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1. Remove all non-British Citizens from our country

There is overwhelming evidence that you the British Government do not look after your own people. You give million pound houses and unlimited funds to all manner of foreign illegal immigrants, there are also millions in this country you the government dont even know about who are again illegal, you are doing nothing to get rid of these parasites.

They are a drain on our tax payers and N.H.S. You the government are accused of being in favour of ruining our country and giving it to the Muslims, Polish, Somalians, & any other foreigner that wants to invade us.

While OUR BRITISH soldiers are coming home from war and living on the streets and in hostels, not only our soldiers but our citizens as well, you are accused of not looking after THE BRITISH PEOPLE.

2. Keep Airmail Free For Soldiers

The British Government are debating whether to make our troops pay for their mail back home, while out on duty and operation in Afghanistan.

3. Pardon Francis Bacon

As main organizer of this petition, I would like to add a brief note. The approach to this petition has been long and tedious; over two years striving continuously to seek for a higher lever of accountability and consistency of websites to host this project.

This petition in the past was once approved to be hosted by 10 Downing Street; however, it only gained 14 signatures over the duration of two years, therefore, a global watch was needed this time, and I personally would like to thank the staff here for hosting this petition once again.

Your support is important, even if you had re-signed in the past, or are not so much involved in Francis Bacon. Please view, acknowledge, and sign this cause.

At the time of its submission, we shall submit it to the Organization that will assist in the cause to re-issue or consider a posthumous pardon to Francis Bacon.

If you have any questions as to why Bacon should be granted a pardon, or hold doubts as to which Organization this petition will be submitted to, you are very welcome to send your inquiries to me by sending me a message here.

Thank you.
Elaine M. Dutton


Please help us restore Francis Bacon’s name and sign this online pardon. Francis Bacon should be recognized and pardoned by the current British government, which will be a just act, well behind schedule.

4. Ban Burglar Alarms for Houses and Cars

How many lives are blighted by house and/or car alarms that go off and keep going off for what seems like hours.

The alarm should be hooked up to a central office which should be picked up immediately and switched off and the police informed.

Instead the alarm continues to scream annoying everyone in the vicinity who never see a burglar in sight.

5. A Posthumous Knighthood for Morecambe & Wise

Morecambe & Wise though imitated often, have never been surpassed as the UK's greatest entertainers.

Although they are both now deceased, I believe their families would take great pleasure in knowing that the British public thank them, and have not forgotten them

6. Winter fuel payments for people with disabilities under 60

For a long time various disability campaign groups have been calling on the Government to award people with severe disabilities under the age of 60 Winter Fuel Payments.

Unfortunately this is still not happening today. People who have severe disabilities still suffer from the cold just as much as elderly people and we need to come together as one voice against this unfair policy.

7. Save Our Soldiers (S.O.S)

Save Our Soldiers (S.O.S) is a primary response designed to give moral support to British soldiers serving across the globe who are currently under investigation from the British Government.

Father's, son's, brother's, uncle's all of whom have families, all of whom need Government support, politically, financially, and morally.

By signing this petition you support the British troops and give them hope that the British people are with them in their hour of need. Thankyou.

8. Campaign for Mental Health Awareness

Dear Reader~

I am an individual from the UK, whom through personal and close friends' experiences have found that the "Taboo" around Mental Health Issues has caused a great amount of ignorance around the subject. I as an individual, with the help of others, aim to both write a letter and submit this petition to many parties throughout the government in a campaign to make our voices heard and attempt to cease this problem

9. Re-introduce Capital Punishment for Child Killers

In the light of the recent abduction and murder of Jessica and Holly I believe that capital punishment should be re-introduced. Although our Government have signed the Human Rights Bill and say we cannot bring this back. I believe there is no such word as "Can't" and also that the Human Rights of the children have been taken away. Adults who kill children for their own gratification have no right to be protected by the Human Rights bill or campaign. So I believe this argument does not stand. Children have the right to live their lives unmolested by perverts.

10. Time To Go

The British Government has murdered innocent Irish children, divided one religion against the other, and uses it's secret service to make the IRA look like massachists. Time for the British Government to run their own country and none other.

11. Justice for the McBride family

This petition is to force the British government to court martial Privates Mark Wright and James Fisher for the murder of Peter McBride.