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1. Please stop selling eggs from caged hens as soon as you can

Chickens can make very rewarding companions. Despite their reputation as silly and comical birds, one study has shown that chickens are smarter than human toddlers.
Despite this, however, some chickens are still kept in cramped and cruel cages. These cages prevent the chickens from performing some of their natural behaviours such as dust-bathing. These chickens are also often de-beaked using lasers, causing pain to them. This is to prevent the birds from becoming aggressive due to their stressful conditions, a problem which should never occur in happy, healthy, free-range chickens.
These chickens should be free-range and happy. They shuld be treated with more respect than they currently are. They deserve to be happy, healthy and safe, and free from suffering, as all beings should be.

2. Stop Cosmetic Testing on Animals

Bill s-214 to end animal testing on cosmetics was first introduced in 2015. Although the bill was denied, it was brought back recently in 2017. Animal testing has increased within the past years to the point where there are now just over three million animals being used. Pound seizure is only legal in Ontario and it allows research companies and education centers to purchase dogs and cats from shelters to use for experimental purposes. Cosmetic testing should not be used because there are already enough cosmetics and many cosmetic companies that do not test on animals. If this is an option, why are companies continuing to test on animals?

3. Amazon, please stop selling live lobsters

Warning: Contains potentially-upsetting content relating to "cruelty" to lobsters.
I have found out that sell live lobsters on this website and feel that this should be stopped. Lobsters are creatures, too, and they could well be feeling pain. Although there is now a more "humane" way to kill them, some lobsters could still be boiled alive.
Selling live animals for the purpose of eating them unnecessarily is wrong, in my mind. I would like to politely urge and (and any other Amazon websites) to stop selling live lobsters.

4. Nkomazi area needs an SPCA

It would seem that our beautiful area of South Africa has no care for its animals. We see roaming dogs on the highway.

Irresponsible breeding of animals. Farm animals in terrible conditions. Rabies outbreaks (even though the state vet vaccinates for free). Domestic animals gone feral and left to breed and try to survive in the bush. Dangerous Snares left to capture wild animals for food, these snares kill animals in the most horrendous way, being left to die while trapped, family dogs have been found killed by these snares along with the many other animals found long after death occurred. People move home, leaving their 'Pets' behind and sometimes these dogs and cats are only found when a new tenant takes occupancy of the property.

Our area has been advised that we cant have an SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), no funding available. We have a state vet, however, they don't deal with these cases. The closest SPCA is 100 km away. Our area is vast, and without an SPCA we have no where to turn when we see these acts of cruelty, it is left for a few individuals to try band together to help, however, we also do this with our own time and money.

5. Stop Cruelity : Animals should be given Anesthesia before slaughter

StopCruelity : We kill animals in any ways we want. Those creatures are not powerful enough to oppose us.

They give you food when you give them death.

I cannot turn a non vegetarian to vegan but.. WE CAN STOP THIS INHUMANE BEHAVIOR.


6. Remove and stop Facebook profiles that promote Animal Cruelty

Facebook has a policy on human rights and you are able to make a compliant about a profile if it's human based.

There is no provision to ask Facebook to remove or ban profiles that are promoting or bragging about hunting or cruelty to animals.

Animal do have rights and as a race should respect every living creature on the planet.

7. Call on the Australian government to put a stop to horse slaughter in Australia

Horse slaughter is wrong in so many ways, in no way is it humane. According to the Federal Government Department of Agriculture around 40,000 horses are slaughtered for human consumption each year.

One slaughter house alone confirmed verbally that they process an average of 700 horses per week (48 weeks per year) which is 33,600 horses. The second slaughter house for human consumption in Australia would not comment but is approximately the same size. This does not include horses killed for pet food.

Please know that this is a cruel thing to do and it needs to be STOPPED!

8. Ban the Use of Live Animals in Circuses within Ireland

This petition has been set up due to the overwhelming evidence that the animals used in Circuses are not kept in adequate surroundings and are treated badly through brutal training techniques when they should be enjoying their life in the wild.

9. Stop Donkey abuse in Pakistan!

Stop people burdening donkeys with loads of stuff which they can't handle and tolerate.

Stop using donkeys as a weight lifting trolley or cart. We're in a modern age now.

We have better options for transporting of goods.

10. Abolish the cruel practices of factory farming in New Zealand


• 90 million chickens are killed annually for their meat.

