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1. Shadow The Hedgehog 2: Broken Memories

SEGA made Shadow the Hedgehog in in 2005 for PS2, Xbox and Gamecube.

The game's story, Soundtrack and concept was a great success amongst Sonic gamers and casual gamers alike.

But sadly, the game had a few bugs, which made the game hated by hardcore gamers, and made fun out of it.

The story has ended in the first game, but we know, there IS a way to make the storyline continue.

2. Italics and Bold for Facebook

Text has a way of inhibiting communication. While efficient and utilitarian, text just lacks emphasis. I would have italicized emphasis, um, for emphasis, but I can't do that. I also can't do that on Facebook.

3. Properly Regulate Alcohol Sales and Brown Bagging

This is our present city ordinance.

It shall be unlawful for a convenience store, service station or other type of retail establishment holding a permit authorizing the sale of beer and light wine for off-premises consumption to:

(1) To sell beer or light wine to any person between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. on Monday through Saturday, and between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. on Sunday.
(2) To permit consumption of beer or light wine on the premises of the store or retail establishment.
(3) To sell, give or furnish beer or light wine to any person visibly intoxicated or to any insane person, or to any habitual drunkard, or to any person under the age of twenty (21) years.
(4) To permit on the premises any lewd, immoral, or improper entertainment, or conduct or practices.
(5) To permit or suffer gambling or the operation of games of chance upon the licensed premises unless otherwise allowed by the Mississippi Gaming Act.
(6) To receive, possess or sell on the premises any beverage of any kind or character containing more than five (5) percent alcohol by weight.
(7) To display or sell beer or light wine from an ice tub or similar container, other than a mechanical refrigeration unit.

This is our present city ordinance. There are some people in our community that would like to change the ordinance due to the fact they say we are losing much needed sales tax revenue to the county and Louisiana, where beer and light wine can be purchased all day, every day.

4. We want Walk Through Metal Detectors in our Schools


5. Abolish/Repeal The Felony Murder Rule

Jusin 5yrs 001

What’s Wrong With The Felony Murder Rule - Common Sense:

1. It is fundamentally unfair and in violation of basic principles of individual criminal culpability to hold one felon liable for the unseen and unagreed-to results of another felon’s action.

2. The felony murder rule operates as a matter of law upon proof of the intent to commit a felony to relieve the prosecution of its burden of proving intent to kill, which is a necessary element of murder.

3. The intention to commit a felony does not equal the intention to kill, nor is the intention to commit a felony, by itself, sufficient to establish a charge of murder.

4. The felony murder rule violates the Fourteenth Amendment’s guarantee of due process, more specifically, equal protection of the law, because no defense is allowed on the charge of first-degree murder, only the underlying felony.

5. The purpose of creating degrees of murder is to punish with increased severity the more culpable forms of murder, but an accidental or unknown killing during the commission or attempted commission of a felony is punished more severely than all other murder charges with exception to first degree murder.

6. The felony murder rule erodes the relation between criminal liability and moral culpability in that it punishes all homicides in the commission, or attempted commission, of the proscribed felonies, whether intentional, unintentional, or accidental, without proving the relation between the homicide and the perpetrator’s state of mind.

7. Holding one or many criminally liable for the bad results of an act which differs greatly from the intended results is based on a concept of culpability which is totally at odds with the general principles of jurisprudence.

8. The basic rule of culpability is further violated when felony murder is categorized as first-degree murder because all other first-degree murders (carrying equal punishment) require a showing of premeditation, deliberation, and willfulness, while felony murder only requires a showing of intent to do the underlying felony.

9. While the felony murder rule survives in California, and other states, the numerous modifications and restrictions of it by some states courts and legislatures throughout the United States reflect dissatisfaction with the basic harshness and injustice of the doctrine and call into question its continued existence.

10. The felony murder rule can be used by prosecutors in a manner so as to cause grossly disproportionate sentencing, depending on the circumstances of each individual case.

11. The felony murder rule is unconstitutional because the presumption of innocence is thrown out. The prosecutor must only prove intent to commit the original felony; once done, first degree murder attaches to the underlying felony even though intent, (mens rea,) to commit murder does not have to be proved.

