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On October 3, local Shelbyville officials were notified of a white supremacist hate group that are intending to hold a rally under the pretense of protesting "illegal immigration and to draw attention to the recent Emanuel Samson church shooting in Antioch, Tennessee." This is the same group of white supremacists that marched the streets of Charlottesville, Virginia this year screaming racial slurs and ultimately creating a riot resulting in three deaths and over 33 injuries. They are known for extreme violence and hatred of any who is not white or associates with other races. They plan to make an appearance in OUR streets and spread their hate and OUR VOICES NEED TO BE HEARD!

This is what the Shelbyville Police Department had to say about this event: (Please note: It is NOT the responsibility of the police department to allow this event to take place and they have NO say in this matter other than to join together and ensure the safety of citizens! That falls on our city board for not giving a solid 'NO, GO HOME" to these groups so please give credit to where credit is, rightfully, due!)

"Late Tuesday afternoon the Shelbyville Police Department received notice of a planned demonstration scheduled for 28 October 2017. Organizers of this event informed our department the purpose of the demonstration was to protest illegal immigration and to draw attention to the recent Emanuel Samson church shooting in Antioch, Tennessee.
Wednesday morning the Shelbyville Police Department Command Staff met and began making preparations for this event. In an effort to keep the citizens of Shelbyville safe we have reached out to local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. All of which have committed their assistance.
Shelbyville is a very diverse community. In accordance with the mission of the Shelbyville Police Department, members are sworn in an unbiased manner in which all people will be treated fairly. The department recognizes that fair unbiased policing strengthens and promotes public trust while fostering close community relationships, and the department remains committed to the fair and equal treatment of all persons and in maintaining a close relationship with the community.
We ask for your cooperation in allowing these individuals to peacefully assemble and exercise their First Amendment Rights. We also ask you join with us in committing to fulfill our mission to maintain a close relationship with all members of our community."

Send a solid message to the city board:
YOU WORK FOR US! You do NOT have to allow these hate groups to meet on OUR public streets where your citizens pay their taxes and raise their families on those streets!

Send a firm message to these hate groups:
YOUR KIND is not welcome here!
We are NOT afraid of you!
You do NOT speak FOR us!
Love WILL conquer hate!

Mayor Ewing Wallace Cartwright, do not allow the board to issue this permit under any circumstance!
At this moment, I have faxed over a request, as well as the official form for a permit, in the event we could host a cookout at the city park. I will update as soon as I receive word. If this is not approved or they ask us not to then I am hoping to get enough people in on this to host a block party to celebrate the diversity, equality, acceptance, and love that makes us human.

Peace, love, and equality for all!

2. No Suboxone Clinic in Madison Indiana Historic District

We are the residents of Madison, Indiana. We are writing to petition against the location of the Suboxone clinic in our historic district.

Groups: Recover Together, in collaboration with The Clearinghouse, is planning on placing a drug rehabilitation facility within the center of our tourism, historic district and residential community. This center will allow the dispensing of prescription medications to aid with various types of narcotic dependency. By leasing space at The Clearinghouse, 100 East Second Street, Groups will place drug dependent individuals in a residential area, within one block of a children's park/playground, across the street from Madison's largest public festival and event location and our riverfront. This clinic would also be close to Girls, Inc, and across the street from a retired living facility. In addition, a clinic that prescribes medication for drug treatment and/or pain management would be in direct violation of the Madison Pain Management Clinic Ordinance number 2016-20, enacted December 6, 2016, and therefore is not a permitted use inside this facility.

We understand and agree with providing resources to patients struggling with narcotic dependency. However, the presence of this facility will undoubtedly attract illegal prescription drug trafficking and sales of illegal drugs, physical altercations, loitering in areas surrounding the clinic and increased crimes to this residential and tourist area. Not only will our safety be at jeopardy and property assessments decline, but the surrounding businesses, and eventually the area, will also diminish. Therefore, this drug rehabilitation center should not be located in the Madison Historic District.

