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1. Keep the Dracula Series

I enjoyed watching Dracula on NBC this winter, I don't think you've given the series enough time to get started or grow the characters. Friday night a lot of people are out and not watching TV, I record because I'm working. I just think you need to give this series more time.

Production of the series started in February 2013 in Budapest.

Steve Shill (Dexter, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, The Tudors) directed the pilot. Other directors include Andy Goddard (Law & Order: UK, Downton Abbey, Torchwood), Brian Kelly (Inspector Lewis, Downton Abbey), Nick Murphy (Occupation, Primeval) and Tim Fywell (Inspector Lewis, Waking the Dead, Masters of Sex).

Additional writers include Tom Grieves (Being Human, The Palace) and Rebecca Kirsch (Leverage).

Prior to the series premiere, NBC released an animated web companion entitled Dracula Rising, which serves as a prequel that depicts the origin story of the titular character.

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2. Deseo ver la segunda temporada de Dracula

Deseo ver la segunda temporada de Dracula.Soy fanática de la serie y del actor principal.

Gracias y saludos cordiales

3. Bring back DRACULA on NBC for a second season

I am petitioning to continue the NBC Drama DRACULA, starring Jonathan Ryhs Myers.

It is a show that is done so very well, with great casting and detailed scenery. It was my favorite new show this year.


4. Produce DRACULA, with Jonathan Rhys Meyers

This actor is the main reason for my petition, he is a star who will be worth saving, the show has taken the DRACULA, character to a new dimension, the old books and stories about DRACULA are no longer the same boring ones, thanks to this new show, it has taken a different turn, fiction yes, but it is shown the human side of this character and this is something seen in a close detail for the first time ever.

JONATHAN has done just that HE HAS been able to bring to TV a movie quality performance as he always does. Not bringing back this show will leave a deep scar in the network, in the people who love the network and the actor.

The actor himself is worth saving, cancelling the show will be awful to him as an actor and a person.

5. Castlevania 3 Remake

Castlevania series director IGA has stated that Castlevania 3 is his favorite, and eventually plans a remake.

Let Konami of Japan know that we loyal followers of the Castlevania series want that remake of the classic Castlevania 3, in 2D and Symphony of the Night style graphics, and will be supporting Konami!