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1. Autumn Boehle For DollSkill Model

Autumn Boehle has been a friend of mine for over two years. She can pull off any hair color with any shirt and any bottoms. She is a sweetheart but don't flirt with her because she's taken. You have to respect that her and her boyfriend have been in a relationship for a long time. I nominate Autumn for a new model because she's someone I look up to and she's so amazing like omg, We don't talk much but I idolize her.

2. Feature Juliet J. Sandford in your magazine

Back in the 60's I attend Ophelia Devore Modeling School and tried to break into the modeling industry, but, Skin hue was an issue and could not break the color barrier. Now at 67, not only do I have a story to tell, but I can still represent the industry. Please sign my petition giving support to my quest to be a part of the modeling industry. You can visit my pictures on FaceBook under Juliet Sandford, I have on a white dress. Thank you for supporting my 2nd endeavor since the ceiling of color restrictions has been cracked. If you don't support, why?

3. Take Shark Fin Soup Off the Menu in BC, Canada

100-150 million sharks are killed every year. In the past 20 years, shark population has decreased by 90%. Scientists predict that within the next 15-20 years, sharks will be completely wiped out.

The are the most important species on Earth, simply because they control levels further down on the food pyramid, as tertiary consumers, and therefore the oxygen levels in the ocean, which controls everything on earth, as it covers 2/3 of the Earth's surface.

Please protect this beautiful creature, and ban the act of shark finning. It starts out locally, but when brought to a global perspective can change the situation dramatically. The slaughter of sharks will soon affect you, so please, take action and sign the petition.

Thank you.

4. Stop Rutland CC closing successful business

Six months ago Emma Cannings started what is now a successful and popular skin care therapy business at the Stamford Garden Centre. Old wooden sheds were pulled down and a new wooden building put up in its place. The Garden Centre now has a cafe, farm shop, gift shop, butchers, florists and vets. The salon is a welcome addition and is a significant improvement on the old sheds.

The parking at the garden centre means that the salon is popular since the centre of Stamford is become increasingly difficult to access by car during the day as more and more residential estates are developed on the outskirts of the town. A large number of people are also able to walk to the garden centre. The salon has also been made fully accessible for the disabled.

The planning application (originally misplaced and un-actioned by the council) had no objections from any members of the public or the local parish council. However, in a shock decision, they have recommended that the building be pulled down. Their reasons seem confusing and inconsistent at best. The large new offices recently built on the outskirts of Uppingham and developments at the Ashwell garden centre make the decision even more confusing.

Their decision will put six people out of work, plunge the owners into financial crisis and damage the other businesses at the garden centre who benefit from the cross trading opportunities. It seems no wonder that the country is one of the last in Europe to pull itself out of economic difficulties if this is how the government treats its entrepreneurs. Rather than spending time promoting and marketing the business we are having to invest all our time into fighting our own local government who want us to spend money tearing down a building that is offending no one (other than local planners and councilors) and benefiting many.

As someone who has lived in Rutland their whole life I feel very passionately about protecting the countryside. Of course we must have strong regulations against buildings that could damage our beautiful county. However, this business was not built on an area of outstanding beauty. It is a one storey, attractive wooden building that was constructed on the site of some older wooden buildings of the same size. It has significantly enhanced the garden centre for the other businesses and for the people that use it.

At no point did we ever envisage that the greatest threat to the business, at a time when we are struggling to get this country out of a bad recession, would come from our own government.

Please help us overturn this decision and show Rutland County Council that, whilst we appreciate their desire to protect our beautiful county, they have got it badly wrong this time.

5. Please Reinstate Angelina Love's (Lauren Williams) TNA Contract

It recently came to my attention that Lauren Williams (Angelina Love, of Total Nonstop Action wrestling) had been terminated due to mishandling of her work Visa paperwork. She had been working illegally in the United States ever since she was released from the developmental contract in WWE a couple of years ago. This is all very well understood and has been taken into consideration in the drafting of this petition.

However, as one of thousands of fans of her work, I ask the general public (if not the world), wrestling fans and non fans alike, to come together and make your voices heard by signing this petition. If we can collect enough names, the TNA President and general management will be sure to realize that Angelina Love is a necessary staple in TNA's operation and a much beloved performer to people all over the world.

