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1. PAFF (People Against Female Feticide)

Female Feticide is the act of killing a female fetus. A fetus is an unborn child within a womb of a mother. This is also called "child destruction".

Female Feticide is done because the parents do not want a duaghter. A daughter is considered worthless, useless, and very costly.

Sex-selective abortions were rare before the late 20th century, becasue of the diffuculty of determining the sex of the fetus before birth, but ultra sound has made such selection easier.

It is estimated that a killing of a female fetus occurs every 93 mins.

In Punjab, India about 130 aborted fuetuses are discovered every month. They are usually discovered in jars, hidden amongest the trees or bushes.

During a Miss India contest in 2008, one of the contestants was asked her opinon on female feticide, she responded by saying "I think it is the fastest method of reducing the indian population. I think that female feticide will bring goodness to India to reduce dust, pollution, and corruption in the future".

In the Guru Granthe Shiab (the Sikh Holy book) it is written "We are born of women. We are conceived in the womb of women. We are engaged and married to women. We make friendship with women and the lineage contined because of women. When one women dies, we take another one. We are bound the world through women. Why should we talk ill of her, who gives birth to kings? The man is born from women: there is none without her."

2. Call for Government Action to Stop Female Genocide In India

In 1986, the Nobel Laureate, Dr. Amartya Sen, had served India the first warning. He had calculated that 37 million women were “missing” from the country. Women who should have been part of the population but could not be accounted for.

The elimination however continued, even escalated. And now, 22 years later, it is estimated about 50 million women have been systematically purged from India’s population, targeted only because they were female. This is perhaps what makes it one of the worst genocides in human history. And it is silent. And ongoing.

Female infanticide has long, historical roots in India. It continues to be a rampant practice in many rural regions of India, largely because it is more affordable for the rural poor than the method more prevalent in towns and cities -- that is sex-selected abortions. A mid-wife is paid only about Rs 100/- (U.S. $2.50) to kill a newborn girl. Babies are strangled, buried alive, drowned in buckets of milk, or fed poison. In some parts of India that job is relegated to the father or paternal grandmother who does it for free.

Female feticide has now become an unbridled phenomenon in India. Even though it is illegal for doctors to reveal the gender of the fetus during an ultrasound, still about a million female fetuses are selectively aborted in India each year. This rate is expected to rise to an alarming 2-5 million/year over the new few years.

Also on the rise are the murders of young married women, whose in-laws’ demands for dowry money seem insatiable. Dubbed as ‘dowry deaths’ – these murders are generally gang-murders involving the husband, his parents, and sometimes his siblings. The victim is doused with kerosene and set ablaze in staged kitchen “accidents.” Or forced to consume sleeping pills, or hanged in staged “suicides.” It has been estimated that at least 25000 women are murdered this way, every year. The thousands who don’t die, live-on badly burnt and maimed, their lives destroyed.

The standpoint of this petition is to treat this as a situation of extensive and violent, lawlessness, perpetuated largely due to the apathy of the country’s system of law and order.

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