3. Stop Banning Us Facebook!

Facebook Groups are used for Marketing purposes. We often get blocked, with no recourse whatsoever as the appeal system does not work. It is our contention that in many instances our competitors and trollers are the cause.

When blocking someone, there is an option to first message that person. We want this to be the only course of action for a period of at least 72 hours, with at least a 24 hour period between reports and the action should have to be taken at least 3 times before banning. Further, that person must always be identifiable.

If you want to deny us our income, then at least have the guts to debate the subject.

4. Facebook should enable group and page admins to completely block everything pornographic

Facebook should enable group and page admins to completely block everything pornographic. Whether it's pictures, URLs, shared posts etc.

We need to be able to completely block all pornographic posting in our Facebook group called Celtic Fc Supporters and Followers 1888.

We pride ourselves that all family members can join our group and stand united as Our Amazing Celtic FC Family. Something must be done so these posts stop so family members of all ages can join and enjoy our group as intended.

5. Keep the New Barn from being demolished

The Council said I have impacted on the green belt by cutting into the land at one end by 80cm down to 4cm at the other end of the land to make the ground level to start building. The building is the same height as the old building.

I applied for 200 square meter of internal space which was granted by the council. The new building is 197 square meters external so I am within 200 square meters.

I have used recycled materials where possible, the walls under the cladding are recycled pallets and all power in the building lighting will be led. I have not impacted on the green belt. The new building looks so much better than the old metal framed barn, and is in keeping with the green belt. I live in the green belt and would not harm it.

This new studio will benefit local and international artists, video productions, recording artists who would like to record live as in the past, engineers and producers, and people in the music and film business, and local businesses, including Hotels, B&B, Pubs, Restaurants, take aways, taxis, and all other local businesses.

I didn’t want to play on the fact that I am in a wheel chair as I don’t think about it and all my friends treat me as just a mate with no disability, but the council have not taken into account that I have built this studio for people with disabilities with easy access to all parts of the building and easy parking.

6. Don't let people be added to Facebook groups without their consent

At present, on Facebook, you can be added to groups without your knowledge or consent. A notification will be sent to you, but if you don't notice it you can discover that you're in groups that you do not endorse.

People are often added to ideological groups whose views they oppose to inflate their numbers, or for political mileage.


We buried our mother in Nov 2011, we have asked the council can we put our own benches at our own cost in the cemetery. This has been refused but they are giving us the option to purchase 1 bench from them at the cost of £820.00 (2 seater).

They have informed us that there will only be one bench placed in the cemetery, how do they expect every one to go visit their loved ones without sitting down and relaxing?

I think the council find it acceptable for the older generation to stand in the wet grass grieving with no seats, when we visit our mum we are there for hours and i myself have problems standing for long periods of time, so how are the older generation supposed to be able to say goodbye in private standing for hours?

There is no where to sit and nothing to lean on they are very unsteady on their feet, this eventually will cause some one to fall over or collapse in the grass. The council are not giving the support needed to accommodate the families visiting Emstrey cemetery

8. Save 'People First Lambeth'

Just got back from a Partnership Board meeting with Jim Dickson, Cabinet Minister for Health and Well Being and councillor in Lambeth to discuss the cuts. The council's budget has been cut by 10% yet they have cut People First, Lambeths only advocacy service for people with Learning Difficulties by 90% meaning they have to close down. They will basically confined to becoming prisoners in their own home, with fear of mockery on the streets and no access to training, to advocacy or most importantly to them, no social life.

Dickson had no excuse for cutting them other than "someone had to go" and avoided all questions about what will happen to people with learning difficulties once it is abolished in March. An organisation costing around only 70k a year to run, which pays for itself thousands of times over every year.

Please sign this petition to keep 'People First' going and let's save an organisation which is a saviour to others. Without it, we are condemning these people to a life of solitary confinement! Don't let the council do this!

