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1. Appoint a No Kill General Manager for LA Animal Services so that all healthy and adoptable animals are placed in loving homes

With the resignation of LA Animal Services General Manager Ed Boks in June 2009, Mayor Villaraigosa is now charged with appointing the next General Manager. Our job therefore is to build a successful campaign to build awareness and advocate for Mayor Villaraigosa to appoint a No Kill dedicated General Manager.

As concerned Los Angeles citizens, taxpayers, members of rescue groups and animal advocacy organizations and visitors to your city, we are appalled by:

1) the unconscionable number of animals killed in LA animal shelters. In 2008, LAAS reports that they killed over 19,600 animals, while only 26,285 were adopted (a 30% kill increase from 2007);

2) the horrific conditions in the shelters that cause animals to further suffer and deteriorate, and the killing of dogs and cats for space; and

3) the lack of accountability and outreach to the public by the Department of Los Angeles Animal Services (LAAS). Increasing public participation and volunteerism, including growing foster programs, are crucial to how other cities work towards and achieve No Kill results. Los Angeles is rich but under utilized with community support and compassion for animals.



3. Where Is Donna?

Our beloved Donna Jou was known to have been last seen with John Steven Burgess on June 23, 2007 at his rental home in Los Angeles, California.

We, Donna's family and friends are asking Mr. John Steven Burgess to please help us in our search for Donna. We ask him (Mr. Burgess) to speak to us in regards of his knowledge of where Donna Jou is.

Donna is a beautiful loved Daughter, Grand Daughter, Sister, Niece, Cousin, Friend and Honor Student. We are asking Mr. Burgess to Please Help Us Bring Donna Home.

4. Help Find Donna Jou - Bring John Steven Burges to Los Angeles for questioning

Donna Jou, an honor student in San Diego State University has been missing since June 23, 2007 and was last seen at John Steven Burgess‘s house in Los Angeles. John Steven Burgess is a CONVICTED sex offender and has been wanted in California for not registering as a sex offender. John Steven Burgess has been arrested and is held in Jacksonville Florida for drug charges since July 24, 2007.

We are asking California and Florida authorities for a speedy extradition of John Steven Burgess to Los Angles for questioning. Time is of essence and a minute lost would cost her life.

5. Remove health hazards from East Gardena Neighborhood

We have been trying to get a company, Angelus Block, the GARDENA PLANT, 252 E. Redondo Beach. Blvd.
Gardena, CA 90248, (310) 323-8841, FAX (310) 327-2291, to stop making noise 24 hours a day. They have refused to honor our request claiming they have permits that allow them to do as they please.

Our research shows that they are in violation, complaints have been made and we have yet to get a sustained resolution to the problem. Zoning Enforcement, Section I, County of Los Angeles Dept. of Regional Planning, 320 W. Temple St.,Los Angeles, CA 90012 has rendered the following,
"The Conditonal Use Permint (CUP) for the property 252 E. Redondo Beach Blvd. is current. Unfortunately, in reviewing the conditions placed on the business by the CUP, none of the conditions address your concerns. There are no conditions that limit the hours of operation.
Nonetheless, while the CUP gives Angelus Block the right to operate, it by no means gives them the right to operate through the night. If the current operation is in violation of other sections of the County Code, they should be enforced. If the property owner has stated that he has a permit that allows him to operate at night, then that is incorrect and because hours of operation is not part of the conditions placed on the property, it does not give them the right to operate at any hour if it violates the County Code, such as Title 13. Therefore steps can be taken to make Angelus Block comply with the other sections of the County Code."

The materials used to manufacture bricks, concrete, ete contains hazardous material which infiltrate the lungs and Angelus Block does not make any attempts to contain those materials.

6. Investigate the Violent assault with a deadly weapon against a 16 year old in Northridge

16 year old Granada Hills resident was assaulted by 12-15 individuals on August 12, 2006. Assailants used a knife to slash the victim's foot almolst to amputation, permenantly maiming him.