12. The felony murder rule is unconstitutional because it violates the Eighth Amendment: cruel and unusual punishment, grossly disproportionate sentencing to the crime(s) actually committed.

13. The felony murder rule bears no rational relationship or equity in its two penalties, with the penalties of other California murder laws, including, at times, the charge of first-degree murder.

6. Punish The Deed, Not The Breed

Our Government has put bans or restrictions on the ownership of at least 75 breeds of dogs all over the country. For all the human errors that have happened over the years, you, our Government, has decided to take actions against the animals.

As a pet owner, I know that our pets respond to how we, as owners, treat them. Most, if not all of our pets have to be taught how to behave, play, and interact with other animals and/or humans. It is of human fault that these animals either fight other animals or attack a person.

Make the person responsible for the neglect and abuse they put the animal(s) through, don't punish these 75 breeds of loyal and loving companions by labeling them as "vicious" and banning them.

7. Continue to Support all People and Care for the Mentally Ill

We have nothing to fear but fear itself, the words of President Roosevelt still outshine those of cowards and ignorant people such as the person or persons who penned the petition --

Stop Hermosa Beach from Becoming a Haven to the Homeless posted on March 06, 2009.

In the petition, the author(s) claims homeless people being drug users is a reason to enact laws to discriminate against the poor.

This is a comment from a person with no financial intelligence. The speculation that homeless people are drug users is mere fear motivated speculation.

Unlikely to be true since illegal drugs or legal drugs are produced by business minded people and organizations like pharmaceticul companies and so called drug lords. This interest in profit leads them to court customers of an income over $1200 every four months (my own income of late). The more likely consumers of these products are the homeowners in the community, and if people are to be removed from the community for being drug users, the city should survey all individuals for taking viagra, cialis, anti-depressants, cocaine, heroine, alcohol, and designer marijuana regardless of how much they spend on sandals, volleyballs, or homes.

Being homeless exposes you to the ignorance and inexperience of police forces and the most ignorant I have met were not in Hermosa, but Palo Alto, and Redondo, where I was threatened by a police officer until I allowed him to search my car. He said he did not believe in the 4th amendment. A pleasant thought, law enforcers who act according to their interpretations of the constitution. Keeping the low level of intelligence that most law enforcers have and the narrow life experience of the people that our country recruits, homeless people, often, the prey of choice for the ignorant, tend to avoid giving any excuse to police officers, also known as people with guns, to suspect them of any illegal behavior. This is an alternative response to terror than the Bush administrations.

These two reasons, a homeless persons exposure to gun toting police and their poverty, narrow the likelihood that any of them use half as many drugs as the homeowners in the community, and those that do are probably in need of time indoors for readjustment to that lifestyle, charity, kindness, and counseling.

So why did the author suggest this possibility? Either ignorance, fear or profit motive. I have never seen so many people so easily threatened by appearances. I have long hair and a beard and those two choices grant me power to silence most people on the sidewalks and streets of Hermosa Beach. I also have a sense of humor which gives me power to make those same people laugh and this is what I prefer.

Lastly, this is for the sake of the hermosa beach community, an ignorant public is easy to endanger with mind control. Don't except my opinions or those of the other person. Educate yourself, meet a homeless person, meet twenty. Inquire about their interests, passions, upbringing. Go home and think about who you know best in your life and how long it took you to know that person, then, go and meet the homeless person or hopefully by now you see her or him, young or old as a person with a name. Find a common interest and exploit it. Now you have a friend, and who needs greed when you have friends, right?

A person may be incurably psychotic and yet retain the dignity of a human being. Victor Frankl wrote this after his time as a detainee in a German concentration camp. It seems absurd to exclude the possibility for those not from Hermosa Beach or without six figure incomes.

Or if you prefer ABBA, take a chance on me. And travel outside your neighborhood, please!!!

The awful daring of a moment's surrender... no age of prudence can ever retract -- T.S. Eliot Be daring people of Hermosa Beach and remain kind (I met a lot of great people while I was there!).

