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1. Preserve the Far West Village/Rezone the C6-1 District

The Far West Village is one of New York's most historic neighborhoods, which community groups and preservationists have fought for years to preserve and protect from over development.

However, there is a six block section of the Far West Village which still contains an anomalous and outdated zoning designation that encourages out-of-scale development, and strongly encourages hotel, dormitory, or office development in a predominantly residential but mixed-use neighborhood.

While this area is now part of the Greenwich Village Historic District, only a change to the zoning can ensure that any new development here truly respects the scale and character of the neighborhood.

2. Achieve Proof of Concept

Because Quick Comments is a new approach to user feedback we think the opinion of people knowledgeable in the field will help get the attention of potential funding sources.

We are experimenting with this technique as a means to attract capital; all names are confidential and will only be disclosed to potential funding sources.

3. Support our campaign to free John Stout!!!

We know that he is being chased for environmental related issues but at the end, the man only wants a home!!!

We need your signature, contribution for his potential prosecution bail to ensure his freedom.

4. Save Lichfield's "Cathedral Walk". Vote No To Darwin Hall

Darwin Hall - Planning Application (07/00528/FUL)

Lichfield City Council has filed an application for permission to site a Community Hall (Darwin Hall) at the southern end of ‘Cathedral Walk’.

Cathedral Walk - is a 1Km long tree-lined avenue running from Sante Foy Avenue (soon to be Lichfield's southern bypass), through the heart of the new Darwin Park estate, emerging at Friary Gardens. Through its entire length ’Cathedral Walk’ offers stunning views of Lichfield’s greatest building, its 3-spired cathedral.

Whilst both ends of 'Cathedral Walk' are presently hidden from view by a scruffy overgrown hedgerow, as the accompanying pictures show, once the hedgerow is removed it reveals itself as a new ‘gateway to the city’ and becomes a strategic asset with the potential to boost the city’s image, business and tourism and enhance the welfare of its citizens.

Placing Darwin Hall at the location proposed in the planning application will obliterate the stunning views along ‘Cathedral Walk’ and destroy this new ‘gateway to the city’ and strategic asset.

‘Cathedral Walk’: “as iconic as the Cathedral Spires and Beacon Park - don’t let the decision-makers destroy it”

You may inspect the application and download associated plans online here:

5. Help Eliminate Math Requirement

Clearly all teachers need to be proficient in English. But why math? Why ONLY math? Who besides mathematicians use algebra or geometry in their professions or in their daily lives? Who uses them to such a degree that proficiency in those subjects would be necessary to teach any other subject?

Demonstrating a basic knowledge of math doesn't prove competency in a non-math field. It doesn't indicate a lack of intelligence or teaching competency.

If the goal is truly well-rounded teachers, why aren't teachers required to demonstrate proficiency in literature, music, art, theater arts, psychology, philosophy, history, biology, sociology, geography, physics, film, environmental studies, current events, anthropology, computer programming, or any other field studied in college or taught in public schools?

Why is math privileged?

Many people hate math. Why are potential teachers forced to learn what for them is an irrelevant, boring subject when there are many other subjects that would be of more interest and value to them and to their students? Why not give potential teachers a choice of subjects to be tested on to indicate well-roundedness? Why not ask them to show proficiency in several subjects instead of just one - math?

If well-roundedness is truly the goal, teachers should have to show knowledge proficiency in several subjects, not just English (which obviously we all need) and math (which only a small minority actually NEED). Teachers should be free to choose which subjects they're tested on.

6. Protection of the community from child sex offenders

May 26, 2006

This Petition will be mailed to All Australian Members of the Senate in Parliament.

Child abuse is way out of control and it is time to turn the light on these sex offenders who have been getting away with the most Unacceptable... Who have been interfering with the rights of others, who have denied and exploited their responsibility as role-model and guardian.

We must All make ourselves accountable… it is time to face this front on, together!

What's needed is Prevention and Zero tolerance!!!

What's needed is Greater public awareness through Education!

CONSIDER THIS: The word Victim should not be used. We do not want to encourage victimhood; 'Fear' This word implies one person is victorious over the other who is helpless, this word gives power away. The word predator should not be promotes domninace to one side and instills fear and helplessness to the other side. Instead the abuser should be understood through description... as very sick, deeply immoral, deeply selfish, out of control, deficient in remorse therefore completely untrustworthy, sly, manipulative, unpredictable, harmful, violent... this would help avoid manipulation.

We can no longer function from fear...and we can no longer remain ignorant as ignorance is the greatest breeder of fear.

