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1. Using technology for medical consultations for patients too sick to travel

Many patients are too sick to attend medical appointments or specialist appointments and consultations. It would be helpful to use such VOIP technologies as skype or similar to ensure patients receive medical professional assistance. Even keep contact with their therapist and practitioners.
Many specialists still refuse to use modern technologies and have limited consultation times making many patients unable to receive assistance.

2. Beauty Products NEED to be tested for more than just allergies!

Beauty products are not required by law to be tested for long term damages to our health, but instead only for allergies and irritations. Labels on products we use everyday should list what it is that we may be left with when using this product in our everyday lives.


Poultry owner within the 500-meter radius have expressed concern that their businesses might be affected by the stricter rules in securing a permit because of thet said issue "BIRDFLU".

4. New directions for economic development

The Sault has been economically challenged. A recent study by the Sault Ste. Marie Community Adjustment Committee (CAC) recommends a move away from primary and secondary industrial development in support of new areas of economic development. The areas identified by the CAC report are: economic growth and diversity, social equity, cultural vitality, and environmental sustainability. Primary and secondary industry is very prone to steep economic fluctuations, and the CAC report clearly states that dependence on a single industry has created long-term challenges for the Sault. We know too that when economic challenges occur, falling back on our comfort zone only makes the situation worse. In these cases, costly handouts and resources are given to attract economic development at the expense of the very areas recommended for future economic development by the CAC. We have seen what these handouts to the few have produced, with crisis responses, including the CAC report, resulting from handouts to our single largest employer. This is unacceptable. It is unfair, environmentally detrimental and economically unsupportable. These actions have wasted valuable resources that could have better been applied diversifying the local economy.

Sault Ste. Marie can and must do better if it is to survive and prosper. The proposed ferrochrome smelter being courted by a few Sault Ste. Marie interests in no way reflect the wishes of the population, or the advice of the majority. The once again inflated job opportunities tied to no metrics of accountability or transparency mask a social, economic and environmental injustice to Sault Ste. Marie and its citizens. The economically devastated brownfields around Sault Ste. Marie have already cost the city countless economic development opportunities. The pale of pollution hanging in the air drives business, tourists and residents, those able to leave, away. The unsightly blight on the horizon leaves residents and visitors with a sad impression of economic leadership in this town. Sault Ste. Marie does not need any more of this. Sault Ste. Marie needs new paths of economic development.

5. Protect Chilliwack's Drinking Water

Morning time beckons: Wake up. Brush teeth, flush toilet, water garden, shower. Grab clean bowl out of dishwasher. Make coffee. Fill water bottle.
Isn’t it great the city water supply wasn’t turned off this morning? I’d really like to keep it that way. How about you?

You probably know the Trans Mountain pipeline runs right past city wells, and that the company want to put a second, larger pipeline to triple the capacity of the system from 300,000 barrels per day to 890,000 barrels per day. The City is concerned about that going past city wells. They’ve gone back and forth with the company for years. Recently the city requested the following:

“1) Documentation from BC Hydro confirming there is no possibility of proceeding with alternate route P1 and details of the route P1 mitigation alternatives considered to protect the drinking water source for 76,000 Chilliwack residents.
2) That the depth of the new pipeline be limited to a maximum of 2 meters below the existing surface.
3) Require the use of pipeline design and construction methods that both reduces impacts to homes and properties and safeguards our drinking water source.
4) Require automated vapour monitoring be added to the suite of leak detection measures, with monitoring locations as agreed upon by the City.
5) Require the monitoring and spill response plans be developed in close cooperation with and to the satisfaction of the City.

These conditions are non-negotiable.”

Kinder Morgan responded with a heavily redacted copy of a BC Hydro report, going 2.4 to 3.4 meters down (bottom of trench), assurances re construction practices, disagreement on vapour monitoring, and encouraging the city to continue to participate in Kinder Morgan’s workshops and meetings. The City is not satisfied, so they’re going into the NEB’s “Appropriate Dispute Resolution” process with the company.

But are they even arguing about the right thing? Should the city be arguing about *how* to build a second pipeline right past city wells? Or, like when you renovate a house and upgrade the plumbing and electrical while you’ve got the walls open, should they be talking about the new trench for the new pipeline as the opportunity to move both pipelines to a safer route?

Did you know that Kinder Morgan themselves said in a worst case full-bore rupture in the Fraser Valley the new 590,000 barrel per day pipe could spill 1.3-million litres? Or that they also said that up to between 2 and 5% of pipeline flow can leak *undetected* by their safety systems? On the old pipe that’s there now that would be from 39,750 to 99,375 litres per hour. On the new pipeline that would be 78,175 to 195,437 litres per hour. Yes, “per hour”, - undetected -, on a pipeline where a consultant the City hired said that if a spill reached groundwater in the area of our wells the wells would have to be “turned off immediately” to avoid contaminating the city’s system. (Benzene, by the way, is one component of diluted bitumen that is toxic, cancer-causing and dissolves in water. If the water smells funny some day, don’t drink it.)