8. Stop Abuse of Children - Eliminate Parental Alienation

Richard A. Gardner, M.D. introduced the term parental alienation syndrome and pioneered its study. In his efforts to assist people who were interested in learning about parental alienation syndrome and educating courts about PAS and its acceptance in the scientific community, and in response to misrepresentations that work on PAS had not been published in scientific journals, Dr. Gardner maintained on his Web site a list of references on parental alienation syndrome, a list of legal citations, a list of professional conferences on parental alienation syndrome, and a list of lectures that Dr. Gardner had been invited to deliver on parental alienation syndrome.

In May 2003 Dr. Gardner passed away. Since then a few of us throughout the world has stepped up to the plate to keep the truth out there. People that believe this is a form of abuse of human rights of the child. That children should not be caught up in adult conflict and have the right to both of their parents without interference by the other.

See our facebook site or our website

9. Bring Back Glacier Mist

Secret has stopped making Glacier Mist deodorant.

10. Change Police Officer Hiring Requirements!!

Did you know that to be a police officer in the state of Florida you have to have good credit. That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Also passing a polygraph exam. Obviously many of the officers hired had a good enough credit score and also passed their lie detector test.

But what does that tell you about them as a person or what does it say about them being a good officer? I'll tell you what, nothing.

Here's an example::: Miami, Fl
A Miami, Fl police officer was charged with animal cruelty and another offense after he kicked a police dog into unconsciousness, according to The Police News. The incident is said to have occurred after “Duke,” a 4-year-old German Shepherd, barked (when he shouldn't have) during a training exercise at the Miami Dade Training Bureau.

The officer, “lost it,” a source of Local 10 Florida said. The officer, a 27-year police veteran and 25-year canine officer was arrested after the dog collapsed. Duke was rushed to an animal clinic by the officer after he shook the dog and realized that Duke was unconscious. The dog later died at the clinic.The officer has been placed on administrative duty with pay since the investigation began.

So the good people that maybe have a little something on their credit because of tough times or because of some bad luck and did not pass the polygraph have to suffer and not be able to serve their communities as an officer of the law. Polygraph test are not 100% effective and having good credit doesn't make you a good person. As you read in the previous example.

Lets join together to eliminate this "requirement" and from letting good people join the police force. My husband a Unites States Marine with an honorable discharge, now in the Army Reserve, never done drugs, good moral character, great citizen, hard working, overall great individual who is more than highly qualified for this job was turned down because of bad credit that his ex wife caused not him. There has to be a better way to hire good police officers.

11. War Rock server for Australia!

There are many people living in Australia who would like to play War rock.

Unfortunately we Australians have a disadvantage of being one of the most backward countries in the developed world in terms of internet and broadband capabilities.

Don't let K2 make a example of this by letting almost everyone in the world play War Rock except Australia. Even the Vatican City is supported.

12. Where Is Donna?

Our beloved Donna Jou was known to have been last seen with John Steven Burgess on June 23, 2007 at his rental home in Los Angeles, California.

We, Donna's family and friends are asking Mr. John Steven Burgess to please help us in our search for Donna. We ask him (Mr. Burgess) to speak to us in regards of his knowledge of where Donna Jou is.

Donna is a beautiful loved Daughter, Grand Daughter, Sister, Niece, Cousin, Friend and Honor Student. We are asking Mr. Burgess to Please Help Us Bring Donna Home.

13. Proper Hospice Regulation

My grandfather died this year of starvation and respiratory distress because of an overload of narcotics. My grandfather had Parkinson's disease. That is a chronic illness but it does not kill a person. He had this disease for 10 years. Complications from Parkinson's kills a person such as pneumonia.

The death certificate stated he died of Parkinson's disease when in fact in order to diagnosis this, one must have an autopsy. He did not get an autopsy and was mobile/alert and oriented but confused at times. They starved him to death and gave him morphine/oxycodone in massive amounts when he would get pain relief from two extra strength tylenols.