• Up to 40,000 chickens are confined together inside large windowless sheds at a stocking density of 19 birds per square metre.

• Nearly 3.5 million chickens die annually from of health problems before six weeks of age.

• 38 per cent of New Zealand’s chickens experience difficulties walking.

• broiler chickens are reared to their slaughter weight of around 1.8 to 3 kg within just 6 weeks of being hatched (chickens are normally fully grown by 5-6 months). By selective breeding, the length of time broiler chicks take to grow to 2 kg has been halved in the last 30 years.

• Over the last 20 years, annual chicken consumption has increased from 14kg (1986) to an average 35kg of chicken meat per person per year.

• Sows confined in sow stalls cannot perform most of their natural behaviour, as is required under the Animal Welfare Act 1999. They cannot walk or turn around, and can only lie down or stand up.

• Sow stalls have been banned in the United Kingdom and Sweden and are being phased out in Finland, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Denmark.

• The government acknowledged in 2005 that sow stalls did not meet the obligations of the Animal Welfare Act 1999, but despite this they did not ban their use.

• Approximately 45 per cent of the sows farmed in New Zealand (about 21,000 animals) are confined to sow stalls the same size as those seen on the Sunday programme. Alternatively, to sow stalls only 60 cm wide and 2 meters long.

• Scientific evidence shows that pigs kept in intensive farms suffer from psychological distress, frustration, lung and heart disease, leg problems and lameness, and display stereotypic behaviour such as bar biting.

• In 2007 there were about 370,000 pigs kept on New Zealand farms, including nearly 47,000 breeding sows.

• A battery hen lives for about 18 months. The natural life span of a hen is typically five to seven years, but some can live as long as 15 years.

• In New Zealand there are 3.2 million egg-laying chickens. About 83 percent of these are in cages. The rest are kept in indoor barns or on free range farms.

• A battery hen lays nearly 300 eggs per year, while its wild ancestor would lay only 12-20.

• A battery cage is too small for a hen to carry out basic behaviour, such as stretch her wings and preen. For this a hen needs about three times the 550 square centimetres
typically provided for her in a battery cage.

• Battery hens may suffer from brittle and broken bones, foot deformities, feather loss and injuries due to pecking from cage mates.

• Male chicks are not required by the egg industry. About 3 million one-day-old male chicks are killed each year by gassing or masceration.

factory farming affects the health of the live stock as well as the health of the humans consuming the products. low level dosing of livestock and poultry with antibiotics used in human medicines has contributed to the spreading of multi-drug resistant infections in humans.

factory farming is unsustainable with overcrowded farms over whelming local ecosystems, leading to depletion of natural resources . the need to grow large amounts of high energy feed leads to increasing deforestation and soil erosion; and the pollution of water, soil and air and agrochemicals and manure waste is already a huge concern.

Animal waste also effects our environment as 1 individual cow produces 15 times the amount of waste of a human. although all farmed animals produce waste, factory farms are overcrowded and this problem is multiplied leading to major environmental concerns. farmers often use large ponds/lagoons to hold live stock waste however these can over flow into water ways. the residue of pesticides also cause health and environmental problems as it seeps into water ways.

11. Stop the poisoning of dogs in Grenada and Carriacou

After decades of filing reports to police, meeting with various Ministries, providing education and information on poisons used, locating and reporting misuse of dangerous poisons this heinous act of poisoning dogs remains significant with not one person being held accountable or fined or found guilty of the infringement of this law.

The spreading of poisons like Lannate and gramoxone is an environmental hazard not only to dogs and livestock but to humans as well. These poisons are readily available over the counter.

We recommend these poisons be removed from general use by the public and any person poisoning dogs be prosecuted by law and reports filed to the police be immediately acted upon and taken in a serious manner.

12. Facebook, start censoring disturbing posts

Facebook, please start censoring sensitive post: posts containing graphic photos, videos and details about child abuse and animal cruelty. The photo or video should be blurred out and posters required to note in the tag line that the post contains material that will be disturbing to most viewers. Give us a CHOICE to read/see these posts or scroll by them.

These graphic posts have a profound effect on people. These posts are distressing to so many, causing anxiety and triggering other unhealthy emotions thus affect our daily lives.

13. Quebec Should Unconditionally Enforce Animal Cruelty Laws. No Plea Bargaining.

The World Animal League Defense League in their 2014 Report Rank Laws cite that “Quebec Remains Best Province to be an Animal Abuser”.