Either sort of spill would be seriously harmful if it happened into our aquifer. And the old pipe has had 82 spills so far. Several of over 1-million litres, and one in 1992 into groundwater that they are still trying to clean up today, 25 years later. Fortunately that groundwater wasn’t anyone’s source of drinking water.

Of course it’s true that the odds of a spill here are very small, but the odds of a spill in those other 82 places weren’t any different. And an alternate route is available. If they dug the new trench alongside Highway 1 from where it already crosses the highway by Upper Prairie Road (that odd looking thing in a little square fenced pad just south of the highway there is a manual shut off) to where they have a pump station right beside the highway on McDermott Road in Abbotsford, they could decommission the old pipe that’s across the aquifer now, put two pipes in the new trench and completely remove any risk of ever having a pipeline spill into our drinking water.

The Mayor brought up that option of going alongside Highway 1 in a letter to the NEB on April 27. And in the July 4 Council meeting Councilor Lum asked staff to do a peer review of whatever data Kinder Morgan have on the option of going alongside Highway 1.

If you agree the pipelines should be moved, now is the time to support the City to push for that, while the City is in negotiations with Kinder Morgan and before the NEB’s public hearings on the route which will be happening sometime late summer or in the Fall.

Show your support by signing the attached petition. Optimally write the Mayor and Council via the City website at (>125 letters will get the City's attention). Thank you for your time and shared concern.

6. Lower the cervical screening age to 20

This petition is to lower the age cervical screening for cancer is offered. I'm 24 years old and my cancer was found through my 1st smear test... which I was invited to 6 months early! The current guidelines in England mean that women are only screened from the ages of 25 to 64 meaning thousands of women like myself under the age of 25 are at risk. Cervical cancer is a PREVENTABLE cancer. Cells have to go through 3 separate stages of 'abnormal' before they become cancerous, meaning there is more than enough time to recognise and treat these cells before they become a real problem.
The current guidelines in Wales and Scotland are that women can be screened from the age of 20- so why aren't they the same in England? It is a NATIONAL health service, not a regional one. It really is discrimination against those who have not reached a certain age.
I began with symptoms 3 years ago, but my GP would not arrange a smear as I was "too young" for cervical cancer. If I had access to the same screening as other areas, it could have been treated before it got to the cancer stage. So if you could please all sign my petition I would be so grateful, even if you think it doesn't affect you; do it for your daughter, sister, girlfriend and friends. Do it for every young woman who is at risk as many times there are NO symptoms.
Surely it is much more cost effective to screen women for cervical cancer and prevent it than to treat it. Not only that, but age is a protected characteristic, therefore all people should have the same access to services across the country, not just in certain areas.

7. Stop Medical Practitioner Crime & Abuse of Public Office

Janette Francis is a multi generation Australian and resident in South Australia (

In 2006 Janette was given radiology confirmation of her suspicions that she's been surgically raped (in about 1997) referring GP refused to act on that information and stated that the department of health told the doctor not to treat Janette. See this Youtube video

Several other radiologists refused to identify foreign items inside Janette seen in other radiology investigations since 2006. Several GPs refused to order relevant tests to determine the source of the disturbing sparking vibrations from what a person can feel is like lengths of cables under Janette's skin.

In 2007 after Janette told a GP about the (2006) radiology evidence, she was ambushed by several medical doctors inside Ashford private hospital. Janette was then illegally injected with a drug that rendered her unconscious. She regained consciousness to discover she'd been (illegally) transported to Royal Adelaide Hospital, where she was told she'd been detained under the Mental Health Act. Literally for doing and saying nothing out of the ordinary.

Janette was released after 24 hours as not being mentally ill, 24 hours later because SA Health couldn't be bothered to arrange for a psychiatrist to see her sooner. The department of health refused to give Janette any documents about her illegal imprisonment.

Several years later when in the process of trying to address the situation, Janette discovered her state health record says she had threatened to shoot people (with a gun, which was 100% false criminal defamation) and that's why I was (illegally) drugged and imprisoned at Ashford private hospital.

In 2010 Janette lodged associated complaints to the national medical practitioner registrar, Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, about the (above) corrupt doctors. AHPRA refused to acknowledge and investigate her complaints.

January 2014 Janette was unlawfully assaulted and battered by several South Australia state public officers, they unlawfully imprisoned (again) falsely her claiming that right under the mental health Act. Janette was illegally held for several weeks, forced to take mind altering drugs, lived under threat of statute authorised barbaric electric shock and forced brain surgery. The government public officers said the reason Janette was imprisoned was because she wrote to South Australia's health Minister Jack Snelling MP, asking him that in light of the unlawful actions of AHPRA staff and corrupt medical doctors, how would he suggest she go about having illegal implants removed.