14. Angle Parking for 61st and 34a ave (cal-de-sac)

Over the last 30 years we have all been parking angled in the vicinity of our coinciding homes, we have never had a dilemma with parking over the years. Our neighbourhood (cal-de-sac) has encountered an issue, the city of edmonton and a plaintiff have enoforced that we must abide by the law that of Bylaw No.5590 (621,622) all subsections. Bylaw No.5590 (621,622) states that:

PARALLEL PARKING (1) When parking a vehicle on a roadway, a person may only park a vehicle

(a) with

(i) the sides of the vehicle parallel to the curb or edge of the roadway, and
(ii) the right wheels of the vehicle not more than 500 millimetres from the right curb or edge of the roadway,

(b) in the case of a one-way highway where parking on either side is permitted, with

(i) the sides of the vehicle parallel to the curb or edge of the roadway,
(ii) the wheels that are the closest to a curb or edge of the roadway not more than 500 millimetres from that curb or edge, and
(iii) the vehicle facing in the direction of travel authorized for the highway.

(2) Notwithstanding subsection (1), a person may park a motor cycle

(a) at an angle, other than perpendicular, to the curb or edge of the roadway, and

(b) with

(i) a wheel of the motor cycle not more than 500 millimetres from the curb or edge of the roadway, and
(ii) the motor cycle angled in the direction of travel authorized for the traffic lane that is adjacent to the lane on which the motor cycle is parked.

(3) Subsection (1) does not apply where angle parking is permitted or required.

15. Fire Rebecca Herbst from GH

Rebecca Herbst is a horrible person and a horrible actress. She's ruining GH Steve Burton and Kelly Monaco.

Let's save the show and fire this bitch. I mean no one likes her.

16. Legalize Euthanasia in the USA

Euthanasia is not about giving rights to the person who dies but, instead, is about changing the law and public policy so that doctors, relatives and others can directly and intentionally end another person's life.

People do have the power to commit suicide.

17. Free Chee-lo

Chee-lo, a two-year-old pit bull, should not be considered a danger to the San Marcos community.

As Texas law states, a "dangerous dog" is one that "makes an unprovoked attack on a person that causes bodily injury"and one who's behavior would "cause a person to reasonably believe that the dog will attack and cause bodily injury to that person."

Chee-lo is not going to become another statistic in the fantastical headlines of dog attacks. He is well-cared for, sweet and part of a large family of friends who love him.

18. New Housing Director for Highland Park Housing Commission

Each tenants rights have been violated by the Highland Park Housing Commission. Due to the fact that the Comission itself made a decision without tenants approval.

Thereforth it is our rights to block the decision of the Commission on the grounds that (We the Tenants) do not feel that the election Director is qualified to serve in the directors position.

19. Wild Will fired as Pojo Mod.

As we all know the moderater Wild Will is the head mod for Most of us know that he also abuses his position of mod to pick and choose weither or not he does his job as mod.(ex: leaveing un just refs just because he feels like it, locking threads unjustly, or simply banning 1 person for flameing but takes no action against the other(s).


There are now anti-terror laws that the Governement has implimented which safeguards the nation.

21. Clemency For Stray Dogs and Cats

July 31, 2006

It is hereby requested for the immediate consideration of the future of stray dogs and cats.

With stray dogs and cats' complete concern and welfare considered it is hereby requested for the state of Missouri to mandate for ALL person(s) to be required to be responsible for their pet(s). This to be accomplished by the following:

(1) To list on yearly personal property in each county the total number of dogs, puppies, cats, kittens. For each dog, puppy, cat, kitten spayed/neutered, personal property tax WILL BE EXEMPT. Each dog, puppy, cat, kitten NOT spayed/neutered will be assessed personal property tax of 5 per cent of total personal property.

NOTE: This tax will be placed in a special fund to be used by city pounds/county shelters/humane societies to spay/neuter their strays.

END RESULT - Future strays will not be born to end up alongside country roads to die or to breed with other strays. City Pounds, shelters/humane societies will not be overrun with these unwanted strays.

22. Justice for James Farrence Jr.

July 2, 2006

On March 31, 2005, 27 year-old James "Jimmy" Farrence Jr. disappeared from Carbondale, Pennsylvania.

Jimmy had less than $60 on him the night he disappeared, did not drive, and suffered from muscular dystrophy. He was extremely trusting and friendly.

On September 20, 2005, and again on March 11, 2006, just 21 days shy of the one-year anniversary of Jimmy's disappearance, his remains were recovered near the Lackawanna River in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

The National Center for Missing Adults and the Carbondale Police Department have determined that Jimmy's death is suspicious.