For more info, view a few short films here to understand why this cause is so important, or scroll down to the bottom of the page to sign the petition:

Thank you for your time.

Gary and Mark

9. Start Borderline Personality Disorder Support Groups

There are no support groups for people or loved ones with Borderline Personality Disorder. I feel a support group is a necessary tool for Lifeways as many suffer from this condition and attend the wrong support groups.

Many people wonder through this illness with out any education of it. As well as family members are left with less resources to help their loved one cope with this illness.

10. Stop Anti Social Behaviour in Moseley Drive, Marston Green

There have been many recent instances of groups of teenagers causing mayhem in Moseley Drive after getting drunk in the park at the bottom of Moseley Drive.

West Midlands Police at Chelmsley Wood Police Station will have a record of the number of times they have either attended incidents or have received telephone reports from residents.

11. NOEWAIT: National Organization to End the Waitlists

The National Organization to End the Waitlist (NOEWAIT) has a petition directed to the President and Members of Congress:

"Health Care Reform Must Eliminate Waitlists and Allow for the Continuation/Portability of Services Across State Lines"

NOEWAIT is a grass-roots, national, social justice movement organized to ensure full opportunity, choices, freedom, and self-determination for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in every community by eliminating wait lists for services in every state. This will be accomplished through public education, mobilizing people into action, and changing public policy.

Across the nation, people with intellectual and developmental disabilities wait years for services and supports and can not move freely from state to state or community to community.

There must be adequate funding for lifetime services and supports needed by our most vulnerable family
members, without gaps or delays.

Funding must be available in all states, portable across and within states and promote self-determination
for the individual with the disability, their families and legal guardians.

To unite the efforts of families, providers, government agencies, advocacy groups and citizens to change laws and policies across the country and eliminate waiting lists for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

12. In Support the public strike in Iranian Kurdistan

In support of the public strike in Iranian Kurdistan.

13. Preserve the Far West Village/Rezone the C6-1 District

The Far West Village is one of New York's most historic neighborhoods, which community groups and preservationists have fought for years to preserve and protect from over development.

However, there is a six block section of the Far West Village which still contains an anomalous and outdated zoning designation that encourages out-of-scale development, and strongly encourages hotel, dormitory, or office development in a predominantly residential but mixed-use neighborhood.

While this area is now part of the Greenwich Village Historic District, only a change to the zoning can ensure that any new development here truly respects the scale and character of the neighborhood.

14. Ban Pamper's Products

Ban Pampers Products.
Pampers/Proctor & Gamble has started a controversial ad campaign promoting tetanus shots through Unicef. They are donating .05 cents from the sale of their diapers and wipes, with a *Target* of giving 45 millions neonatal tetanus shots to pregnant women, mostly in poor, underdeveloped countries.

Tetanus shots are dangerous, and the adjuvants in them are known to cross the placenta and brain barriers. It is my intention for P&G to stop this damaging campaign that may contribute to harming pregnant women, with these controversial shots, as well as the potential to harm their unborn babies, with birth defects, spontaneous abortions, and possible stealth ingredients to sterilize, hidden in these tetanus shots. That has happened in the past and is well documented!
NOTE: More men than women contract tetanus. And if consenting adults want to get a normal tetanus shot, at least let the pregnant women give birth before offering these free vaccines. Free is a shoddy way to Mandate global vaccinations!. Uninformed is not truthful consent.
Give them the opportunity to know and understand the Full Information/insert label warnings, cautions, side effects etc., in order for them to make that "Informed" Choice and decision

Proctor & Gamble does not apprear to be overly concerned about popular opinion with this current and controversial vaccine ad campaign, as per their nebulous response to me that they feel they are doing a good thing. Their timing with this campaign is not good, giving the growing concern about vaccine dangers, efficacy, injuries, autism and deaths. In their continued progression of this campaign, with what they say is their interest in saving women and babies, they may well be doing their part in contributing to harming and killing 45 million pregnant women and/or their unborn children.
Unicef's other various vaccine programs, may contribute to harming millions more.