Police failed to investigate the assault, interview known suspects and wittnesses, deal truthfully with or cooperate with victim for three months.

7. Licensing to Prevent Parental Incompetence


I. We all in this room, as free thinking adults, though diverse in age and circumstance, have at least one thing in common: the ability to choose. But as children our choices were made for us. We depended on and trusted our parents to make the right choices and to provide us with the most basic necessities of life, such as food, shelter, security and most of all love and affection. But some children don’t have parents that are capable of making appropriate choices and who don’t provide those basic necessities, and as a result, might live in poverty.

II. Poverty indirectly, and sometimes directly, influences depression, crime, neglect and abuse: emotional, physical and/or sexual.


I. Every day children are born into this world. Unfortunately, these babies don’t choose to be born. Sometimes they are brought into this world by irresponsible parents, drug addicted parents, teen parents and sometimes, mentally incapable parents.

II. Domestic violence: A mother physically expressing frustration on a child, or a child witnessing his father beat his mother; this is all under the domestic violence umbrella. Reported on the California Department of Justice web site (3), there were a total of 48,000 calls related to domestic violence made to 911 in Los Angeles County in 2004.

III. Children in Los Angeles County and all over the United States face a number of unthinkable issues because of incompetent parenting. On the Los Angeles County Department of Children’s & Family Services web site (2) Fact Sheet of 2005, of all child related emergency care, a staggering 28 % were due to child neglect. Second on that list was physical abuse at 19%.

IV. Sometimes children are born unwanted. According to child abandonment facts in California found on ‘Welcome to California’, California’s Official Governmental website (4), as of October 2006, Updated November 7th, 162 newborns were surrendered in California under the “Safe Haven law”. This law allows the parent to legally surrender custody of a child, within three days of birth, without fear of prosecution. Yet another 139 newborns were found alive after illegal abandonment.

V. Abandonment and rejection go hand in hand. According to the DCFS in 2005, 21,248 children were living in out-of-home placement; in other words- Foster care. Some of the lucky ones were living in relative homes. Every year a larger percentage of children are placed in their grandparents because incompetent parenting, in 2005 it was roughly 45%. But how about the unreported cases. I am an example of an unreported case.

VI. According to the Unites States Census Bureau (1) population estimate of 2005, there where 2,732,000 children (-18) living in Los Angels County alone and of those, 484,000 lived below poverty level. (As an example of what was defined as ‘poverty’, a mother and child with a max income of $13,000 was considered impoverished in that 2005 Census.)

VII. According to the Committee for economic Development (5), children are becoming an ever smaller proportion of the American population. They warn that unless preventative ‘investments’ are made in early childhood; our future labor force will be disproportionately poor, uneducated and untrained. This is evident and can be seen on the California Department of Education website (6). It charts 23,760 teens in Los Angeles County to have dropped out of high school.


I. The problem exists in that our society believes that children are the property of their biological parents who have full custody until that child is damaged by abuse or neglect. Once a child is ‘damaged‘, that is when the child is protected under child abuse and neglect laws and warrants an intervention by Social Services. Only then will a child be ward of the state and placed in an alternative home or foster care.

II. The problem lies in that we’re are trying to solve and combat massive established problems rather then preventing them. But what kind of ‘Investments’ must be made?
A. Free of abuse and oppression.
B. Access to equal opportunities to develop their life’s potential.
C. Develop affectionate attachments to their parents and other family members.
D. Biological puberty must not be a mark for parental maturity.

III. A large percentage of biological parents are in the best position to represent the interest of their children and provide the best possible for them. But we need to move beyond that and stop viewing our children as property. Parenthood is a privilege, not a right.

IV. We need to hold parents accountable for being competent parents rather then forcing children to bare incompetence until they show signs of damage. Parental licensing will validate parental rights and refocus public policy in supporting competent parenting. Responsibility will fall on a parent to demonstrate competence in parenting rather then the state proving unfitness after damage to a child occurs (this is how it is now). Because the parent will be responsible for the rearing of their children, there will be little government intervention.