The Human Society International Canada also indicates that Quebec is Canada’s puppy mill capital.

The Montreal SPCA reports for the year 2013, of 2,846 animal inspection, only 195 animals were seized. Is this data skewed and includes large scale seizers?

Anthony Abbondanza of the The Chronicle, a Montreal suburban newspaper, wrote on a September 02nd 2014 article entitled “West Island: animal heaven or abuser haven?”.In the article he stated ”in the West Island, and more specifically Dorval, DDO, Kirkland, and Ile Bizard-Ste. Genevieve where legislation exists, fines to animal abusers do not exceed $300

Currently there are three cases in Montreal where a family of three person have been charged with 38 counts each under the Criminal Code of Canada Sections 445.1.1A  and 446.1.B2. The defendants are: Margarita Golsaya Case #113113914 - Sergei Vorobiev Case #113113906 and Alexander Vorobiev Case #113113898.

The prosecutor of this case is Mr. Gerard Lague and since he is the custodian and the people’s representative of the law, I am requesting that there should be no plea bargaining in this case. I am also requesting that the prosecutor, reminds the court of Section 447 where the judge has the authority of order prohibition  and or restitution. The defendants should be life-timed banned from not having dogs, not  to be around dogs, no participation in the showing of dogs, no involvement in dog breeding activities, not to be engaged in any club activities that relates to dogs,and immediate families should not be involved in owing any dogs. The maximum sentences of fines and jail time should be applicable and such that the court may find. 

These persons were charged since lSeptember 2013 has been delayed over and over and its time that the case should be heard. 

It is time that animal abusers know that if they continue to break the law, the crime will be punished to the full extent of the law.

14. Stop Execution Videos On Youtube Now

Youtube is globally known as a platform for entertainment, fun and information. What most people do not realize is, that there are masses of extremely cruel videos such as videos of execution. These videos are in most cases neither censored nor blocked for users under 18 years. And even if they are blocked, the preview pictures are usually disturbing enough.

Here are some numbers that you find on youtube when you search for these keywords:
"execution": 1.320.000 videos, 48.200 channels, 77.000 playlists
"beheading": 142.000 videos, 2.160 channels, 11.300 playlists
"decapitation": 138.000 videos, 2.590 channels, 17.200 playlists

Of course we have to keep in mind that some results have documental background, some are obvious jokes and some might not even be connected to the subject at all. But the biggest percentage shows the cruel reality of what is going on in some parts of this world. It is not only about people being who were sentenced to death by the law. It is also about public hangings of gay people, the decapitation of women and the shooting of people with a different religion.

Sure, some of you might say, that it's your own fault if you type in those keywords, but please keep this in mind:

1) What if you just search for facts about a recent event or if you make a research about execution methods in a certain century? Do you really want to see the preview pictures of bloody corpses?

2) Think of the younger people - kids and teenagers often search for things out of pure curiosity or because someone else saw the video and told them "it's a fake" and they want to check it out. These kids do not really understand what they might bringt up with a search like that! And once they see these disturbing pictures they can not be made "unseen".

15. Review UK Justice after Man cuts off his puppy's ear after fight with girlfriend

Shamrez Ali Wasim, 27, used a knife or scissors to attack the three-week-old Staffordshire bull-terrier cross in Newsome. The animal was left “screaming” in agony as its right ear hung by a thread.

16. Meilleure Gestion de La SPCA Valleyfield

La SPCA Valleyfield est responsable de plusieurs actes de cruauté animale, de l'euthanasie de plusieurs chats appartenant des citoyens et ce, avant le délais de 5 jours prescrit par la LOI municipale. Ces gestes dégoûtants sont cautionnés par la technicienne-en-chef en santé animale, la directrice générale et le contrôleur animalier. Nous voulons stopper ce genre d'actions en demandant leurs démissions immédiates!

Nous demandons, de plus, au conseil d'administration de la SPCA Valleyfield de changer le nom de l'organisme si les euthanasies non nécessaires continuent et que la société n'est qu'une vulgaire fourrière plutôt qu'un refuge. Nous voulons que l'argent des contribuables cesse d'être utilisée de façon irresponsable dans l’exercice du service de contrôle animalier mandaté a la SPCA Valleyfield.

