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1. Support the Laurel Rooftop

The Laurel Rooftop has become a huge part of the Ascot Vale community over the past 5 years since it opened, hosting talented local musicians and providing a safe and friendly environment for the neighborhood to enjoy. The hotel has been around for over 150 years.

Unfortunately, effective immediately, the Mooney Valley City Council have enforced harsh restrictions on the Laurel Rooftop. The new curfew means closing the rooftop at 10pm daily including weekends and bans any amplified music. This includes even background music on our own sound system. So you can imagine the lack of atmosphere as a result of this and not even being able to finish watching the Friday night footy match.

Please help us get back our late night hours and be able to have live acoustic music and DJ’s on preferred nights. Please sign your name as support. We have a VCAT Hearing on 10th July in which we hope to be able to alter these hours and the amplified music restrictions.

2. Say NO to Downtown Hotel

IF this is a good idea, let private business develop the site. Spending tax dollars on a white elephant is a bad business decision. Which explains the need for public money. This project has been given adequate opportunity.

It is time to move on. Tear the ugly beast down and move onto more productive activities.

3. Support Short-Term Rentals in Chicago

The Chicago Short-term Rental Alliance is an advocacy network of homeowners, property managers, residents and members of the Chicagoland business community dedicated to the responsible management, hosting and regulation of short-term and vacation rentals. We advocate for an equitable system of governance that supports tourism and a strong local economy.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the City Council of Chicago have proposed a dangerous set of burdensome regulations that threaten the short-term rental industry in the city.

This proposal places liability on short-term rental owners and managers for any criminal activity committed by a renter. Additionally, short-term rental owners and managers who rent their property for over 90 days per year will be vigorously regulated. This legislation would impose heavy costs on Chicago-area short-term rental homeowners and managers as well as the local economy. Join us in fighting these over burdensome regulations!

4. To gain support for a superhero hotel in lancashire

My name is John and I have a vision!

I need to know who would relish the idea of a superhero hotel, restaurant, cinema and shop opening in the Lancashire area of England?!

If YOU would then please sign this petition. I need a lot of signatures to present to potential investors and endorsements.

Thank you and kind regards


5. Save the George Hotel facade

We understand that the new owners of the George Hotel wish to demolish the entire hotel, including the facade. Original plans were to preserve this and retain it's presence in Gray Street, Hamilton.

We find the new plans to be unacceptable and wish you to reconsider, reverting back to the original plans.

6. Support the Hotel Cape Charles

The Hotel Cape Charles opened in spring of 2012 after a 2.4 million dollar renovation. The Hotel's modern design has received local, regional and national accolades.

Much of this praise relates to how beautifully the modern design accommodates the surrounding historic and diverse streetscape of Mason Avenue. The Town of Cape Charles Historic Review Board has declined to issue a "Certificate of appropriateness" for the Hotel's current design. The HRB has required the Hotel to change the current design by adding iron pickets to the current glass balconies.

This requirement will satisfy this Board that the Hotel "fits in" with Mason Avenue's other "historic" buildings. The Hotel cannot receive a final certificate of occupancy in its current configuration, and will be unable to open in March, 2013 unless it complies with this directive.

7. Save The Kilby Hotel

The Kilby was built in 1913 by John and Nannie Kilby. The Kilby was a place that housed the children of John and Nannie Kilby. As the children got older and moved out on there own. John and Nannie felt lonely so they rented out the rooms to make extra money and to provide a place for blacks to stay that were traveling.

Over the years the Hotel was passed down thru the family. It is said that the hotel was a place where black entertainers stayed while preforming at club kilby and other places in the area. The Kilby is registered with the state for National Historical places and registered with the city of High Point as a Historical site.This hotel was one of the first hotels built by African Americans and owned by African Americans.At the present time the building is vacant and the McELrath family (owners) are wanting to restore the Hotel but keep it with in the family.

Keeping family history to help restore the African American Community while preserving a milestone of history.