I. Parental licensing will not distinguish between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ parenting or attempt to change parenting styles. It will only exclude those obviously unqualified. It is not a birth control measure.

II. Establishing procedures for parental licensing will entail little more administrative structure then those involving, marriage licensing or birth registration. One might make a comparison to obtaining a drivers license.

III. The criteria for obtaining a parental license would be a basic credentialing process that must be obtained by each parent for each child.
a. Parent must be able to be responsible for one’s own life before being able to care for another. The varied age should be about 18 years with completion if a high school education or equivalent .Provisional licenses are available for those under 18.
b. To pledge to care for and nurture the child and refrain from abuse and neglect. If broken, license will be revoked, fine or punishment.
c. Basic knowledge of child rearing.

IV. Parenting licenses will stimulate the development of family life education, and the mass impact would likely discourage premature pregnancy and marriage because it will reinforce the gravity of child rearing responsibilities.

V. There are many ways of prediction parental competence through evaluations as it is with adoption today.

VI. If the state required all parents to become licensed before or upon the birth of a child, child abuse and neglect could be avoided.

VII. What are some objections to licensing?
a. Restrict individual freedoms: child abuse and neglect are not freedoms. We all have the right to be free of cruel and unusual punishment.
b. Tool for racism: Children and neglect/abuse prevention is the issue, not racism. There will be set criteria, rules and regulations to follow. Anyone wanting to discriminate will not be able to.
c. Lessen governmental aid for needy families: according to ‘The Third Branch’, a news letter of the federal courts cost of incarceration per inmate estimates to be about $46,000 annually. Compare that to the $13000 poverty threshold of a mother and child scenario in my intro. If less money were spent on incarnating adults that are so because of abuse and neglect in their childhood, more money will be available for public assistance, well fare and even social security.


I. Every day children are abuse neglected, abandoned and rejected. This is currently perpetuated by the way our children and family services are set up. We need to make a change in our views about parent hood and steep up to take responsibility for our actions. Laws, ideologies and values must be changed about child rights. They are not property, but our future.

II. We must petition to change our California legislator. California is a trend setter, and all other states will follow if these changes are made. Soon all of California will be in accordance to these new laws.

8. STOP Adult Soccer Games

Our local newly renovated Sunland City Park has been destroyed by adult soccer players, most of who live and work out of the area of Sunland-Tujunga, California.

Each Sunday the park is unusable by local families because adult soccer games are taking place and there is no room for a family to play on the grassy lawns. Additionally, the lawns which were newly planted in 2005 have been destroyed and show expansive bare patches.

After the first season of adult soccer play, local families protested the constant actions that eliminated family time at the park on Sundays. Other community members asked if part of the fees for the soccer teams would be used to repair and replant the lawns. Nothing was changed, nor settled and the lawns areas remained bare. As the second soccer season began, the lawns grew worse and the invastion of outsiders to our park continued.

Families were not able to use the park as previously promised by local officials. Local community members continue to be unhappy with the City of Los Angeles allowing - out of the area - soccer teams to trample and destory our newly redesigned family park and take away precious family time at the park.

9. Spend less on war and more on education

August 8, 2006

Tell Bush to stop spending billions of dollars on war and start seriously funding inner city schools that are failing such as in Los Angeles, CA and Buffalo, NY.

10. Bring guards back to LACES

Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies was deprived the ability to provide a safe campus with security guards when the district took the monies providing security guards away from the school and placed the guards at another LAUSD High School.

Students everywhere have the right to feel safe and should not be penalized for doing well in school.

Please help us get our guards back!

11. Save The Oran Z Pan African Black Facts and Wax Museum

This petition is to help save the Oran Z Pan African Black Facts and Wax Museum, 3742 W. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90008.