For nearly a year, family and friends searched desperately to find Jimmy, organizing search and rescue efforts, addressing state legislatures and municipality representatives, networking with missing person organizations, and continually pressing for answers.

In July 2005, Jimmy's family submitted a large packet of information to America's Most Wanted with hope that his case would be selected for coverage.

Unfortunately, Jimmy was never listed on AMW's missing person list. In addition, AMW didn't respond to the family until June 2006, nearly an entire year after Jimmy's case information was submitted.

Supervising Producer Steve Katz offered words of condolences in a letter dated June 8, 2006, and stated that with less than one hour every week, they are not able to air Jimmy's story.

Mr. Katz went on to say that "there is power in numbers"; hence, this petition.

I am encouraging everyone who supports Justice for James Farrence Jr. to sign this petition so that it can be respectfully submitted to America's Most Wanted in an effort to convince the producers to air Jimmy's story.

23. Complaint against Eurid: need for fairer .EU domain registration

May 25, 2006

This petition has being made to sue Eurid. Eurid is the company who made a fortune by first letting 1400 parties pay each 10.000 Euros to become a registrar to registrar .EU domains. Now you do the math....thats right 14 million they have earned by only this.

What happened now during the sunrise period is that some smart people including myself, where able to get a national trademark registered for any generic names you liked. For example What happend here is that 71 requests for this domain name have been applied during the sunrise period.

Because it is a first come first base rule being used, the person on position 1. is the lucky one if the paperwork was send in correcly by the registrar. Now in the case it has been Accepted and that means all of the other 70 applications are useless, unless someone starts an ADR(Alternative Dispute Resolution) against the decision of the Registry who is PWC (Price Waterhouse Coopers) in all cases.

To start an ADR you have to pay an amount of 1900 Euro to start is up, they ask such an amount to prevent everyone starting an ADR against any decission, but with an top-level domain like it is worth trying. This is whats happend against the decission on, (see the star on the right of the accepted registration).

The person who started the ADR can be the one on position 3. or any applied registration where the documents are recieved (the box next to the decission that has being made.)
All of the documents recieved means that these persons have paid over 580 Euro's to registrer the national trademark on Porn or any generic trademark.

These people will not see any of their money back if someone in a higher position gets the name accepted.

24. Lower the voting age in the USA

May 01, 2006

Please allow teens to vote at a lower age.

The united states should lower the voting age to 16. By that time people have a good political stand point.

It is a proven statistic that 18 is the worst time to vote.By that time teens are to stressed out about moving away to college, graduating highschool, and getting out in the world on their own.

Remember when just 100 years ago we gave the women the right to vote? We thought only white men should vote. Our country runs on a system one person one vote. People do not have to show their maturity.

So whos to say a person going in to vote that is 22 has the maturity level of a 14 year old! In some states people can get married at the age of 13, with a parents permission of course. But whos to say that if a child is givin permission by their parents they could vote.

Wouldn't that be a good idea?

25. John Lennon Tribute for Fair Parole Consideration and Human Rights

December 24, 2005

John Lennon Human Rights Memorial Tribute for Prisoner Rights and fair objective consideration.

Being that one of the few people in the world who has been introduced to John Lennon, and then later also meeting Mark David Chapman, and have had for a long time had a memorial to John Lennon online I have strong interest in anything related to both.

Upon reading the petition to keep Mark David Chapman off of parole, and in prison/s that are called correctional institutions I thought it was bizarre and a travesty that John Lennon's name was invoked in the manner it was against Mark David Chapman, considering that John was such a strong avid believer of civil, human, Native American, and prisoner etc rights.

WHEREAS Imagining John Winston Lennon developing as the rough young man who some would of once considered a roughneck greaser hoodlum punk, into a decent loving husband, peace loving father and enlightened person he was distinguished from the person he was once thought of early in life:

WHEREAS the land of John Lennon's England and Wales, ended capital punishment ended in 1965, has taken a view that differs from the punitive one in America we as enlightening people like Mr. Lennon must consider that in regard to the punishment of Mark David Chapman who had been sentenced to 20 years to life in prison for his murder of John Lennon upon confession to the bizarre crime.