8. Leisure Facities for Banbury

Banbury is a large town in the middle of England with a population of around 46000.

It is a mixed population with a demographic of young families, familes and commuters to Oxford, London and Birmingham.

For years the people of Banbury have been asking for better leisure facilities with no success.

Now, the local council have 3 proposed local developments and not one of them includes any longterm plans for leisure.

The plans are for more retail facilities. Yet we are in the middle of the worst economic downturn since the 1930's and the town centre is already full of empty shops.

In addition, the plans to continue to grow the town with larger capacity warehouse facilities based on the M40 corridor suggest the ambitions of the local government are still to make this a successful town. A successful town needs good quality and good choice leisure facilities.

Drive 30 miles east to Northampton to the leisure area of Sixfields where there are numerous restaurants, pubs, a bowling alley and a large multiplex cinema and you will always meet people from Banbury. If people are willing to spend money on petrol, food and the cinema (even with petrol at its highest for years), why not spend it on leisure in Banbury.

In addition, we get more jobs in the town AND a new range of employment skills and company experience.

9. Rothschild- Support the smart investment of room tax into the sports market to help the local tourism industry.

With the expiration of the Badger State Winter Games' contract, the Village of Rothschild is looking at shifting the .5% room tax from the Wausau/Central Wisconsin Convention and Visitors Bureau that was earmarked for the Badger State Games to fund other local organizations and recreational entities.

The CVB is the only entity in our area whose sole job is to promote tourism and the only one whose budget is funded entirely by room tax dollars. With local tourism down, including leisure and business, now is the time to reinvest those room tax dollars into creating new tourism and in turn having a larger room tax fund for next year. Please see attached documents for more information.

Click Here for More Information

Sports Authority Initiative

WI Innkeepers Association Room Tax Tool

Comfort Inn Support Letter

Weston Lanes & Weston Inn & Suites Support Letter

CWIA Letter of Support

10. Bring Tokio Hotel To Ireland

Tokio Hotel have failed to come to Ireland to perform so far, despite their growing Irish fanbase. We, as fans, feel neglected because of this. We would love more than anything to have Tokio Hotel come to Ireland on their next tour, whenever that may be.

So, to give a more to-the-point overview, here's what we'll do:

-Get as many Irish fans as possible to sign the petition.
-Send word forward to TH's manager, along with a short letter/e-mail telling why the petition was started.
-Hope for a response and/or some sort of confirmation.

11. Show Support For BISHBOSH @ Norton Manor

Recently there have been a lot of complaints from local residents in Norton, Near Presteigne, Powys with regards to the BISHBOSH nights taking place at Norton Manor. These are mainly due to the noise of people leaving the venue at the end of the night and the sound of the music during.

The event's future and other music nights at the manor are now being threatend as a result of the complaints so If you like what we're doing at the manor and want to see the nights continue, please show some support by signing this petition.


This petition will be presented to the local Environmental Health Officer...

12. Petition not to develop Public Land in Marsaskala

CASE PA/01289/09

This is all about one of the last few remaining originally public open spaces in Marsaskala which is currently being privately used.

Our group maintains the right to keep the land open to the public and not to develop it. A 50 garage and 29 apartments mammoth development is being proposed.

13. Preserve the Far West Village/Rezone the C6-1 District

The Far West Village is one of New York's most historic neighborhoods, which community groups and preservationists have fought for years to preserve and protect from over development.

However, there is a six block section of the Far West Village which still contains an anomalous and outdated zoning designation that encourages out-of-scale development, and strongly encourages hotel, dormitory, or office development in a predominantly residential but mixed-use neighborhood.

While this area is now part of the Greenwich Village Historic District, only a change to the zoning can ensure that any new development here truly respects the scale and character of the neighborhood.

14. Get Barry Aldridge's Dreams video Back

Basically, BarryAldridge privated his Dreams video, without a Doubt, his best video.. And Everyone on YouTube wants him to unprivate it.