The SPCA Valleyfield is responsible for many acts of animal cruelty, for euthanizing many citizen owned cats before the obligatory 5 day delay demanded by city law. These disgusting decisions are being made and condoned by the veterinary technician in charge of animal health and care, the general director and the animal control officer. We want to stop these actions by asking for their immediate resignation.

Further more, we are asking the administration council of the SPCA Valleyfield to change the name of the organization if unnecessary euthanasias keep being done and that they maintain being a pound instead of a shelter.

We want the tax-payers money to stop being used irresponsibly in the practice of the animal control service done by the SPCA Valleyfield.

17. Remove "boil dangerous dogs now" page from Facebook

Despite several reports and complaints, Facebook refuse to remove pages "boil dangerous dogs now" and its duplicate page "boil dangerous dogs now V2".

The page contains sickening images of animal cruelty.

18. Ban circuses with animals from N.I.

Circus animals are kept in unnatural environments, transported in crates and cages and made to perform under bright lights and loud music in front of large crowds.

They have no freedom and opportunity to express natural behaviours and often exhibit behaviours/signs associated with stress/anxiety and fear.

Circuses with animals have no place in a modern society and for the welfare, happiness and quality of life of the animals must be banned.

19. Stop the Canadian Seal Slaughter

It all started in the 1800s. Seals migrated from Greenland to the coast of Newfoundland to breed, only to find greedy hunters with deadly clubs. They clubbed the thousands of seals to death every year.

The most terrible thing is, they still do it now, even though most countries have stopped importing seal fur. The way of death for these lovely animals is terrible and cruel. It must stop.

20. Raise the maximum sentence of Animal Cruelty to 5 years in prison

Currently the maximum sentence for animal cruelty ps 1 year on Prison. Recently on the media we are seeing more cases of extreme animal abuse and the offenders are only getting away with community service etc.

This is appalling that our justice system is allowing for animal abuses to get away with such atrocities and the only way to deter others from doing the same is to raise the maximum sentence so the offenders receive the punishment deserved.

21. Ban the sale of cats and dogs

I would like to ban the sale of cats and dogs by storefront retailers.

These animals are treated with nothing but cruelty and greed. They are seen as a commodity rather than living beings. Stores such as Pet Habitat in Burnaby's Metrotown Mall, are a prime example of this. Not only are their animals kept in small, unsanitary, plexiglass cages that resemble fish tanks, but they are not properly socialized to people or other animals. These animals are at an age where they need to be trained and socialized. Sitting in their cages day and night stresses them out and can cause severe long term effects. No living being should have to live this way.

22. Stop Animal Cruelty on Produce and Dairy Farms

The cruelty of farm animals raised to be slaughtered not only threatens the animals, it could threaten us. The way these animals are treated could pose a health risk to the people who eat the produce.

Buying, cooking and eating produce is something that everyone does. Eggs, poultry, beef, pork, and even milk and seafood. But what the public doesn't know about what happens to our food? Is the cruelty and and assault that happens to all the animals raised at most farms. Their throats slit while they are still alive, thrown into grinders the first few moments of their lives, and constantly abused by staff at these farms. Being beaten is normal to any animal that survives, and is considered acceptable to most produce and dairy farms. This must stop. Though accepted by some farm owners, it is abuse and should be illegal.

23. Ban Horse Roping/Tripping In UTAH

Horse Tripping is outlawed in nine (9) states so far. UTAH could hurry and be in the top ten!

(video courtesy of R. Van Valkenburg)

Horses have thinner skin, longer necks and more fragile bones than cattle do, so horses will suffer more pain, more quickly when roped. Horses feel pain like humans do--they just can't cry out or complain, so we must be their voice.

24. Keep All Animals Safe

Did you know most pet store inspections are only looking at dogs and cats? Quoted here from, “Please note, however, some licensing inspections may only cover the care of cat and dogs (or just dogs).”

This means many other animals could be abused and they are not checked on my inspectors who are supposed to protect the animals.

25. China: Stop Requiring Animal Testing

Animal testing is a very barbaric, misleading and shockingly violent practice. It is responsible for what could very well be one of the top five highest scales of animal suffering that the world has ever known.

In the UK, at least at one point, it was legal for vivisectors (scientists who experiment on animals) to cut animals open, cut off their limbs, infect them with deadly diseases, forcibly pour poisons down their throats, forcibly hold them against hot plates, gas them and/or shoot them, in amongst other obscenities. My point here is that, if this sort thing could ever go on in the UK, can you possibly imagine what horrors could go on in the animal labs of China, which has one of the world's worst records of animal cruelty as a country?

