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The 4 A BETTER WESTCHESTER + NYS ASSOCIATION, INC. ( has proposed renaming the Mid-Hudson Bridge, connecting Poughkeepsie and Highland, NY, the FRANKLIN + ELEANOR ROOSEVELT BRIDGE.

Although its legal name is the "Franklin D. Roosevelt Mid-Hudson Bridge," the signs on Route 9 (the main north-south artery) still say "Mid-Hudson Bridge," without mentioning FDR, and everyone in the Hudson Valley still calls it the Mid-Hudson Bridge.

Franklin + Eleanor Roosevelt were Hudson Valley natives who were the 2 most important and influential 20th century Americans. Thanks to Franklin + Eleanor Roosevelt, Americans today benefit from the legacies of the New Deal, including Social Security, which has done more good for more people than any government program in history, and which actually generates a surplus.

Thanks to the leadership provided by Franklin + Eleanor Roosevelt, we won WW2, in part because Franklin Roosevelt was fluent in German and understood, before almost anyone, the menace that Adolph Hitler posed to everyone,