9 September 2016 after Janette complained to her state housing landlord about a hostile neighbour with a video camera erected at 90 angle from their house down her driveway and at her front door, (specifically to keep me under surveillance) the housing public officer abused their position to breach Janette's privacy and inform the neighbour Janette was taking state housing to court to get an order to disclose the neighbour's name so Janette could prosecute them in civil court over their surveillance camera pointed at Janette's house as a private nuisance and risk to her security.

10 September 2016, (confirming the Public Officer's abuse of position, and presumably to stop Janette from learning his surname) the neighbour committed criminal defamation of Janette by claiming to state health that she had violently threatened them with serious harm. Immediately, state hosing dispatched a mental health team to approach Janette at her urban residence, illegally trespass on her property and criminally assault Janette with threat of a third round of unlawful imprisonment.

12 September 2016 the name disclosure matter went to trial, Janette got the court order forcing state housing to give her the neighbour's name.

12 September 2016 someone (presumably the outraged neighbour) criminally defamed Janette by making an online complaint to Crime Stoppers claiming knowing it was false. They said Janette was growing and disturbing huge amounts of marijuana from her medium density state housing rental. South Australia's police were quick to investigate that only (6) six days later.

22 September 2016 in confidential legal appointment, Janette asked (state) Flinders University Legal Advice Clinic to assist her to formulate a magistrates court application (Neighbourhood Dispute) against the neighbour with the camera. Neighbourhood disputes was one of their advertised free legal advice services. FLAC refused in writing (email) to provide their service as advertised, and abused their position as Public Officers by breaching legal professional privilege, and Janette's privacy, when they posted a letter to the neighbour about the content of their legal advice they gave to Janette, which arguably is another act of criminal defamation.

21 June 2017 giving her name and address, Janette made her own online complaint to Crime Stoppers about the neighbour's camera which is now in breach of s5 Surveillance Devices Act 2016 (SA) Optical Surveillance Devices, and other matters. South Australia's police refused to investigate indicating compliance to yet another criminal conspiracy intended to treat Janette as if she is in prison by keeping her under illegal surveillance at her residence.

By 6 July 2017:
- State and Federal police have refused to investigate any of the above crimes against Janette, despite Australian criminal law that makes the above, serious crimes.

- On the facts, there's an active and ongoing criminal conspiracy amongst registered medical practitioners and government public officers, to conceal Janette's 1997 criminal surgery with health minister Jack Snelling MP as not simply one of many participants, but one of the leading conspirators.

8. Protect Seafarers from Second-hand Smoke Onboard Ships - CLICK AND SIGN THIS PETITION NOW!

A recent research, Experiencing Second-hand Smoking Onboard Ships by Seafarers, sheds light on how second-hand smoke can negatively affect crew's health and ability to perform routine tasks.

The research, conducted by Jeric Bacasdoon, found that 98% of the non-smoking crew onboard are exposed to second-hand smoke, which is proved by numerous studies to cause serious effects on health, including cancer.

It is emphasized that the said research is not against smoking as Bacasdoon also acknowledges the rights of smokers to smoke onboard.

However, the study intends to raise awareness that seafarers experience second-hand smoking onboard so that policies will be created to protect them from it.

9. Cadwch arian meddygfa Corwen / Keep funding for Corwen surgery

***English version below***

Mae'r Bwrdd Iechyd wedi bod yn rhoi arian craidd o £52,000 i feddygfa Corwen er mwyn medru cynnal nifer o wasanaethau y tu hwnt i'r gwasanaethau arferol a geir mewn meddygfa.

Mae'r Bwrdd Iechyd wedi penderfynnu cwtogi'r arian yma, ac erbyn y bydd y feddygfa newydd yn barod bydd yr arian craidd wedi cael ei gwtogi i £0.

Mae hyn yn peryglu gwaith y meddygon a staff clinigol yn y feddygfa, a bydd disgwyl iddynt arall gyfeirio er mwyn gwneud y golled i fyny.

Mae Dyffryn Edeirinion eisioes wedi colli ysbyty Llangollen, ac mae meddygfa Corwen wedi mynd cymryd y cyfrifoldeb dros llawer o'r gwaith a ddylid ei wneud mewn ysbyty cymunedol. Mae'r arian yma yn eu galluogi i wneud y gwaith yma.


The Health Board have been providing a core-payment of £52,000 to Corwen Surgery in order for the surgery to be able to carry out services over and above what a GP's Practice might normally do.

The Health Board have decided to cut this funding, and by the time the new development is finished it will be cut to £0.

This threatens the work of the Doctors and medical practitioners there, and they'll be expected to diversify in order to make up the loss.