So All I ask is you sign this Petition and Send it to everyone you know so we can get this video back for good.


15. Play Tokio Hotel On NOVA

On behalf of The Official Australian Tokio Hotel Street Team we ask anyone who wants Tokio Hotel to be played on NOVA to sign this petition.

Also anyone who has had the joy of having Tokio Hotel in their country and had the pleasure of them being played on the radio to also sign this petition so we can share your happiness.

16. Bring Tokio Hotel To Australia

On behalf of The Official Australian Tokio Hotel Street Team we ask anyone who wants Tokio Hotel to come to Australia to sign this petition.

Also anyone who has had the joy of having Tokio Hotel in their country and seen them live to also sign this petition so we can share your happiness.

17. Bring Tokio Hotel To Greece!

Please sign this petition to hopefully get the amazing German band Tokio Hotel to come to Greece!!

Even if you're not from the country, every signature does help! So please help other Tokio Hotel fans get the opportunity to see the band.

18. ~*~Tokio Hotel- Please Come To Montgomery, AL!~*~

Just recently Tokio Hotel planned to be playing in Montgomery, but had to cancel!

You may recognize them for some of the awsome hits from their new album Scream! such as:
"Ready, Set, Go!"
"1000 Oceans"
"Don't Jump"
and "Rescue Me"

So please sign if you want them to come! We want as much help and support so they will know how loved they are here!

Pratville, Wetumpka, Enterprise, Dothan, WHEVER you are in Alabama and even if you are outside the state and will come to see them PLEASE sign!

19. Save 'The Purple Hotel'

The Purple Hotel, located at the corner of Lincoln Ave and Touhy Avenue, has a place in local lore. Its parking lot was where mobster Allen Dorfman died from an assassin's gunfire in 1983. The crime has never been solved.

The Purple Hotel was built in 1960 by the Hyatt Corp. and was originally called the Lincolnwood Hyatt House. Well known Chicago pianist Myles Greene, who now performs at Tuscany's in Oak Brook, was the first performer to open in the hotel 40 years ago.

After it was a Hyatt, it became a Radisson, and finally a Ramada. Since 2004, it has been independent, simply calling itself by what locals have referred to it as years: the "Purple Hotel." The name came about because of the building's distinctive purple facade, somewhat radical for earth-toned suburbia.

In January 2007, it was announced the hotel was to be closed, with future plans unknown. In May 2007, Chicago-based Sertus Capital Partners LLC entered into a conditional contract to purchase the 8-acre hotel property, with plans to demolish the famed hotel and build residential and retail space.

20. Save The 'Rey

The Monterey Hotel is probably the most historic building in downtown Janesville.

Some of her most famous guests were John & Jackie Kennedy, Eleanor Roosevelt, Louis Armstrong and founder of publishing giant Time Inc., Henry Luce. Even greater than these guests have been the celebrations of life by the people of Janesvile and Rock County.

The Monterey Hotel has been abandoned and neglected for 20 years and recently turned into a cell phone tower.

21. A Petition to Boycott British newspapers

This petition has arisen as a consequence of the biased and one-sided reporting emanating from most sectors of the British press.

We the British public feel that you are not voicing either our concerns or our opinions with respect to the McCann case. We are fed up of the press presenting a slanted and incorrect depiction of the opinions of many, many members of the public. As a consequence we now intend to stop buying your newspapers until you decide to report the McCann matter in a more judicious way.

Not everyone believes that leaving children alone in a hotel room was the correct course of action.

22. Abandonment of East Court Street and 133 Main

Give away land along East Court Street, including part of the sidewalk by abandonment, which in fact violates CBD design guidelines.


• Destroys forever the historic design and symmetry of the streetscape along this area that has been in existence since 1884.

• Compromises and breaks the historic sidewalk alignment of buildings on East Court and violates CBD design guidelines.