It is the feeling of this petitioner that P&G could be spending those donations in a more positive, purposeful light. That being: donations to research for autism spectrum, vaccine dangers/injury awareness, and information about rights NOT to vaccinate. Or to give these pregnant women, food, vitamens, better water sources and sanitation, as well as prenatal care.
At the very least, give THEM diapers and wipes, NOT Vaccines!
Vaccines are an iffy science, with little proof that they protect against any disease. With vaccines components given unnaturally thru vaccines, the studies are poor in understanding damages that can occur. and the adjuvants in them that can cause adverse reactions, especially in infants, such as encephalitis, seizures, serious site infections and other life-long neurological and autoimmune diseases, not to mention the high incidents of vaccine-induced infant mortality.

The tetanus vaccine is no more effective than any of the others. It also is counterproductive. It will INCREASE, Not Decrease the risk of tetanus, and many people actually get tetanus from the vaccines. Read Link.

Tetus Shot adjuvant: What is in a Tetanus vaccine?
Read Link.

What Unicef is giving is called Neonatal tetanus vaccines. They are not even the standard tetanus shot one gets after stepping on a rusty nail. More info on these.

*So SIGN this petition Today, to help stop this horrific Pampers promotion, and by Banning Pamper's sale of diapers and wipes, and other products.
Below is the link to Protor & Gamble's currant Ad promo running in the media. It offers a Thermometer that tells how these sales are growing, per million.
Tell everyone you know to stop buying Pampers as well. Pass this petition along to any interested Groups you link with. Would like for this to become a very Big anti-promotion campaign.
Proctor & Gamble needs to hear from all of us. Leave your comments if you care to. We need to make a difference NOW, before these 45 million tetanus shots start to be dispersed. Thank YOU!

NOTE: this is not a Debate about vaccines or anything else. If you agree with this petition, Sign IT.
If not, Dont sign and leave negative comments.

15. Sign Language should be FREE for Deaf People

Medway Council are making DEAF people pay to learn British Sign Language.

"ESOL (English for Speakers of other Languages) courses are FREE to people from minority ethnic groups who are permanently resident in the area" Medway Adult Service Learner Handbook 2006/07

I am deaf and I have had to pay £150 to learn sign language. Sign Language is a basic communication method.

16. Optional chatrooms in CafeMom

"CafeMom" is an online community for Mothers of children to group together and talk about all relevant issues in their lives.

Everything from parenting right down to hobbies, crafts, computers and sexual orientation.

People who are member's of this site do not have access to chatrooms while in forums or anywhere on this site.

We are writing this petition to encourage Cafemom to do so.

17. Replace Steve Buyer As Chair of House Veterans Affairs Committee

July 11, 2006

This petition is a response to the measures Steve Buyer R-IN has taken to reduce the benefits our veterans receive when they return home from foreign wars.

In January 2005, the Republican leadership forced out Rep. Christopher Smith, R-N.J., as the chairman of Verteran's Affairs in the US House of Representatives. He was a great ally for the issues close to veterans, but the leadership disliked how close we was to veterans groups, as well as his willingness to expand benefits in a time of war.

Rep. Steve Buyer R-I.N., was the replacement chosen for Rep. Smith, and he has been interminable in his efforts to cut the benefits of veterans. He has attempted to add enrollment fees for entire groups of veterans, increase prescription co-pays for medication, he has sought to redefine a service-connected disability as being only combat related, ect., ect., ect.

Last year (2005) Steve Buyer received a 0 rating on pro-veteran votes from Project Vote Smart. And this as the Chairman of the House Veterans Committee.

In short, Steve Buyer does not have the priorities of veterans at the top of his list. When waiting lists at VA facilities are ever-increasing and America is bringing home hundeds of thousands of new veterans of foreign wars, our country needs to be looking towards giving our veterans the best possible care, and not the least possible benefits.