We have already lost a community Hospital from Llangollen, and the surgery has taken the responsibility to carry out much of the work that should be done at a community hospital, such as blood tests. This money allows them to carry out this work.

10. #EIGHTTOZERO - Reduce plastic bag use in Thailand

In Thailand, on average, we use 8 plastic bags every day. A total of 600,000 in Bangkok and a scary 500 million wasted nationwide every day. We want your help to get that number down to zero.

We are calling on all Thai people to pressure their business to instruct their staff to ask: "Do you need a plastic bag?"

Thailand is the 6th worst-offending country for plastic that ends in the oceans, in the world.

Our plastic ends up in the street, in our canals, in the rivers, on our beaches and in the oceans. It is poisonous to us and suffocating for wildlife. And it looks ugly!

- Every year, the floods in Thailand are worse as plastic bags clog sewers and canals.
- Plastic in our oceans is turning the fish we eat toxic. Enjoy your sushi ...
- Plastic kills our marine life, our fish, our turtles and our birds.

Worst of all. Plastic takes 1,000 years to degrade. So please help us to take the challenge to retailers, supermarkets and convenience stores.


เราขอเรียกร้องให้คนไทยออกมากดดันธุรกิจต่างๆ เพื่อตอบคำถามสั้นๆ ว่า “เราจำเป็นที่จะต้องใช้พลาสติกจริงๆ หรือ”

ปะเทศไทยจัดเป็นประเทศอันดับที่ 6 จากทั่วโลก ในเรื่องของการทิ้งพลาสติกลงสู่ทะเล

โดนเฉลี่ยแล้วคนไทยแต่ละคนจะใช้พลาสติกคนละ 8 ถุงต่อวัน โดยรวมๆ แล้ว เราใช้พลาสติกมาถึง 500,000,000 ถุง ต่อวัน

พลาสติกที่เราใช้จะถูกทิ้งลงถนน คลอง แม่น้ำ หรือ ทะเล ซึ่งจะก่อให้เกิดมลพิษทางน้ำและยังทำร้ายสัตว์น้ำต่างๆ และยังทำให้ทุกๆ ที่ไม่น่าดู
· ทุกๆ ปี ประเทศไทยจะเจอปัญหาเรื่องน้ำท่วม ปัญหาเหล่านี้ยังคงเติบโตขึ้นเรื่อย จำปี 2554 ได้ไหม?
· พลาสติกในทะเลทำให้ปลาที่เรารับประทานเป็นพิษ
· พลาสติกทำร้ายสัตว์นานาชนิดในแม่น้ำและทะเล

ยิ่งแย่ไปกว่านี้ พลาสติกใช้เวลาถึง 1000 ปีในการย่อยสลาย ดั้งนั้นเราจึงขอให้ทุกๆ คนออกมาคัดค้านกลุ่มธุรกิจ ร้านค้าต่างๆ

11. Redcliffe Skatepark Upgrade

Residents have generously tried to provide/build/add previously unavailable rails/ledges/obstacles to their local Redcliffe Skatepark for their community, at no cost to the tax payer.

279 hand-written signatures from supporters for this cause were collected on the 10th, 11th, and 12th of June 2017 (3 days only). We are hoping to gain some more from this online version, now available at your disposal.

12. Women stop wearing bras

1. Sagging and chaffing

“If your bra is too tight it can cause skin damage and reduce the blood circulation, as well as feeling uncomfortable,” says Recour.

“This is not just applicable to larger cup sizes, it is just as important to wear the right sized bra for smaller breasts as a wrongly fitting one can lead to sagging breasts and chaffing.”

Suzanne Pentalnd, an expert bra fitter for Freya adds: “Your bra should not move throughout the day. The band should be firm enough to sit in place but if it’s too big, your bra will move and this causes rubbing on the skin, which can cause irritation.”
2. Headaches

It doesn’t stop at skin-deep either.

“A poorly fitting bra offers a lack of support to the cleavage, which then means the neck and upper back muscles are having to work harder to support the weight of the breasts,” explains physio and osteopath Tim Allardyce from Surrey Physio.

[Read more: Are you putting your bra on the right way? Your technique reveals a lot about your personality]

“As soon as the neck muscles become overworked, you are far more likely to get headaches (known as cervicogenic headaches, or neck in origin headaches).”
3. Sore neck

“This is not an issue with smaller breasts,” Allardyce adds, “but with larger breasts, it can be quite a strain on the neck muscles. A properly fitted bra will offer support by taking some of the weight from the breasts and distributing it away from the neck.”