We are no longer victims when the so called predator sees we are the ones watching them...When what we say and what is done speaks the message that abusive behavior will not be tolerated the dominator will loose his power.

7. No Implementation of Wind Turbines

April 3, 2006

The Niagara Escarpment in wrongly being threatened with destruction. Recognized as one of the most scenic landmarks in Canada, characterized by its rolling hills and forested regions, little can replace the natural spectacles viewed there.

However, this environment is challenged by the Superior Wind Energy, who wishes to implement 133 wind turbines, structures that stand over 400 feet tall and would obliterate the serenity and splendor of the region. Not only would these turbines be unappealing to the aesthetics of the Escarpment, but also rival the sustainability of many species of animals populating the region.

Considering that very rare species of vegetation, birds, reptiles and amphibians inhabit this if would be a tragedy to see these natural organisms become extinct.

Another quality of the Niagara Escarpment the implementation of Wind Turbines would affect is the local economy. The tourism industry would be gravely hurt by such construction because many hikers blaze the trails of the Niagara Escarpment, but with the Wind Turbines obstructing the trails the serenity of the region would be impeded.

Also with less space for housing development and the threat that some current habitants might choose to move because of the turbines, local businesses and industries will not be able to reach there full potential without adequate numbers of employees.

The last topic that will be mentioned is the very relevant fact that so many alternatives to wind energy exist. Solar energy, geothermal energy and bioenergy are all safe and not obstructive method of retaining energy, which do not supplement harsh on the surrounding Escarpment as the potential wind energy would, and these other options must be considered.

The Blue Highlands Citizen Coalition would like to take this time to thank you for taking the time to read our petition, and with you we hope that we have bestowed the knowledge of how many species of wildlife would be affected by potential wind turbines, and we trust that you have become aware of the vital need to prevent any construction of this nature.

Thank you for your patronage.

8. Campaign for Truth for the 2008 election

We, the undersigned, as potential voters in the 2008 election, petition the news media to report on the campaigns with fairness, accuracy, and good judgement. We do not want to see, hear, or read a slanted opinion. We want the truth so we can better decide who to vote for in the upcoming election.

9. Petition against Prf. Hanumara

Signing this petition states that you agree that Hanumara's exam was too long for the allotted time given to us in class. Hence not allowing us to perform to our full potential, and therefore dramatically lowering our grades on the exam. Signing this also indicates that you are aware that all prior attempts to converse with Hanumara have been met with contempt and a very unprofessional attitude. Signing ones name on this petition is equivalent to filing a formal complaint stating that the exam was an inaccurate representation of ones knowledge of the material due to time constraints, and in turn lowering your test average dramatically.

10. Abolish the assumption of paternity law in Pennsylvania

The assumption of paternity law in Pennsylvania basically states that if a married woman has an affair and bares a child as a result of the affair then in order to preserve her current marriage the father of the child involved in the affair has virtually no rights to the child he has fathered because the child is assumed to be of the husbands creation. I believe this is a violation of human and civil rights and it should not be tolerated. We always preach the important role of a father in a child's life but here in Pennsylvania it seems we like to promote deadbeat dads with a outdated and cruel law such as this. It's prevents good people who want to be involved with their children from doing that very thing. People make mistakes and therefore potential fathers should be able to have visitation with their children doing this doesn't have to put a current marriage in jeopardy. Under the assumption of paternity law potential fathers can't get DNA tests or blood tests done to prove that they are the father because as I said the child is assumed to be of the husband. I always learned that the law was about fact and not assumption so this law is in my view unlawful. I believe it is an old leftover that was on the books to protect women's honor in the poodle skirt generation but everyone knows those days are gone and today women should be held accountable for their actions just as men are. Visiting a child you created doesn't have to ruin a marriage and everyone should have the right to know if they are a father and visit that child if they're suitable and proven to be fathers thank you and please sign to abolish this law in Pennsylvania.

11. Stop the FBI from reading your email

The latest and most disturbing threat to privacy is the FBI's latest toy "Carnivore". Carnivore is an eavesdropping device that devours private e-mail and spits out interesting parts for scrutiny. The FBI already has attached Carnivore to the e-mail hardware at some Internet service providers. Though it won't say where. Carnivore is intended to rifle through potential criminals' Internet traffic after police obtain a court order. But the tool gives the FBI the ability to track not just the individual named in the court order, but also everyone who uses the same server at the Internet service provider. This program brings to a peak government attempts to control Internet users. This petition will be sent to the Attorney General Janet Reno and hopefully increase pubic awareness that big brother can now read your e-mail's.