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1. Stop the Barking Dogs in Daviess County

We, the undersigned, would like to bring your attention to the following problem, with the recommendation(s):
A continuous noise nuisance has occurred from the property of 1161 Worthington Road Owensboro, Kentucky 42301, where the Business All Paws Claws and Hooves is located. Up to fourteen Dogs are outside at any given time (Between the hours of 7am to 7pm) barking excessively. We demand that All Paws Claws and Hooves cease this nuisance by relocating, or shutting its doors.
All petition signers are located in the area, and/or have been affected by the nuisance stated above. We recognize this as an issue and though we may not be affected directly, it is affecting our neighbors and our community. Please print legibly.

2. Quiet the Barking Dogs at Spencer's Abbott Café

Firstly, please do not donate money to this online petition. We are not seeking money, we are only seeking your support. Any money collected will be donated to PARC. We are simply trying to find people who can vouch for the ongoing disturbance. If you have not personally been affected by the dog noise at The Abbott café, but support and understand their neighbour's peaceful enjoyment of their homes, please sign and comment.

Not every dog that is tied up on the fire escape of the Abbott café while their owners grab a cup is a disturbance, and that not every dog owner is heartless enough to ignore that their frightened pet is so scared of being alone that they can't handle sitting outside a window quietly for 5 minutes. There are, however, specific people who need to be held responsible for their specific dogs being allowed to make noise that echoes off the brick buildings nearby so loud and so early to wake up the neighbours at times that even construction workers would need a special permit.
We are asking you to help us make it known that this ongoing noise issue is not acceptable. Though there are only a few residences that directly abut the coffee shop, this isn't a case of just one person causing problems for dog owners, this is a case of dog owners disregarding those few neighbours' right to enjoy their homes.
We're calling for everyone who has thus far ignored our pleas for a peaceful home environment to finally let these bad apples know that our right to a peaceful dwelling is worth more than a $5 latté. The people who live around the Abbott café are patrons too, and we matter. We should be able to sleep, we should be able to enjoy a book in our living rooms, we should be able to sit peacefully in our homes without being jarred by loud, aggressive dogs barking outside our doors on a regular basis.

3. Mayesbrook Manor School and Parking Areas

Academy Central is being sold with a primary school adding to the sense of community and a focus on eco friendly homes and living.

The residents of the converted UEL campus were aware of the building of a primary school but the proposed new plans would have a significant impact on the area and is being undertaken at a time when the residents most affected are not yet in situ and will have no voice in determining the outcome of the proposed plan.

4. Save Robert Jeyes Library, Chadwell Heath

Following the recent UK Government Spending Review, the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham Council is considering, amongst other things, making cuts to the local library service. Central to this strategy is the proposed closure of the Robert Jeyes Library, Chadwell Heath.

This popular library provides a vital local service for a large section of the community. Services include; book, cd and dvd lending, reference books, sheet music, Internet access, craft activities, book clubs, local history collections.

Robert Jeyes Library is at the heart of the community in Chadwell Heath and it is vital that it stays open as a resource for all.

5. Remove nuisance barking dogs

One of the basic rights that members of our society enjoy is the right to the use and enjoyment of their property.

The Queensland Parliament introduced nuisance laws as a result of amendments to the Environmental Protection Regulations 1998 (Qld). These laws give powers to local governments to investigate and deal with complaints relating to residential premises.

Investigating officers have the power to issue warning notices, abatement notices and on the spot fines of up to $600. Barking dogs are the greatest nuisance to the residents in and around James Street Maryborough and will no longer be an accepted part of neighbourhood life in the area. Local residents have put up with barking dogs longer than necessary and now wish the council to step in.

6. Quiet Pima County

'Quiet Pima County' is an advocate/support group for all unfortunate people who suffer from the adverse effects of incessant dog barking. Our main objective is to change the laws and to sensitize law enforcement to the plight of chronic noise sufferers, as well as their own obligation to protect the public health.