4. Stiff back

It continues down the body too. “A bra that is too tight restricts movement in the upper back, causing stiffness in the spine and restriction. Spines are designed to move, to bend, to rotate, but experts believe that the section where the bra strap is often has a localised stiffness at the spine (the two vertebra around the bra strap tend to be quite stiff). This causes backache which can then develop into back pain.”
5. Shortness of breath

You won’t actually feel short of breath if your bra is too tight, but the quality of your breathing will fall.

“There is the opinion that bras that are too tight can restrict the movement of the ribs,” explains Allardyce.

“Although this won’t cause any noticeable change in breathing rate or shortness of breath, it does impact on the breathing mechanics and makes it more likely you will be a shallow rib breather. This can affect the concentration of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood, so deep breathing is always more preferable.

“It also means you are more likely to recruit the neck muscles for breathing (known as secondary inspiratory muscles) and this shortens the neck muscles and can lead to neck pain.”

6. General tenderness

If you’ve ever tried to do exercise wearing a normal bra or no bra at all, you will know the pain that ensues – big boobs or not. The reason for this is that “breasts move a massive 8cm during even moderate exercise,” says Recour. If that movement isn’t supported, it’s no wonder you feel in pain afterwards.

“A properly fitted sports bra will reduce that movement by up to 83% (compared to less than 35% provided by a regular bra).
“It’s essential to get measured separately for your sports bra – a sports bra is a structured piece of technical equipment designed specifically for the purpose of supporting your breasts but it can only do this to the optimum if it is properly fitted.”

Material coutesy of

13. Sign the Sympathy Card to Manchester Arena (Ariana Grande Concert) Attack

The "Manchester Terror Attack" that just happened on Monday evening 22 May 2017 in Manchester Arena at Ariana Grande's Concert. Hundreds and many unknown innocents were injured. This is the second suicide attack after London Westminster Bridge attack in just under two months.


14. Lets Make University Food Healthier and Cheaper

Our universities are packed full of commercial fast food restaurants with menu items that are high in cholesterol, greasy and for the most part not made with the freshest ingredients. For students to study day and night, while having to juggle jobs and other responsibilities on the side takes quite a bit of energy. Energy requires proper eating and on campuses the accessibility of affordable healthy meals should be the norm. Unfortunately it is not and we deserve better. With your support and signature we would like to propose a change that will allow us to integrate more of the food items we should have access to, at the fair price to our campuses.

15. STOP the Pavilion Dog Park Cell Tower !

This petition is being started to stop the planning and construction of a Verizon cell tower on the land currently being used as a dog park at the Greenville County Pavilion Recreation Center Complex at Old Spartanburg Road and Scottswood Road in Taylors, South Carolina.
On August 29th 2016, Greenville County's planning commission voted to approve a lease of this land to Milestone Development/Milestone Communications Inc [see] to construct a 120 ft cell tower at this location. According to, there are already 75 towers within a 4 mile radius of the proposed tower site.

Nearby business owners, residents, and parents of children in nearby day care centers, schools, playgrounds and churches are extremely concerned about short and long term health/ safety issues, property devaluation and are calling for all planning for erection of the tower at this location to IMMEDIATELY CEASE and for a new more suitable location to be found and used instead.

Cell towers or cell masts emit radio frequencies (RF) a form of electromagnetic radiation like a microwave oven for a distance of up to 2 miles in hilly areas. [] Even at low levels of radiation with just short exposure time, there is evidence of cell tissue and DNA damage and it is linked to numerous health problems such as fatigue, headaches, dizziness, skin reactions, anxiety, nausea and irritability that can begin within days of tower activation for some sensitive people. Down the road, long term exposure has led to birth defects, brain cancers, nervous system break down and complete inability to function.

Dr George Carlo hired by the telecommunications industry to conduct studies on cell tower radiation concluded that exposure to radiation from cell towers is "potentially the biggest health insult" this nation has ever seen and a greater threat than cigarette smoking or asbestos. "safety" guidelines are among the least restrictive in the world allowing up to 580 microwatts per square centimeter whereas Australia permits up to 200 microwatts. Russia, Italy and Toronto, Canada allow 10 and China and Switzerland manage quite well at 6 and 4 microwatts respectively. New Zealand has proposed levels as low as .02 microwatts per square centimeter. []

Numerous studies including:
1) The 1998 Vienna Resolution conducted by 16 world leaders in bioelectric magnetic research 2) The International Association of Fireman study of impact of towers on or near firestations have made firefighters sick. 3) The 2003 R. Santini et al in Rennes, France study of people living within 300 meters of cell antennas 4) The 2011 W.H.O. Internat'l Agency for Research on Cancer study that classifed RFs radio frequency electro magnetic fields (EMFs) as " a possible carcinogenic" based on increased incidences of brain cancers 5) The 2003 E. A. Navarro study in Valencia, Spain where people living 50-150 meters away from cell towers were studied 6)The 2007 Dr John Walker studies showing high incidences of brain hemorrhages, brain cancers and high blood pressure of people living within 400 yards of cell masts. 7) The 2004 Israeli Study "Increased incidence of Cancer Near a Cell Phone Transmission Station" found those living near cell towers had a 4.5x higher cancer risk. 8) The 2012 Bio-inititive report [ ] more than confirms all of the above studies conclusions and looked at
many additional studies. It concluded that safety standards are as much as 1000 times too lenient and recommended a safe (RFR) level for those living near cell towers be set at .003 microwatts per square centimeter.