18. Amber Alert in MSN Groups

July 1, 2006

This petition will be sent to MSN groups hoping that they will allow the Amber Alert tickers to be added to their groups.

Millions of people use MSN groups on a daily basis. If you're all for helping save a child's life, please sign this petition and pass it on.

19. Disposition of Donated Funds for Union County Schools

April 24, 2006

Petition created by Maynardville.Com in response to inquiries unanswered on it's public forum.

20. PAFFREL Sri Lanka Chief should Resign

March 21, 2006

Mr. Kingsley Rodrigo, Chairman of People's Action for Free and Fair Elections' (PAFFREL) Sri Lanka has alleged at a press Conferance held by PAFFREL on the 15th March in Colombo that there are Muslim paramilitary groups operating in the Eastern Region of Sri Lanka and he has named 'Jihad'and 'Jamath E Islami' as two of the paramilitary groups.

He has claimed he can produce evidence to backup and confirm his claims. The Inspector General of Police has denied that there are any armed Muslim groups and the Muslims too have denied its existance. The Muslim Council of Sri Lanka has in a letter to the PAFFREL Chief challenged him to produce the evidence he has within 07 seven days.

21. Support for Canadian Seal Hunt

March 04, 2006

I am responding to the many anti-sealing groups worldwide. These groups which have come into our country and told us we were archaic, and inhumane. I am a supporter of the humane seal hunt in Canada.

To date there is over 5 million seals in population, and this is an over-healthy population. I refer you to im01_e.htm for more information about the myths propogated by the anti-sealing groups.

Please let us all take a stand and show the rest of the world that we support our Government, our people, and our culture!

22. Shankar Rajee and LTTE

Tribute: Shankar Rajee
M.R. Narayan Swamy

Shankar Rajee, who died of a heart attack in Colombo on January 10, 2005, was one of the earliest entrants into Tamil militancy in Sri Lanka, one who closely witnessed the growth of the movement from its nascent days to the frightening proportions it has now assumed.

In the last years of his life, Shankar (real name Nesadurai Thirunesan) had bowed out of the Indian media scene and led a largely low key, though not quiet, life, hopping between Chennai, where his mother lived, and Colombo, where he was a consultant with the state-run Cashew Corporation. He was also the leader of whatever was left of the Eelam Revolutionary Organisation (EROS), the oldest of all the Tamil militant groups which came up in the 1970s in response to growing Sinhala chauvinism.

Shankar, who was educated in Jaffna and London, was among the earliest Tamils who took military training from the Palestinian guerrillas in the Middle East, probably in the hope that their own community would some day produce a Yasser Arafat.

In the years I covered the Sri Lankan ethnic conflict, I came into close contact with Shankar and he helped me gain valuable insight into the Tamil society. Our first meeting took place at the EROS office in a middle- class Chennai neighbourhood where I had gone to interview its other best-known leader, V. Balakumar. As the latter spoke to me, I saw Shankar seated by his side, studying a map of Jaffna and making a note or two. EROS had a collective leadership in which Balakumar and Shankar were the first among equals. They had contrasting personalities. Balakumar was the quiet one, almost inaudible, at home in Tamil, while Shankar spoke Tamil and English with equal ease, was outgoing and felt comfortable dealing with Indian bureaucracy and diplomats. Shankar was designated the head of the EROS military unit and maintained liaison with revolutionary groups from around the world.

Like so many Sri Lankan Tamils of that era, Shankar was a Marxist during his student days. In London, he and like-minded students formed a student group and then, in 1975, set up EROS. It was a path-breaking development in Tamil history. Some EROS members enjoyed a warm relationship with the local PLO representative who helped them to fly to Lebanon and Syria to get military training from Arafat's Fatah guerrilla group. Shankar valued this training although nothing much came out of it.

