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1. Pardon Francis Bacon

As main organizer of this petition, I would like to add a brief note. The approach to this petition has been long and tedious; over two years striving continuously to seek for a higher lever of accountability and consistency of websites to host this project.

This petition in the past was once approved to be hosted by 10 Downing Street; however, it only gained 14 signatures over the duration of two years, therefore, a global watch was needed this time, and I personally would like to thank the staff here for hosting this petition once again.

Your support is important, even if you had re-signed in the past, or are not so much involved in Francis Bacon. Please view, acknowledge, and sign this cause.

At the time of its submission, we shall submit it to the Organization that will assist in the cause to re-issue or consider a posthumous pardon to Francis Bacon.

If you have any questions as to why Bacon should be granted a pardon, or hold doubts as to which Organization this petition will be submitted to, you are very welcome to send your inquiries to me by sending me a message here.

Thank you.
Elaine M. Dutton


Please help us restore Francis Bacon’s name and sign this online pardon. Francis Bacon should be recognized and pardoned by the current British government, which will be a just act, well behind schedule.