The verbiage of Greenville County Ordinances passed in 2005 ( after the Telecommunications Act of 1996) all show that the goal of Greenville County Government is first and foremost to protect the health, safety, welfare and property values of its residents as well as protect the environment. Allowing the tower to be put up at this location would be a violation of those ordinances.

Please join us in telling Greenville County Government elected and appointed officials that we are not willing to risk our health or our children's health or see further damage to the environment or our properties devalued as a result of a cell tower put up at this location and are calling for cancellation of all lease agreements and or contracts with Milestone Communications to construct a tower here.

For more information and updates visit "Upstate Action" channel on YouTube and search for "Stop the Pavilion Dog Park Cell Tower". Also contact your county council representative at ] and tell them to do what they can to STOP the tower from being put up at this location. Finally come to the next Greenville County meeting planned for May 10th, 2017 to voice your disapproval and THANK-YOU for SIGNING THE PETITION BELOW.

16. Make School Lunches Better

In France, they serve five-course meals, made of a main dish, yogurt or cheese, desert, appetizers, a side, and vegetables. Here, we get frozen tater tots and meat with so much preservatives it would last weeks. We get unappetizing vegetables in small plastic bags, and meat that has been radiated and isn't even real meat. We get ketchup that's really just tomato paste with water. Sure, you pay for money to feed us- but the food hardly gives us energy or increases our health. And I think that it's time to fix that. There is a reason we are the most obese nation in the world.

17. Keeping Ohio in Daylight Savings Time

The switch of hours for Daylight Savings was implemented in the World War II era to save electricity and store it for the war effort. That may have helped in the 1940s, but now it is just a negative risk to everyone.

The switch from forwarding our clocks one hour in the Springtime and Autumntime drastically increases the chances of accidents on the road. "In 1988 the cost of sleep-related accidents exceeded $56 billion and included 24,318 deaths and 2,474,430 disabling injuries" (The New England Journal of Medicine). This is sole because the times where it is dark outside is completely reversed to no sunlight in the morning and longer sunlight in the evening.

There are also severe health risks with the loss of sleep and change of schedule. "In conclusion, these data suggest that shifts to and from DST might transiently affect the incidence and type of acute cardiac events, albeit modestly" (The American Journal of Cardiology).

Lastly, electricity efforts are no longer supporting the results from World War II. "Our main finding is that, contrary to the policy's intent, DST increases electricity demand. The findings are consistent with simulation results that identify a trade-off between reducing demand for lighting and increasing demand for heating and cooling" (The President and Fellows of Harvard College and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology),

This petition is to get government attention, specifically for the state of Ohio, to regulate the time change and to not keep forwarding and rewinding the hours to accommodate for the seasons.

18. Support the UOttawa Real Food Challenge

The Real Food Challenge (RFC) is a national, student-driven campaign to reshape our food economy. We are a network of students and youth at schools across the country, advocating for "real food" on our campuses and in our communities.

The impact
Collectively, colleges and universities across North America spend over $5 billion per year to feed their students. By working together to shift 20% of purchasing to Real Food, we will be funnelling $1 billion into the agriculture and supply chains we need for our future.

We have a goal of reaching 20% Real Food procurement by 2020.

Please show support for the Real Food Challenge at the University of Ottawa by signing below!

19. Full Rheumatology Services for Mayo University Hospital

Full Rheumatology Services for Mayo University Hospital

Please sign the below petition to support the people of Mayo on lists in Sligo/Manorhamilton and Merlin Park Galway for people living in Mayo to be treated in Mayo
• Full time Rheumatologist based in MUH
• Full time Rheumatology Clinical Nurse Specialist, Physiotherapist and Occupational Therapy in MUH
• Rheumatology Infusion Service in MUH
11 Hours a week will not provide a service to all 26,000 people across Mayo with Arthritis

20. Subsidy for Meningococcal (MenB) Vaccine

Meningococcal disease is a serious illness which, even when treated, kills 10 to 15 infected people out of 100. And of those who survive, about 10 to 20 out of every 100 will suffer disabilities such as hearing loss, brain damage, kidney damage, amputations, nervous system problems, or severe scars from skin grafts. Thanks to meningitis vaccines, thousands are alive today who would otherwise have died or been left seriously disabled from these deadly diseases. The addition of the MenB vaccine will save even more as it can help prevent meningococcal disease caused by serogroup B.