Perhaps the impact of this petition will encourage Total Nonstop Action wrestling management to pursue future negotiations with Lauren Williams once her work Visa issues have been sorted out.

6. Save the Whales and Dolphins

Have you ever seen the news where protesters try to stop the fishers from killing wales or dolphins??? You can see the blood in the water behind them ,they have a right to live like we do!!

Wales are beautiful and peaceful to be treated like this for no reason is shameful!

Dolphins are also peaceful and beautiful to think people would kill them just for food. dolphin isnt the only type of food in the world TRY A APPLE for cryin out loud!

Sign this if you feel dolphins and wales should have the right to live!

7. Where Is Donna?

Our beloved Donna Jou was known to have been last seen with John Steven Burgess on June 23, 2007 at his rental home in Los Angeles, California.

We, Donna's family and friends are asking Mr. John Steven Burgess to please help us in our search for Donna. We ask him (Mr. Burgess) to speak to us in regards of his knowledge of where Donna Jou is.

Donna is a beautiful loved Daughter, Grand Daughter, Sister, Niece, Cousin, Friend and Honor Student. We are asking Mr. Burgess to Please Help Us Bring Donna Home.

8. A tribute to the classics

My petition pertains to a charitable event that could be held by the AFI and would involve celebrities duplicating famous and beautiful pictures of other celebrities from what is dubbed as the "golden age" of hollywood. And a golden age it was.

Movies were original and the plots were meaningful and moving, and hollywood was filled with a glamour and elegance, in the movies and people, that could never be duplicated. But it can be emulated, and beautifully I might add, by the celebrities of the day that owe their career to the likes of Humphrey Bogart, Katherine Hepburne, Lauren Bacall, Spencer Tracy, and Ingrid Bergman to name a few.

And I know some of you might be thinking "Why buy a remake when I could get the original?" The same reason they remake movies. To familiarize younger audiences with classics in a way they can relate, with actors and actresses they can relate to, or at least are familiar with. Not to mention the fun in seeing which legend your favorite celebrity resembles, and the charitable cause the proceeds go to.

And I'm sure the celebs would have fun paying homage to the ones those they admire and inspired them.

9. Bring back Spencer Trousers

Remember Spencers??, come on you no marks of course you do!!, drains, pleats, baggies, beautiful!!!!

I loved em and so did others, sign my petition to bring em back... remember the two tone ones.. simply awesome!

10. Parks Not Pennies

Singleton Shire Council has proposed to sell of many parks and land in the Singleton Community. They are claiming that this land is ‘under utilized’. Many of the parks and land was gifted to the Singleton Shire Council by developers because the SSC felt there was a need for open space. Why is this issue no longer important?

The parks and land in the Singleton are a key contributor to the attraction and beautiful atmosphere we are so lucky to live in.

Once the land is sold it will be lost forever. You can not place a value on our beautiful parks and land.

The land and parks belong to all of us. Don’t let Singleton Shire Council sell our parks and land!!

11. Free Tibet

For over more than 50 years the tibetan people have been occupied by the chinese governemant.

This occupation has led to the repressement and the torture of more than the threemillion tibetan people. for over 1.2million tibetan people has already die during the chinese occupation.

The beautiful culture of tibet was nearly destroyed when chinese soldiers burnt many temples and buildings who are are crucial for the religion and culture of tibet.

Still now the chinese gouvernement motivates chinese people to live in tibet by giving them bounties, wich leads to the financial repression of the tibetan people.

Still today, the tibetan people have little rights. They can't critisize the chinese gouvernement, they can't talk to tourists, they may not have picture of His Holiness The Dalai Lama...

Many people live still in foreign countries because they're afraid to go back. Even H.H The Dalai Lama isn't safe if he goes back.

That's why we have to make sure that the UN and other international organisations cause an international pressure upon China to make sure the Tibetan people can live in peace and harmony whit their religion.

I ask you to please sign this petition to end the chinese occupation.

Thank you!

12. Coal Harbour Petition for Off Leash Dog Park

We are petitioning the City of Vancouver and the Parks Board for an off-leash park in Harbour Green Park (Coal Harbour). In the past three years, more than 15 residential towers have been constructed and occupied in this downtown core. Most of these buildings allow for dogs.

The official charter of the parks board was to have an off-leash area for every community within six blocks of their residence. The nearest one to Coal Harbour is more than seven plus blocks away and currently under review to revoke the off-leash privilege.

