Wasatch Residents
United States of America

Heber City has been working on a large commercial development at the "hub" intersection (SR 189 and US 40).

A recent study analysis indicates that, upon completion of that development, the intersection will become a level of service class "F" (UDOT says "LOS F represents the breakdown of traffic flow – “failure”of the system.)

We, the undersigned, as residents of Wasatch County, respectfully request that the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) WITHHOLD APPROVAL of the Boyer/Heber City access agreement for the US-40/US-189 intersection in Heber City, UT until a safer plan is in place.

Such a plan should include traffic and pedestrian access to the new Wasatch High School and maintain the long term level of service of “C” or better for the “Hub” Intersection.

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