21. Clean Air & Water - No Permit for Industrial Sand Mine/Processing Plant on Bruce Rd.

Industrial Sand Mining is a relatively new industry in the State of Texas has little oversight. Little oversight can mean big consequences for communities next to the Frac Sand Mine/ Processing Plants. Permit By Rule is not near adequate for these kinds of operations. Who is watching out for the people next to these mines? Frac Sand is crystalline silica. Crystalline Silica is a carcinogen. Dust size particles generated during the mining , exploding , crushing, processing , drying , loading , and hauling of Frac Sand is a health hazard to the people living next to mine and those on the truck route to and from mine. According to and many others have all stated that when these particles are inhaled they can reach deep into the lungs and have fatal consequences. The organizations above state that exposure from inhaling or ingesting has been linked to silicosis, tuberculosis, emphysema, bronchitis, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, anemia, chronic thyroiditis and kidney-related diseases. A mining operation daily withdraws up to 2 million gallons of water that is mixed with a compound called polyacrylamide which is a flocculent used to treat the sand. That compound itself is non-toxic. But its production method may leave minute traces of a neurotoxin. As piled sand dries, acrylamide-laden water can seep into groundwater. Also, there can be acid runoff from mines. Please take the health and well being of the residents and their children into consideration and help us to sustain the quality of life we are accustom to.

22. Speak UP! Speak NOW! Make the IWC Health & Wellbeing Stage 2 Development happen!

IWC's proposed Health & Wellbeing Stage 2 Development is desperately needed so this community-run, non-government organisation can continue to build medical and health services for all peoples, Indigenous and non-Indigenous, across Bundaberg and the Wide Bay / Burnett.
IWC is seeking 50% funding support from our Government, and we need everyone in our communities to show THEIR support for the delivery of the Stage 2 Development..

23. Let's get Craig Harper to Canberra

Craig seems to have forgotten to schedule Canberra into his 2017 tour (that or he thinks we don't need him). I'm hoping we can get enough signatures together to convince him to come and impart his legendary wisdom and knowledge upon us.
If you don't know Craig do yourself a favour and check out his website you'll be sure to find something that resonates
He is one of Australia’s leading presenters, writers and educators in health, high-performance and personal development. His content is delivered in a fabulously engaging and entertaining way. Like no other speaker he manages to keep shit (very) real!

24. Petition for the amendment of the Bilgola Pool Management Plan

For the last 2 years, November 2015- April 2016 and October 2016 to present we have been running swimming/fitness classes at the Bilgola Rock pool for local children many of whom are current nippers at Surf Life Saving Clubs, training to be our future lifesavers, a huge benefit to the community.

I am a ASCTA Bronze accredited coach and have undertaken numerous courses for swimming skills and first aid.

Originally many of the children were being trained at a local privately run swim school (25mtr pool) which closed down in November of 2015.
As the coach of that swim club, I approached the then Pittwater council to request limited access to the Bilgola Rock Pool so that we could continue training. Upon meeting all the councils criteria required, my request was accepted and a permit granted. Another permit was applied for and granted in October 2016 for the next season (October 2016 - April 2017) and we've been operating well under the council approved permit times (6.30am - 9am).
There is really no other convenient local distance pool to train at, hence our application to the community pool at Bilgola.
We train with lane ropes to protect the children while making the swim more enjoyable and safe for the local swimmers.
Currently our permit allows us to train on:
Wednesdays 6.30am set lane ropes - 7am starts - 7.45 finishes (2 lanes of 8 only)
Thursdays 6.30am set lane ropes - 7am starts - 7.45 finishes (1 lanes of 8 only)
Fridays 6.30am set lane ropes - 7am starts - 7.45 finishes (2 lanes of 8 only)

Note : when the lane ropes are set at 6.30am they are gladly used by the locals as the pool is not marked and there are numerous incidents of accidents where people cross swimming paths. Also many local pool swimmers are happily receiving stroke correction advice and exercises at no charge during this time.

We've had very few complaints compared to the growing support network and there is significant acceptance from the community and the local swimmers at the pool recognising the training of our future lifesavers/surfers in distance swimming.

However, one complainant though has found a clause in the Bilgola Pool Management Plan (BPMP) which states that "a group" is not allowed to begin activities until 7.30am. As the children are school age this time wont work for them (finish 8.15am)

Remember the pool has 8 lanes, at most 2 are in use for a period of 45 min (7am - 7.45am) - that's it.
There is no fee structure, its all by donation and not a prerequisite to attend. Classes can and are cancelled due to bad weather and attendance is a factor of each families busy lives. At the time of this issue council and I were working the pool hiring fee structure.