WHEREAS incarceration in the instance of Mark David Chapman's should serve as punishment for some rehabilitative corrective purpose, not a punitive one in retribution that defined ultimately as cruel and unusual punishment that is forbidden under the US constitution prohibition of cruel and unusual punishment.

WHEREAS we take notice that Mr. Lennon of beloved memory had made numerous efforts in support of justice, peace, freedom as a progressive person; and,

WHEREAS, in this instance we would think it is bizarre to have John Lennon remembered as the pretext for reactionary actions that seem to go against everything Mr. Lennon believed; and

WHEREAS, being that already since incarceration December 8, 1980, Mark David Chapman has served twenty-five years, and now has been eligible for parole for approximately five years, and has been turned down twice for parole, we petition as follows:

26. Stop showing station logos and program ads during tv shows

December, 2005

All television stations are now putting up their logo in the bottom right corner of the screen. It is also becoming more and more frequent that advertisements for other programs are shown while you are watching television.

These interfere with viewing. It is extremely distracting and diminishes the value of the current program being watched. It is especially annoying when the station logo covers information like the name and/or title of a person being interviewed for a particular show.

Show advertisements during commercials!!! Flash the station logo, but only show it for a short time; we know what station we're watching!!

27. Stop AOL from displaying banner ads on Paying Members Journals

November 16, 2005

Not only has AOL been disrespecting it's PAYING customers by taking features such as AIM and Journals and GIVING IT AWAY FOR FREE, they have further begun selling, trading, sharing and/or giving away ad space and displaying the ads in the form of banner ads atop PAYING AOL members Personal Journals, without thought or regard as to whether the Person who created the Journal supports the banner even being there, nor if she or she is in agreement with the ad.

PAYING AOL members respectfully wish AOL to IMEDIATELY REMOVE the banner ads from Paid member Journals.

28. Termination, Prosecution and Conviction of Responsible Individual(s) of Zania's Cruelty

October 31, 2005

Mauled dog faces death after being left untreated at Lebanon Animal Control Shelter.

Seeking termination, prosecution and conviction of Josh Greer and individual(s) responsible for animal cruelty and abuse of Zania.

Zania, a 4-year-old black Labrador retriever, was a playmate to a 4-year-old boy living in Mt. Juliet. She was picked up Friday, October 14, 2005, for running loose and placed in the Lebanon Animal Control facility because Mt. Juliet has no facility of its own. Zania was placed in a pen on Saturday with three other dogs, who for several hours, continuously attacked her until she was found lying in a pool of blood Sunday afternoon.

Zania was removed from the pen, hosed off (to wash off all the blood), and left outside on the concrete floor. She lay on the cold (50 degrees), wet concrete until an anonymous phone call was made to the Director of the Humane Association of Wilson County, a nonprofit, private agency with no ties to Lebanon Animal Control.

The dog was lying apparently lifeless on the concrete floor inside a chain link fenced enclosure when the Director arrived. She discovered the dog was still alive and called the Police Department, who came with an animal control officer 30 minutes later. After another 30 minute delay, they took the dog to the Lebanon Animal Hospital. The Director confirmed with the animal control officer that Zania was a healthy dog when she was picked up. The animal control officers also confirmed they were aware Zania had been injured earlier by the other dogs, but had made the decision to let her recover on her own.

Dr. Craig, the attending veterinarian, verified Zania was in shock, had a subnormal temperature, blood loss and would not have survived over night if she had been left untreated at the animal control facility. Details of his report and pictures of Zania can be seen at: There is also another article at:

When the story first came to light, Zania was facing leg amputation. Now, she is facing death because of the cruelty inflicted by Josh Greer.

According to Tennessee Code, Title 39 Criminal Offenses, Chapter 14 Offenses Against Property Part 2-Animals, under Section 39-14-202, Cruelty to animals:
(2) Fails unreasonably to provide necessary food, water, care or shelter for an animal in the person's custody;
(3) Abandons unreasonably an animal in the person's custody; and
(4) Transports or confines an animal in a cruel manner can be found committing an offense under this section and is a Class A misdemeanor.

In addition, 39-14-212 Aggravated cruelty to animals - (a) A person commits aggravated cruelty to animals when, with aggravated cruelty and with no justifiable purpose, such person intentionally kills or intentionally causes serious physical injury to a companion animal. Under this section, as of June, 2004, offenses carry felony level penalties. We believe these codes have been violated.