• Allows the building to project out on the street beyond the old Record (now Devereaux) building and the Poinsett Hotel.

• Compromises the symmetrical sight lines offset that the Liberty building and the original Palmetto building had with the old Court House and The Poinsett Hotel.

• Narrows the sidewalk at the point that it enters McBee Plaza.

• Establishes a dangerous precedent for the City to permanently give up part of a very busy sidewalk , currently in frequent use by the public, for private use for a few citizens to build larger condominiums.

• Never allow any improvement on McBee Plaza to within 5 feet of the Developer’s encroachment in the future for either the enjoyment or safety of the Public.

• Permanently impact adjoining landowners from seeking the best and highest use of his property by supporting their encroachment and their limits on any construction within 5 feet of the Developer’s private parking garage.

• Setting a dangerous precedent to give subsurface city land for private underground parking without establishing any criteria for benefits to the public good.

23. Stop habbo scamming

June 2, 2006

This petition is for kids, how we can stop scammers on habbo hotel and help kids online on habbo hotel to be kinder and nicer to everyone else online.

Scamming is bad and cruel.

24. Coins should be Free on Habbo Hotel

March 15, 2006

Habbo Hotel coins should be free, why the hell would you buy coins for an online chat game?

It is just plain stupid. Plz sign this petition.

25. Stop Habbo Hacking!

Yes! The hacking, it has been going on for YEARS! And I want to stop it... Because on and other habbo hotel's every day someone gets hacked! Like, I didn't get hacked... But I know alot of people who do! Some people aren't so smart as others... But I want to stop it! So if you beleive in this, you'll sign my petition, and help stop hacking!

26. Habbo Hotel - time for an Irish Habbo!

Habbo Hotel has come out with a ton of different Hotels. They forgot the Irish one. They need an Irish habbo.

27. Habbo Hotel - New Hotel View In Demand

Let's face it, the english version of the hotel is boring. Not the hotel itself...but the hotel view. Isn't it time for a change? Sign this petition if your ready for a new hotel view!

28. Save Watch Hill's oldest and grandest Hotel from desrtuction

One of watch hill's remaining steamer hotels is in peril. A devoloper (unnamed) has decided it is better to tear down this cherished symbol in order to add small multi - million dollar condos. Though the devoloper himself has admitted it is a sad event he still wants to tear it down.

We as citizens of the world cannot afford to loose this wonderful remebreance of the Steamer age and Glamour.

29. Habbo Hotel

As you may or may not know on the 17th of October 2003 our good friend got scammed by :.kedjo.:

:.kedjo.: downloaded a virus to elprice9's computer which enabled him to read everything she wrote including passwords that she entered. One of the passwords she entered was to habbo hotel. On the evening of the 17th at 11.40pm :.kedjo.: logged into her habbo account and moved all of her furni to his rooms.

What we are asking with this petition is that :.kedjo.: gets banned from habbo hotel so that he cannot do this to anyone else and that hopefully elprice9 will get her furni back.

I think we all realize that he cannot be allowed to do this to anyone else, not only is it annoying but many of us paid for our furni and now it has all gone to waste. This is no ordinary scam and we are unsure if it has happened to anyone else, we ask that this scam is brought to the attention of the other members of habbo hotel so that they can watch out for it.

Thank you for your time.

Amyea Rodriguez
(Amyea3) - Habbo Hotel


In the interest of General Public of Bangalore : IS RULE ONLY FOR THE POOR?

This is to bring to your notice that general public is harassed for paying a penalty amount for parking before and after Kentucky Restaurant ( a window outlet ) adjacent to Ramanshree Comforts, Raja Ram Mohan Roy Road, which is a no parking area (sign board is displayed). Where as the customers of the hotel have been allowed to park with no penalty amount and troubling other vehicles moving on the road.

We request you to bring to the notice of the right authority to take due action against this.

Look forward to read this in next daily issue,

Bylappa .G
Social Worker