
government. The agency responsible for this official approval to offer you
atomic energy poison, radioactive minerals, is the Food and Drug
Administration. This agency, FDA, is specifically chartered to protect you
and me from exactly such poisons. This is not an error, or innocent ignorance.

Now you know that you are on your own in these matters. Nobody is coming to
help you.