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1. Induct Donna Fargo Into The Country Music Hall of Fame

We fans believe the time is now to recognize Donna Fargo for her unique contribution to country music. Her positive, inspirational songs have added depth, dimension, and variety to the popular cheating and drinking themes that we also love and that have often been associated with country music, especially back when her career began in the early 70s. Her songs were and are different. They make you think and make you feel good and like it's okay to be happy. In fact, Donna’s signature song, "The Happiest Girl in the Whole USA" was the only country song on Billboard's recent list of The Top 20 Happy Songs of All Time.

Donna was the first woman in country music history to have back-to-back million-selling singles, with both songs being written by the artist who sang them. She was the first female country music artist to have her own television variety show, The Donna Fargo Show. Besides her platinum-selling back-to-back hits with "Happiest Girl" and "Funny Face," many hits followed, like…"Superman," "Little Girl Gone," "You Were Always There," “Don't Be Angry," “Whatever I Say Means I Love You," "You Can't Be a Beacon," "U.S. of A.," “Do I Love You,” "It Do Feel Good," "Somebody Special," and "Daddy," to name a few. And who could ever forget the #1 recitation she wrote called "That Was Yesterday."

Some of her credits include 7 Academy of Country Music Awards, 5 Billboard Awards, 15 Broadcast Music (BMI) writing awards, 2 National Association of Recording Merchandisers Awards for best selling artist. She has also been honored by the Country Music Association, the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, and the Music Operators of America. She was the first inductee into the North America Country Music Association's International Hall of Fame. In 2010, Donna was inducted into the North Carolina Music Hall of Fame. As a writer and publisher, her most coveted awards, in addition to the Robert J. Burton Award that she won for "Most Performed Song of the Year 1972," are her Million-Aires Awards, presented to writers of songs that achieve the blockbuster status of 1 million or more performances.

So, for the exemplary country music artist she is… for the consummate writer of songs we love, relate to, and remember… for the ambassador of goodwill representative for country music that she is… for one of the most talented, loved, respected women in country music, who makes her fans feel like they are "Somebody Special," like her song says, and that she "loves them more," as her current song says… join the campaign to get Donna Fargo inducted into the country music Hall of Fame because she deserves to be there.

~Linda Cottingham,
President: Donna Fargo International Fan Club

2. Where Is Donna?

Our beloved Donna Jou was known to have been last seen with John Steven Burgess on June 23, 2007 at his rental home in Los Angeles, California.

We, Donna's family and friends are asking Mr. John Steven Burgess to please help us in our search for Donna. We ask him (Mr. Burgess) to speak to us in regards of his knowledge of where Donna Jou is.

Donna is a beautiful loved Daughter, Grand Daughter, Sister, Niece, Cousin, Friend and Honor Student. We are asking Mr. Burgess to Please Help Us Bring Donna Home.

3. Help Find Donna Jou - Bring John Steven Burges to Los Angeles for questioning

Donna Jou, an honor student in San Diego State University has been missing since June 23, 2007 and was last seen at John Steven Burgess‘s house in Los Angeles. John Steven Burgess is a CONVICTED sex offender and has been wanted in California for not registering as a sex offender. John Steven Burgess has been arrested and is held in Jacksonville Florida for drug charges since July 24, 2007.

We are asking California and Florida authorities for a speedy extradition of John Steven Burgess to Los Angles for questioning. Time is of essence and a minute lost would cost her life.

4. Cristal Brown as Varsity Coach

June 7, 2006

We, members of the Valencia High School Softball Program, have designed this petition to ask whoever it may concern to place Cristal Brown as head coach of the Valencia High School Varsity Team.

Coach Brown has demonstrated her knowledge and understanding of the game with every practice and game. Her desire for Valencia Softball's well being is also a reason why we consider her to be an essential coach. Not only is she a great coach, but Coach Brown is an exceptional person. She is a great role model and is someone who we can always count on.

Coach Brown takes softball as seriously (if not more serious) as the rest of the Varsity girls but also shows us that softball can be fun. We ask you to consider replacing the Valencia High School veteran, Donna Lee, with a fresh, new face who will undoubtedly allow us to thrive as a team.

We assure you that you will not regret this decision and we thank you for your time and consideration.