However, there has been no city planning or look into shared spaces for an official dog park in Coal Harbour with off leash areas.

We are petitioning for an all-year round, full time off-leash dog area in Harbour Green Park. We would like the area clearly marked as an "Off Leash Dog Park." We do not want the park near any children's park/play areas.

We would like the park area to be clearly signed and defined as a dog-friendly area. The space needs to be adequate to throw balls for the dogs, have a game of chase/tug.

The area currently has many garbage cans for waste and is central to all the new buildings that have been recently occupied. It is a fabulous dog area as it is not surrounded by streets/cars and traffic. It is located on the sea wall. For more than eight months out of the year, the park is empty - only used by die-hard dog owners who are out rain or shine.

Shared space and use of our parks is one of the most beautiful things about Vancouver. We appreciate that some people have fears of dogs (large or small) or worry about their children (or their toys) when dogs are around and by creating a separate and clearly marked space we can ally those concerns.

In many areas across the country, cities like Calgary and Toronto have defined processes and successful off-leash park areas for their dog population. Further, examples in California through to Philadelphia, PA demonstrate that when a group of concerned and responsible dog owners work for a leash free area, additional benefits result for both community and dog owners:
-increased adherence to dog licensing
-increased improvement in picking up after dogs
-increased sense of community, where people meet their neighbours
-happy dogs who have 'free' time to run and play

"...The daily dog walk gives people a chance to exercise, to be out in nature, to meet with others and to create a community. Dog walkers find friends at off-leash parks; they also monitor each other and spread the word about courtesy, clean-up and control. A strong argument in favour of creating off-leash spaces is that availability of legal off-leash areas cuts down on illegal off-leash use, making dog-averse people more comfortable in public spaces because there is less chance of encountering off-leash dogs in unauthorized places."

General Rules We Propose for the Off-Leash Space:
-Dog feces must be cleaned up
-Dogs must be leashed to and from the off-leash area
-Dogs need to be under voice or hand-signal control
-Dogs showing signs of aggression must be leashed or, removed from the park
-People should carry a leash at all times
-Dogs must be licensed
-Dogs should not interfere with wildlife
-Holes dug by dogs must be filled
-Barking must be monitored and kept to a minimum
-Female dogs in heat are prohibited
-Young children must be closely supervised and accompanied by an adult
-Owners will assume responsibility for their dogs and their actions.

This petition is not only for a dog park but also a commitment of the dog owners to create a clean, safe and fun environment within the determined space.

Please help us create a dedicated space that allows our dogs to have a place to run and enjoy their beautiful city.

If you would like to be more directly involved in our efforts, you can email We can update you on our next steps and see how you may be able to help out!

13. Keira Knightley is the most beautiful person in the whole world

Keira Knightley - the hole, bend it like beckham, dr shivago, Pirates of the Caribbean - is the most beautiful person ever in the the whole wide world.

14. Long life to Firewaster's Hair!

Our dear friend Mr. Firewaster let his beautiful long hair grow for almost 5 years. Now he has a strange and morbid urge to have a haircut and sell his hair! We can't let him continue with this madness! Let's unite to stop this silky hair genocide!

15. Save the Holly Park Trees of San Francisco

3 beautiful evergreen trees are set to be roved by November 30th 2003 in order to accomodate reconstruction on the tennis courts at Holly Park. These little used courts must not be favored over preserving the Naturral History of San Francisco. Join us in asking the San Fracnsico Parks and Recreation Department to devise a plan where removing these trees is not included.

16. Unban Starcraft

Unban StarCraft/2002 My Beautiful Clanpic (#25086)!!!

17. Betta Rescue Needed

You know what bettas are, dont you? They are those colorful fish with long fins you see in a small container in a PetStore. The size of the container they live in are only about the size and length of themselves! Now, picture YOU living in a small closet......thats about the same things bettas live in in petstores. Male bettas CAN NOT get along. Often people will bet on who's betta will win when they put the two together. Usually male bettas will fight until death, and sadly, usually both bettas die. Often female bettas get flushed down the toliet, or thrown in a trashcan. That is because they are not as beautiful as the males. (I think they are both beautiful) By signing this form, you will be helping Bettas alot! Your participation is helpful. Thank You!