Of interest, we're advised that Avalon Beach Rock pool management plan start time is 6.30am (15 mtr) and Palm Beach (50mtr but already in use) is 7am

We ask that you sign the following petition to request Northern Beaches Council to amend the BPMP to 6.30am so as to meet the current times of the squads and that are well within the approved current council permit.

25. Sanitary Towels For Free

Growing up in rural areas can be difficult for many young girls. Most young girls find themselves surrounded by poverty, hardship and a lack of positive role models, causing them to end up sexually active at an early stage, falling pregnant and end up using drugs and alcohol to deal with their circumstances.

Growing up in rural Hammanskraal myself, I believe that with the right people caring and reaching out to young girls to motivate, encourage and mentor we can inspire them to believe in their dreams and to pursue their full potential. For many of us, buying sanitary pads is as easy as buying bread and milk. But this is not the case for millions of girls and women in South Africa. They are at a permanent disadvantage as they are forced to stay at home as they are unable to afford this basic necessity. Girls use unhygienic alternatives to sanitary pads, such as newspaper or even sand and leaves, or sitting on cow patties. Doing this puts them at a huge risk of infection. And, according to Barnes, of nine million girls aged between 13 and 19 years in South Africa, "80% of those were missing a week of school every month... That's just time you can't make up and it's affecting their education."

26. Mandate that all street signs and adress numbers be visible from the street to help Emergency Response Teams

Everyone has had a hard time finding and seeing addresses in the dark and we all know how frustrating that can be, so imagine if someone's health and safety depended on the response time.

It's very important for all Emergency Response personnel to not have to worry about this and have to second guess themselves when time is of the essence.

All efforts should be made to make sure they are able to do their job to the best of their ability.

27. Protect the community-based, non-profit Earthwise Farm

For almost ten years the not-for-profit Earthwise Farm has been a model for small scale community based farming. Thousands of people of all ages visit us to rediscover their connection with growing food. Our farm based events draw hundreds of people to celebrate and share a new vision for the future of farming.

We are Tsawwassen’s authentic grass roots inspired community farm, and our success has been made possible by our community.

But that could change.

In a few weeks, our certified organic field will be dismantled to accommodate site grading for the Southlands development project, and when the work is completed, we may not be allowed to resume farming in that location.

We ask that the Corporation of Delta:
1) Keep the Earthwise Farm in its current location as the feature of the Market Square, as promised; and,
2) Support Earthwise to continue to deliver its community and farming education programs without interruption during the development process.

Throughout the debate and public presentations leading to the approval of the Southlands development, Century Group (the developer) stated that, “As the working model for the Southlands Community-based Farm, Earthwise Farm and Garden will be the feature of the Market Square” (Imagine Southlands website 2013-2016).

In the Corporation of Delta Bylaw 7271, Attachment E on page 26 includes our farm area as part of the Earthwise Garden Precinct Plan, and notes that it “will be retained in its existing configuration.”

Based on these public assurances of a secure future on the site, Earthwise, its volunteers and community supporters have made a huge investment in program development that is dependent upon continued access to the Earthwise Farm in its current location.

28. Support Arthritis Ireland's call for a third Consultant Paediatric Rheumatologist

Children with arthritis are fed up waiting in pain. 688 is the number of children waiting to see a consultant paediatric rheumatologist for the treatment of childhood arthritis, Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA). This is a national health crisis, so enough is enough. During the month of May, Arthritis Ireland is calling for the urgent appointment of a Consultant Paediatric Rheumatologist to be appointed at Our Lady's Children's Hospital, Crumlin to help ease the huge burden on overstretched services. Children on waiting lists are not just waiting in pain; they’re also at risk of permanent, irreversible joint damage that can impact on their ability to live a normal life.

We are asking the public to help us put an end to Waiting in Pain. Help us by signing our petition.

29. Free Food Distribution Center at the Antioch New England Campus

Citizen's Supply is trying to establish a free food distribution center at the Antioch New England Campus so that anyone in Keene and the surrounding area can come to get something to eat.

Food is a right not a privilege! By signing here I state that I am in full support of this mission and would like to see a free food distribution center at Antioch New England!

30. Help 7 years old ERIC fight Cancer! Send a few words of Comfort to him!

Help 7 years old ERIC fight Cancer!! Send few words of Comfort to him!

On the 25 of August 2016 at 08:00 in the morning, I got to know that my neighbour's 7 years old son Eric has cancer. Eric sent his father to let me know that he wanted me to visit him at the hospital and I did and will continue to do so. While at the hospital I realized just what kind of life Eric has just entered into and how brave this 7 year old is. I knew I had to let him know that he will not be alone in this new journey. I had to let him that people care and I'm therefore reaching out to you to send a few encouraging words of comfort and recovery to this brave child.

Let us make Eric know that he is not alone. Send your words now!! and I will take them to him. Please make sure you add your name to your words and where you are!