Uncontrolled or excessive noise from dogs is detrimental to the physical mental and social well being of the residents of Pima County. Uncontrolled and particularly incessant barking of dogs or the making of noises from other animals can result in stress to people who are within audible range of such noise. Such stress can and does adversely affect the health of such individuals and interferes with the peaceable enjoyment of the property on which they reside.

The purpose of this Ordinance is to promote the public health safety and welfare by making it unlawful to permit an animal to create such an offensive situation by barking or otherwise creating detrimental noise.

7. Leaving a Dog Unattended should be Made an Offence

The dog is a highly socialised animal which, to be content, needs almost continual access to company, animal or human.

It is obvious that most owners do not understand this.

It is increasingly evident, by their barking, that innumerable suburban dogs are enduring the everyday cruelty of isolation while their owners are at work or otherwise absent.

In the interests of animal welfare and neighbourhood peace it is appropriate that no dog should have an owner not able to meet its essential needs.

It is predictable that the offence "Leaving a Dog Unattended" will inhibit the keeping of dogs in situations of prolonged distress for them.

It is predictable that the number of dogs kept in the wholly unnatural conditions of the suburban environment will decrease.

It is predictable that the suburbs will become more peaceful and hence healthier for human occupation.

8. Dog-free Communities

The selfish and reckless determination of innumerable owners to keep domestic dogs under circumstances which are entirely unnatural to a creature congenitally programmed to free-range has been allowed by default to become an uncontrolled plague causing almost universal distress to man and dog to such a disruptive extent that while consequent human suffering is increasing exponentially, millions of these cruelly victimised creatures are now being euthanised annually.

9. No Dogs Anywhere

The selfish and reckless determination of many owners to keep domestic dogs under circumstances which are entirely unnatural to a creature congenitally programmed to free-range has been allowed by default to become an uncontrolled plague causing almost universal distress to man and dog to such a disruptive extent that while consequent human suffering is increasing exponentially millions of these cruelly victimised creatures are now being euthanised annually.

10. Introduce and Enforce workable dog laws around the world

Dog barking is one of the most common complaints raised to local governments and animal control. Dog barking can be totally devastating to individuals and families. On the spot monetary penalties are probably the most efficient method of controlling the neglect of duty many dog owners practice.

Dog related offences should be as simple as a parking ticket to police, but it is not the case. Onus of proof is often placed upon the victim. Requirements of multiple complainants does not confirm or deny the existence of a dog related issue. Diaries of dog offences further burden victims un-fairly. The assumption of there being another un-related issue does not either prove or disprove dog related offences are occurring and should not be even considered as a reason not to enforce the laws.

The number of barking complaints are indicative of an even greater problem with dog control around the world. dog biting and attacks to other animals and people occur daily, and killings by dogs of other animals and even more upsetting, of infants, children, the frail and elderly, and other people happens far too often. We need to introduce better dog laws that are enforced immediately and effectively now. This petition is in response to irresponsible dog owners causing mayhem all over the world. There are responsible dog owners about, but they are being let down by the laws and irresponsible people too.

Protect people for now and into the future, dogs must be kept in an acceptable fashion to all in our communities. The rights of people must be a priority over the offences dog owners are thrusting onto innocent people in our communities.

11. Instant Action in Victoria on Nuisance Barking Dogs

March 17, 2006

It is well know fact dogs can bark. It is a less know fact that barking in most cases can be controlled.

Barking dogs are considered a nuisance if it disturbs neighbours sufficiently. Councils refuse to enforce the laws on nuisance barking dogs to the point they are acting inconsistently with the laws themselves.

To have a nuisance barking dog situation resolved can be near impossible with some dog owners. The law must be used to protect victims from nuisance barking dogs.

12. Dog removal from Zimmerman Lane

We the people of zimmerman lane would like the barking and roaming dogs taking care of. This has gone on for 2 years. The neighbors would like this problem resolved.