It was EROS that introduced LTTE, then a virtually unknown group, to the Palestinians but this produced friction between him and LTTE chief Velupillai Prabhakaran. The row was over money, which Shankar paid up. But their relations never improved, and years later LTTE's Anton Balasingham, probably reflecting Prabhakaran's view, accused Shankar of being an Indian spy—a charge the latter vehemently denied.

Much before that, Shankar recalled meeting Prabhakaran sometime in 1975-76 in the Tamil Nadu town of Tiruchy. Shankar had flown into India from London carrying air gun pellets, batteries and film rolls. He had been told to deliver them to a man but was not given his identity. It turned out to be Prabhakaran, a young and largely unknown entity who turned up at the small hotel across the Tiruchy bus stand where Shankar was putting up. When I reasearched for the LTTE chief's biography (Inside an Elusive Mind, Konark, 2003) Shankar told me: "It was Prabhakaran who came to take the delivery. Honestly, I was not impressed with him. He did not seem happy with what I had brought. He obviously was expecting some other things. Just what, I do not know."

Years later, before the souring of ties, Shankar had a more fruitful meeting, in an LTTE hideout in Sri Lanka's north, with Prabhakaran, who by then had begun to acquire a stature in the militant ranks. Shankar had a vivid memory, and in 2001 could recall what really happened: "Prabhakaran was eager to know what training the Palestinians imparted. His eyes sparkled at the mention of M-16s, AK-47s and anti-articraft guns. But he was keener to hear about pistols and revolvers."

But Prabhakaran was not a man of theory; he invited Shankar to display his shooting skills. The target was an empty Milk Maid can. From 20 feet away, Shankar took aim and grazed the can, toippling it. "Prabhakaran walked up to the fallen can, picked it up and put it back on the wall. He then returned to where the Fath-trained (Shankar) was standing and fired the gun, hitting it smack in the middle." Shankar was naturally impressed.

Despite the Palestinian training, Shankar and his friends in EROS did not carry out any military action in Sri Lanka. There were also differencs within EROS, leading to a split and the birth of the Eelam People's Revolutionary Liberation Front (EPRLF). When Tamil militancy galloped from 1983, EROS was among the first groups to secure Indian military training.

Shankar was also among the first to understand that New Delhi would never allow an independent Tamil Eelam to come up.

During the years leading up to the 1987 India-Sri Lanka peace agreement that sought to end Tamil separatism, Shankar, as the EROS military wing leader, masterminded some deadly bomb attacks in the island-nation that claimed many innocent lives. He also developed close ties with the Indian establishment but this was not enough to save him from a jail term in Chennai that may have contributed to his early death.

Shankar and Balakumar met the then Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi, just before the latter flew to Colombo in July 1987 to sign the India-Sri Lanka accord. Prabhakaran, however, continued to mistrust him. Shankar and Balakumar met the LTTE chief at New Delhi's Ashok Hotel at that time; but on a second occasion, Prabhakaran told Balakumar that he did not want to see Shankar.

Shankar had a keen understanding of the Sri Lankan Tamil society and of LTTE. When the Tigers took on the Indian Army, he prophesied to friends that Prabhakaran would never, ever give up his Eelam goal. He was proved right. In March 1990 the Indian troops came home and the now-powerful LTTE ordered EROS to disband or merge with the Tigers. Some disgusted EROS members drifted away from politics, others (Balakumar included) joined LTTE while small band led by Shankar kept the outfit's flag flying for whatever it was worth.

Shankar was arrested in Chennai in 1997 on charges of smugggling foreign currency and was jailed. None of his contacts in the Indian establishment came to his rescue. He spent over a year in prison, where, his mother recalled later, he developed a good rapport with the other, mostly Indian, prisoners and became their leader. But despite the bitterness the detention caused, Shankar considered himself a friend of India. The imprisonment, however, affected his health, and he was never the same old self again.