A re-development company is seeking to tear down the museum and an African-American owned business that is not in the way of the development and make it a parking lot. Every effort has been made to work with the developer concerning saving the museum and businesses housed at this location to no avail.

Now we are asking for everyone to rally behind the effort to save history, culture and art housed in this museum; as well as the livelihood of the business owner.

12. Get TV ONE on in Los Angeles

This is a new petition.

I hereby sign this petition to request that TV ONE be put on in the Los Angeles area. I want more entertainment in my area!!

13. Hiphop Appreciation Week

Establish a week devoted to the awareness of Hiphop as a legitmate culture within the city of Los Angeles.

14. Supporters of a Los Angeles NFL Franchise

Does anyone else besides me think Los Angeles DESERVES an NFL franchise? They are one of the biggest cities, they are ranked near the top of the TV market, and ever since the Rams and Raiders left, it's like the city only has everything else BUT football! We want to show the NFL there are people who are really wanting to see another team in La La Land! Come on everyone, gives Los Angeles another chance at glory!

15. Save University High School's Trees!

The Los Angeles Unified School District wants to demolish important trees on the University High School campus, and the Undersigned urge them to consider other alternatives.

16. Bring "SYSTEM" Home to LOS ANGELES

As we all know SYSTEM OF A DOWN has been all over the world. We belive they should have a tour in their home town "LOS ANGELES".
This would include all the small cities such as Huntington park, Glendale, Culver city, Santa Monica, Cudahay, ect.
And another attempt to have them preform in Hollywood.

17. Jonny Lang should do a concert in Los Angeles

20 year old musician Jonny Lang has toured all over the world for over six years. Yet, he has come to Los Angeles only a few times! I think that if we get enough signatures to show support and to show he has a Los Angeles following, he would come.

18. South Asian Studies at UCLA

What must a region do to earn academic standing at a university? The region of South Asia, rich in history and culture and complicated in its development, is home to one out of every six people on the globe. Students at the University of California, Los Angeles, (UCLA) were thus stunned to find that there was no academic avenue to pursue a degree in the subject; not as a minor, a major, nor as graduate studies. They were furthermore dispirited by the absence of a South Asian Studies Center at UCLA, to coordinate the exchange of ideas between faculty and students.

As the South Asian Studies Task Force we turn to you, our friends in the community, for assistance. Your signature on this petition will show evidence for the demand for such a program at UCLA and at other universities across the nation. Your signature will also reflect the greater pursuit of ethnic studies for various groups. At the largest level, each signature will show support for student access to education.

We are confidant that our efforts can guide and support other groups as they pursue similar goals. Thus, a signature would help not only present and future UCLA students, but also any student wanting to make his/her voice heard in the educational process.

Thank you for your support and we welcome your comments.

South Asian Studies Task Force

19. Help Renee Boje gain refugee status!

I am writing to you on behalf of an amazing woman called named Renee Boje, who has made a rare application for refugee status, stating she fears she will suffer cruel and unusual punishment for her alleged involvement in a medical cannabis garden in California where medical cannabis is legal. If convicted, Boje's punishment will be a mandatory minimum of 10 years to life in a U.S. Federal Prison Boje was held for 72 hours at the Federal Corrections Facility for Women in downtown Los Angeles, during which time she was strip searched an astounding 15 times. Two of the searches were done in the presence of male officers who made lewd and threatening remarks.

Boje strongly denies any wrong-doing. The cannabis was grown for medical research under the protection of a California State law, Proposition 215. Proposition 215 ensures that patients and their primary caregivers, residing in California, who cultivate, obtain, and use cannabis medicinally, upon the recommendation of a physician, are not subject to criminal prosecution or sanction.

Boje risks further physical abuse and humiliation at the hands of U.S. authorities.

Please do not allow the U.S. to extradite Renee. We are asking that Renee be granted Refugee Status so that she is able to live in peace, here in Canada, where she is safe.