Animals do have souls, and they can also be surprisingly intelligent and even somewhat human by nature. Time after time have dogs been known to save lives, sometimes even little or no special training. Horses, cats, foxes, apes, dolphins, wolves, goats, pigs and whales are amongst the many species of animal that have been known to save lives - whether human or animal - at at least one point in the past.

Also, can you come up with an explanation for how sheepdogs work or even how ordinary dogs are trained, and how some are easier to train than others, without using at least one reference to their intelligence? Also, would you be able to sniff out a criminal or a missing person solely by smelling just one piece of their clothing? Would you be able to hunt and stalk prey in exactly the same way as a cat would?

Would you be able to swing through the trees like an orang-utan or learn to walk and even run at little more than a few hours of age? These are all skills that certain animals can often learn with ease, and that's if they even need to learn them at all.

Animal testing can also be bad for people, as well as animals. It can produce misleading results as animals have different bodies and genetic systems from human beings. For instance, morphine makes cats stay awake, but it makes human beings go to sleep. Also, chimpanzees are immune to HIV and Malaria and being forced to smoke cigarettes for months on end did not cause lung cancer in dogs. Believe it or not, Thalidomide was declared "safe" after it had been tested on animals, but it still went on to cause birth defects when humans started taking it.

There are now a great many alternatives to animal testing. Fake organs, fake skin, computer models, studies of real-life people, cell research, donated body parts and human volunteers can all now be used instead. Plus, many of these alternatives may actually produce more accurate, more useful and less dangerous results than experiments done on animals.


If religions should be the cause for peace then where are we leading to?

27. Speak up for animals who need a voice

I am a young person who thinks animals need a voice to not be treated unfairly in any way shape or form.

All animals have thoughts and feelings just like us and should be respected and free from this cruelty that is happening all over the world to all sorts of animals.

Help support me to find a voice and free these animals from this cruelty.

28. Ban worldwide

I first heard of the pure evil that is bestgore when a video on facebook was banned of a woman being decapitated.

Through my curiosity i went and looked at it to say the least it was sick so i watched it again and decided this was real and it had too be the most horrifying thing i have ever seen.

You cant just post things like this so it needs to be stopped. It is the most evil thing i will ever see. and on the site was ads of women being tourtred. this site is for the mentally sick and if you want gore watch a horror film not the real thing! --- It is at your will to try and get on bestgore but please dont !!

29. Stop the massacre of dogs in Shkodër, Albania

Stop the massacre of dogs in Shkodër, Albania.

30. Stop Wolf Hunting

Wolf hunting is a hateful, barbaric practice that can involve shooting the wolf and, perhaps frequently, missing and injuring the poor animal or even setting dogs, a distant relative of the wolf, onto them. It can also involve trapping the poor wolf.

If the animal is lucky, the hunters will actually be "responsible" and go back to check the trap and find him/her and then kill the poor creature. If the wolf is unlucky, however, they will be left to suffer in agony, often with a broken leg and, usually, with torn skin and/or flesh before eventually dying from thirst, blood loss, starvation, attack by other animals or from being killed by the hunter.

Wolves are one of the world's most misunderstood animals. They are not the savage, vicious beasts that many people think they are. Wolves are, in fact, highly sociable, intelligent animals, and wolf attacks on humans are actually quite rare. In fact, more people are attacked by domesticated dogs in the USA than by wolves.

There have even been a few cases of people being saved by wolves. Also, without wolves, there would be no dogs. Can you imagine a world without dogs?
Yes, wolves are generally very vicious when they attack prey animals, but then so are lions, African wild dogs and human beings. Also, when wolves attack their prey, that is just nature, and the wolf, unlike human beings, does not kill for fun and they do not kill with hate or prejudice. They kill in order to survive.

One of the main reasons why wolves attack livestock is because they are oppurtunists. They do not think "yum, a good little lamb". Instead, they merely see prey and follow their instincts. They also often have no choice but to do this in order to survive because of the fact that humans have wiped out and chased away a lot of their natural prey.

Wolves can be kept out of areas by the use of electric fences and the employment of guard dogs and even human guards. They can also be kept away by bullets being fired to frighten them off.