Shankar never underestimated the LTTE or Prabhakaran, At the same time, he could not think of giving up his independent existence. Once the Sri Lankan military took control of Jaffna from LTTE in December 1995, Shankar visited the town to see a relative. The LTTE—which controlled a small part of Jaffna peninsula but had many eyes and ears in the region—came to know about the visit. The Tigers wanted to know if Shankar was merely calling on the relative or trying to resurrect EROS. Shankar got the message and promptly left Jaffna.

More than once he told me that Prabhakaran's personality would never allow him to compromise with Colombo, Norway or no Norway. It is a viewpoint that many have come to share now. But in February 2002, when the LTTE and the Sri Lankan Government signed a ceasefire, only a few like Shankar asserted, with confidence that comes with experience, that it would not lead to Prabhakaran embracing Colombo, never ever.

From: Nesan Thirunesan, Son of the late Shankar Rajee, Leader of EROS.


I am Making this Petition due to unfairness of Yahoogroups. Yahoo does not Investigate complaints on groups or other users, they simply delete your Id's and Groups with no explination. Upon trying to get answers or help all you get is copy and pasted terms of Use junk.

I think we all know that stuff by now. This petition is to Request Yahoo reevaluate their policies and BE FAIR to both sides of a dispute, notify them or investigate claims first!!!

24. More support groups for parents

A mother who is looking for help with her teenage daughter. Who has tried on numerous of occasions and continuously has had a door shut in her face. And the reason She is given is because she is not abusing her child.

Where is a Mother to go when no one will help her without having to abuse her child to get the help she is asking for. It is very frustrating when you ask for help like you are supposed to so your child doesn't get hurt when no one is there or listening to you.

25. Make certain hacking organizations legal!!

I think that certain hacking organizations should be legal. Take Legends of Chaos for example. They hack a lot, but they hack porn sites and get information from countries the U.S. is at war at. I think that as long as you're a member of one of these groups, you should be allowed to hack, as long as you're only going to do it to illegal websites. That's all.

26. Withdraw Canadian Citizenship from Canadians who endorse terror

March 24, 2004

This petition is in response to a growing concern that the Canadian government is merely paying lip service to the problem of terrorists and terrorist support/logistics in Canada.

In 1995 the then Prime Minister Jean Chretien personally intervened on behalf of a Canadian citizen, Ahmed Said Khadr who was being held in a Pakistani jail on charges relating to the bombing of the Egyptian Embassy in Islamabad. He had moved his family to Afghanistan and befriended Osama Bin Laden yet denied links to terror.

While living with Bin Laden in Afghanistan, they raised money in Canada amongst Muslims who were told they were aiding Afghan orphans. They had their sons trained in Al Qaeda camps to handle guns and explosives. They encouraged them to become martyrs for Islam, even suicide bombers. They nursed their hatred for Americans.

In 2001, in a grotesque family get together, they celebrated with "smiling, laughing" when Al Qaeda-comandeered jets slammed into the World Trade Center and other sites killing 3000 including 23 Canadians. Yet even today years after leaving Canada and five months after Ahmad was killed in a battle with Pakistani troops after being identified as an Al Qaeda founder and financier, his wife Maha finds her Canadian citizenship handy.

Incredibly, from Pakistan she is pressing Ottawa to issue her and her children new passports so they can roam the world armed with their extremist views. One son, Abdul Karim was paralyzed in the battle in Pakistan that killed his father; another, Abdullah, is in hiding in Pakistan; and a third, Omar is in the American detention centre in Cuba as an "enemy combatant" for killing a U.S. Army medic with a grenade. A Daughter, Zaynab, is with the mother.
"We are an Al Qaeda family", a fourth son, Abdurahman, flatly told the Canadian Broadcasting Corp.