It is not acceptable or humane to place dogs with unknown histories in cages together especially with breeds known for fighting. Zania was denied shelter with no protection from the elements as she lay dying, compassion in her handling while in Josh Greer's and other animal control officers care, protection when she was locked and confined in a pen with a breed of animals known to fight with no means of escape or protection, and immediate vet care as she lay in critical condition. She was confined and abandoned in a cruel manner that now threatens her life.

Zania has suffered enough. Our prayers and thoughts are with Zania and her family. We respectfully ask that you act on behalf of Zania and other animals who have found themselves in similar situations to put a stop to the cruelty and abuse that exists at Lebanon Animal Control. Josh Greer and those individual(s) responsible for Zania's cruelty and abuse must be terminated. No justifiable purpose can be found in the reckless, cruel, and abusive manner in which the animal conrol officers behaved in the care, handling and decision making for Zania. We therefore petition that they be prosecuted and convicted to the fullest extent of the law.

On behalf of Zania and all animals, we thank you.

29. Include orthodontics in Hoosier Healthwise Coverage

Studies show that millions of Americans (including 75 % of children) have oral health problems that could benefit from orthodontic treatment. Without treatment, many could develop more serious problems, including: cavities, tooth loss, diseased gums, bone destruction, and joint problems.

Although there is not a universal best age to begin orthodontic treatment, the AAO recommends that every child see an orthodontist at an early age. This could be as young as 2 or 3, but should be no later than age 7. Although many people associate orthodontic treatment with adolescence, orthodontists can spot subtle problems with jaw growth or with the teeth much earlier, even while the primary (or baby) teeth are still present.

The American Dental Association recommends that every child have an orthodontic evaluation by the age of 7. With early detection, many orthodontic problems are easier to correct before jaw growth ceases.

Early examination enables the orthodontist to detect and evaluate problems and determine the appropriate time to treat them. "Preventive or interceptive" treatment may be initiated to prevent more serious problems from developing. For some youngsters, early treatment can prevent physical and emotional trauma. A child nicknamed "Bucky" may suffer more than teasing. Furthermore, studies show that protruding teeth are more susceptible to accidental chipping and other forms of dental injury.

A person with a facial deformity or crooked teeth often is judged negatively not only on appearance, but also on many other characteristics such as intelligence and personality.

Studies have shown that children and adults who have teeth or jaws they view as unattractive may suffer from a lack of self-esteem and confidence. In some cases, the psychological impact of crooked teeth has been found to hamper a person's social or vocational growth. Dr. Joyce Brothers, a leading psychologist and former adult orthodontic patient, holds that the need for acceptance is something we never outgrow. An adult who feels unattractive because of crooked teeth may cover his or her mouth when speaking or laughing, and may feel self-conscious in social situations.

Naturally, one feels better when one looks better, and a pleasing appearance is a vital asset to one's self-confidence and self-esteem. A person's self-consciousness often disappears as orthodontic treatment brings teeth, lips and face into their proper positions. Although dental health concerns are frequently the primary impetus for orthodontic treatment, but in many cases, orthodontics provides both physical and psychological benefits.

We need to offer lower income families the same opportunities for overall physical health, which includes their mouth. Why when so many states have included this coverage into their state insurance policies has Indiana left it out?

Mr. Chocola can you help our children have a better quality of life? Can you help us get full orthodontic treatment included into the state's health plan?

30. Lower the Driving Age to 15 in PA

This Petition encourages the Governor and the Legislature of Pennsylvania to ammend the state driving laws so that on the fifteenth birthday one can get a learner's permit and a junior driver's license after fifty hours of supervised driving.

To: Pennsylvania Legislature and Governor To the Governor and the legislature of Pennsylvania:

Wheras, Pennsylvania is a state with a very responsible teen population,

Wheras , many teen's maturity is not accounted for ,

We the people encourage you the governor and the legislature to use any and all power you possess to change our states driving laws, so that a young person can get a learner's permit on the fifteenth birthday, and a junior driver's license after 50 hours of supervised driving.


The Undersigned