He admitted to the Toronto Star he had been "lying to everyone up until this point" about his role in the saga. Upon his release from detention in Cuba, Abdurahman was flown to europe and released. He made his way to Pakistan where he contacted his Canadian relatives. They made an appeal to the Canadian government and once again a Canadian Prime Minister (this time Paul Martin) intervened and made a public statement that if Abdurahman made his way to a Canadian consulate, he would be "welcome" to return to Canada.

These repeated interventions by the Canadian government to help known terrorists holding Canadian citizenship is damaging the credibility of Canada as a nation that can be counted on in the war on terror. In addition these actions are needlessly advertising Canada has a gullible weak link to be exploited by terrorist groups wishing to operate unhindered here.

Thirdly it increases the risk to public safety and implants doubt in the minds of Canadians that the Canadian government is taking a proactive approach to preventing future terrorist attacks on Canadian soil.

27. Portent Petition

This petition is to bring back Groups and Factions . The mods have been treating the people who hold this subject dear with no respect , and I find it assinine that "officials" would act in such ways. I would also like to say that G&F were very important , many topics were being discussed , and all of those topics were shut down. It's not right , and I for one would like to make Portent a better Community by re adding this great posting area.

28. MSN Female Rights

If you are a part of any MSN Communities or MSN should know that the people in charge of the site are called "Managers". In accordance with the Equal Rights Act of 1923 in summary states;

"Section 1. Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex."

Having only the option of "Manager" is violating this Act and we ask that the option of "Manageress" or an option to create your own name be established.


For years, the people all over this planet have been harassed, injured, and even killed by self-righteous delinquents who commit violent acts in the names of Earth and animals.

People so pious in their beliefs they take their misanthropy to new and terrifying levels. And to further spit in the faces of those they seek to harm, they claim they aren't commiting violence. Why? because their targets are not always living individuals. Some examples of eco-terrorist acts are:

1.they burn down buildings. Usually labratories or farms.

2.destroy crops they deem "inorganic" or unnatural.

3.release animals from labs and farms that carry unknown diseases that put the ecosystem at risk. And more then half of animals released by these stunts die within 48 hours.

4.blow up equipment, machinery, and buildings.

5.destroy homes and private property with rockss,paint,guns.often these homes are occupied at the moment they inflict harm. men,women,and children are injured during these charades.

6.threaten the lives of people and their families who are involved in industries these fanatics deem "evil".

7.cause riots that result in injury and death.

8.physically assault individuals they believe inflict the most harm.

This just touches on what these groups do. They run around in the dead of night wearing hoods like KKK members trying to intimidate people and governments to conform to their ideals.


The Animal Liberation Front

The Earth Liberation Front


PETA(donates money to eco-terrorism)

SHAC(stop huntingdon animal cruelty)

Friends of Animals(openly supports eco-terrorism)

United Poultry Concerns(cheered on 9-11 because 3000 potential chicken-eaters were killed that day)

30. Free the Cuban Prisoners

Five Cubans are political prisoners of the United States. They suffer an injustice in different American jails. They are the victims of injustice handed out by the traditional enemies of Cuba, the extreme right wing of Miami and Washington. With fraud, pressure and maneuvers they were able to get the jury to indict them for espionage, even though it was never proven and even though in the trial the accusers recognized that they had not gained any intelligence secrets nor were they responsible for the shooting down of the two planes.

It is a crime to convict 5 heroic persons who, without ever resorting to violence, without injuring anyone, were carrying out the duty of gathering information on Miami terrorist groups and their plans against Cuba. They were treated inhumanely by a corrupt Miami court system, and are now confined in five different jails in the United States.

Almost a year after their arrest, cynically, the grave charge of murder conspiracy was leveled against them, relating them to the shooting down in February of 1996 of the two planes over international waters. Planes under the command of Jose Basulto, a shadowy Miami figure that was involved in the Bay of Pigs invasion, and a terrorist who, in 1987, had machined gun a hotel on the coast of Cuba. It can be added that for years Basulto and his band of pirates had violated Cuban airspace with full knowledge and tolerance of US authorities.